Monday, February 6, 2012

"We're going to the zoo zoo zoo.."

"... How about you you you? You can come too too too, we're going to the zoo zoo zoo." I bet you're wondering where I got my title from. Well I got it from this song that my parents have from a childrens CD for my niece and nephews. It's a good one, I constantly had it stuck in my head on Sunday cause some of us were fortunate enough to go to the Zoo! I love the zoo so much! It is so fun looking at all the animals and enjoying the environment. I bet you're wondering why I'm doing a blog post on only the zoo and not the other cool things that I have done recently. Well it's because the pictures from the other places aren't uploading so I'm saving them for later! But don't worry I've been writing down the details to say. After the Zoo we went to the Shouk, which is like a huge farmers market. It is a pretty cool place. So Sunday was a great day! Also today, I'll give a little sneak peek of what we did, we went to the City of David and went through Hezekiah's Tunnel. It was so cool! I loved it. Pictures and more info to come.
Me, Sarah Jane, and Boone at the beginning of our journey!

Bears can be pretty mean..

For some reason and type of monkey species makes me laugh. This is a baboon though, obviously.
Just chattin on our cell phones. I've had a lot of business calls I've had to take here. Crazy life I have.

Me reppin my high school mascot with the Zebras (you can barely see them)!

Making fish faces at the "wet side story."

Bryson and I being prairie dogs.

Wesley and I hand sanitizing and loving every second of it. Very important.

Interesting food at the Shouk. A lot of the stuff is sketchy looking to me.
Me with the flamingos. Don't know why my hand is so flexed..
Baby pineapple. Unusual for here cause all the fruits and vegetables are considerably larger than the ones in America.

Oh and P.s. today is my b-day. 21 BABY!! So if you love me you could like write me an email or something..? But I might be a little too tipsy to do anything since I'm now legal. Tipsy on life, that is.


  1. Cool zoo.
    Also I like that you read the Book of Mormon. So are you a church member? We come from Taiwan and speak Chinese. My wife and I will visit California. Do you have any suggestion?

  2. it looks like you had so much fun at the Zoo!! props on making that long old navy skirt into a dress, i knew you would! love the hand flexing picture too! i was thinking that and THEN i read what you wrote, man we were made for each other ;) i hope you are loving every second of your time there! miss you! happy birthday for the 3rd time! 21 BABY!

  3. Wow Arletta I am so happy to have made it up on your blog... Oh and you know I wait by the elevator every night.

    P.S. Your teeth are beautiful, you are beautiful. Love you longtime!

  4. You look so pretty in all these pics!