Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola Familia!

How are you guys? Sounds like things are going good back home. Love
you all a ton!

This week was good! We found the perfect investigator. His name is
Linder and I LOVE HIM (not in a romantic way but in the way that
missionaries love their investigators). He is 30 years old and is
super humble. He wants to change so bad and is reading in the Book of
Mormon and everything. The first lesson with him at the end we had him
pray and he had never prayed like we pray before and after I asked him
how he felt and he said, "I´m shaking!" It was so sweet. But he wasn´t
able to go to church this week cause he ended up having to work, but
he told us that for sure he is going to go to church next week and
that he felt super bad that he wasn´t able to go this week. I´m so
excited for him to be able to change and receive so many blessings
from this Gospel. Also, another miracle. So Monday we passed by to
visit him for the first time just to set up an appt but he invited us
in. BUT we didn´t have another sister with us so we told him we would
come back in 5 minutes. At that moment Litzie (f. Cadima) came into my
head so we called her to see if she could accompany us and she said
yes! So we were able to teach him and it was a miracle! And it was
cool cause Litzie was able to bear her testimony and stuff too.

The crappy thing about this week is that I have been a little sick.
Just a cough and stuffy nose. The other day my voice was so raspy and
ugly. In one of the lessons I made Hna Contreras talk almost the whole
time cause I hated hearing myself (she understood).

Lately we have been finding people that can´t read. There is a less
active that we are visiting and she can´t read so we are going to
visit her often and read the Book of Mormon to her.

This week Elder C. Scott Grow came to Tarija! He is a seventy. It went
really well and I learned a ton! The embarrassing thing is that when
he asked where I was from I said Sacramento, Utah. I have no idea what
I was thinking. Saturday we had a conference with him and all the
missionaries and President Willard almost the whole day. and then
Sunday he had a training thing with all of the ward counsels. And
members that wanted to go. It went really well and I think that ward
counsel will be a lot better and that we will be able to work together
more with the members. I´m so excited that Dad is ward mission leader!

I was able to finish the book of Mormon in Spanish today for the second time! :)

The thing I really learned from Elder Grow is Faith. I feel like that
is something I always talk about in my emails but it is something that
I am STILL learning. I am going to copy and paste what I wrote to
President so I don´t have to write it all over again.

"I feel like I always talk about Faith in my emails and here I go
again talking more about it. I think if I don´t learn anything else in
my mission the one thing I will have really gotten out of my mission
is the concept of Faith. It´s something really hard for me. Elder Grow
was talking about how we need to have the faith to be able to really
see success and things like that and I was thinking HOW can I have
this faith? Because I would absolutely love to be able to baptize more
and see success. So in my study the next day I was studying with the
question how can I strengthen my faith? I think I was able to find my
answer as I read in Moroni. I realized that I need to understand Jesus
more. I feel like that is something that I haven´t really tried to do
much in my life and I think that is a really bad thing. So I am
repenting of that and learning more about Christ and I have already
felt a difference. You´d think I would have realized the importance of
that before, right? Sometimes I don´t think. But something that I have
learned is that to have this strong faith sufficient isn´t easy. It´s
something you have to work at. Like it says in the scriptures. Faith
can move mountains, and I imagine that moving a mountain isn´t easy so
obviously to have the faith isn´t going to be super easy either. But
it´s possible. And I think that deep down everyone has faith, they
just have to build that faith. So that is my ramble on Faith. and I´m
sure throughout the rest of my mission you are going to end up hearing
more. Sorry about that. "

I have learned a ton in the mission. I remember one of the main
reasons I wanted to go on a mission, aside from the fact that I didn´t
know what to do with my life (which is OK for people to go on a
mission for that reason because going on a mission is never a bad
thing and is only going to help.) but that I wanted to learn and grow
spiritually. And that has definitely happened. But I am not here just
for myself, but to dedicate all of my time and efforts to the Lord and
his lost children. I´m so grateful for this experience and I never
expected to learn as much as I have here.

The church is so TRUE! And we should never blame the church for our
problems or ditch the church because we have problems. That is only
going to make things worse in our lives. So if you want to be even
more miserable, leave the church. Don´t be dumb people. Trust in God
and accept the fact that bad things happen in life and that is just
part of our progression and a test of our faith. And that a lot of the
time the problems we have in life are OUR fault! I love this Gospel so
much. I love you all so much and pray for you always. Keep strong.

Hermana Wursten

I love Tarija!

these dogs follow us everyday. It is super annoying. They follow us
to our house at the end of the day and whine. But by the morning they
are gone. Except for this morning one of them was still outside waiting
for us.

 Our zone!

We had intercambios and this is the pillow of one of the hermanas.
We thought it was pretty funny. It says pleasant goat.

Sleep over (pijamada!)! These hermanas are in Bermejo but came ot
Tarija to go to the Doctor and stayed the night with us. our house is
the sister missionary hotel.

Every sunday all the missionaries in our ward eat at the house of
this one member family and it´s always really fun. Here is a pic. the
sister was there but I think she was in the Bathroom at this point.



Como estan? Los extraño mucho pero estoy feliz aca en la misión!

So Chrissy is living at home now? Just for a little while? Does she
still have the house in Hawaii? I´m glad you miss me, Mom. I miss you
too. I´m super excited that you and Dad are going to come pick me up
from the mission here in Bolivia!

This week was good! One miracle that we were able to see is that we
had more members with us. It´s really hard to go out with the members
cause they all have their things to do and families and kids and what
not. We always have the same members that go out with us but this week
we were able to have other members too so what was super great. I am
jealous of the missionaries there that they have so many members
willing to help them out and especially Dad helping them out so much.
Jealous! I am always going to help out the missionaries when I get
back. And I want a calling in the Spanish Branch.

So we were only able to have 1 investigator in church yesterday but
it´s a ton better than the 0 that we have had for like 3 weeks! I
don´t know what is going on with that, our investigators just don´t
want to go to church. It is frustrating. But we are trying to think of
ways to help them have a desire to go to church. Milton went to
church. He is from the couple that we taught a while ago and they had
a baptism date but then it was super hard to be able to teach them
cause they were never home or were busy. And he and his wife (Blanca)
have a ton of problems. We have been able to teach him more this past
week and he came to Sacrament Meeting, but left after cause he has
diabetes and has to eat( we are figuring out how we can help him stay
all of church.. I think that we are going to bring food for him.
haha). we gave him a book of mormon and he is reading it so that is
great! I know that as he reads it his life will change and he will be
able to better his relationship with his wife. He has gone through
some pretty hard stuff so I think he has a lot of anger built up. I
know everyone can change by this Gospel, if they would actually just
live it! Why don´t people get it sometimes? Sometimes I wish everyone
was as smart and spiritual as I am. JK

I was able to have intercambios with Hna Choque this week in my old
area! It was weird being in my old area but it was cool, too. But I am
super happy where I am at right now. We have transfers in a week and I
am almost positive that I am going to Santa Cruz. I am scared.

The familia Arias didn´t come to church :( We were really bummed about
that. We have a family night with them and a member family this week,
too and we talked about the Sabbath day. We are visiting them today
and we are going to see whad up wit dem (I don´t know why I just
thought it was really funny to write like that) and why they are
flaking out on us Sundays.

Litsie, part of the Cadima Familiy got a calling yesterday so we are
super excited for her! We visited them last night and it was a great
lesson and we can see that they are progressing.

Currently I am suffering from sickness right now. I have a sore throat
and a stuffy nose. And this happens when I am actually trying to eat
healthier and do better exercise. But it´s fine, I can still function.
Hna Contreras and I are running every other morning and I feel a lot
better about myself, even if I am not losing weight and am still fat
and zitty.

I love you all so much and I hope everything is going great with
everyone back home! The church is true and so is the Book of Mormon.
Read it.

Hermana Wursten

Me and my pensionista after eating... we were full. She is super fun,
but super hard to get to go to church. She is inactive. but we are
working with her and I know she will go back.


Hola familia!
> Long time no talk, huh? I can´t even remember everything that has
> happened in the past 2 weeks so I will try my best to give you a good
> summary.
> Well first off, Ashley got baptized. It was a great baptism, aside
> from the fact that the water was freezing, poor thing. I don´t know
> why but our Bishop is against warm water. But the Elders in our ward
> had a baptism the following week and the water was warm. What the
> heck? But it was a great baptism, we sang the primary song, “ I like
> to look for rainbows whenever there is rain” I can´t remember the name
> of it. Hna Contreras told me that some of the members were crying when
> we sang. The effect of angelical voices  there were a good amount of
> members there too so I think they were able to feel support from them.
> We have had a baptism almost every week in our ward. I love going to
> baptisms. The missionaries always participate. We either sing a song
> or share a message. I always feel touched by the spirit to think how
> these people are completely clean and are starting a new life. It´s
> special to think about that.
> So Carnaval we hung out inside all day. Sunday we went to Sacrament
> meeting and after straight back home. We just studied, ate, and
> watched videos all the 3 days that we were in the house. Oh and we
> cleaned the house like no other. It was nice to rest and what not for
> 3 days but I was ready to get out and work again. The first day I took
> a nap, but ended up that I couldn´t fall asleep and after had the
> worst headache and felt like I was going to throw up. I´m guessing God
> doesn´t want me to take naps. The cool thing too is that I didn´t
> shower, wear make up, or wear a bra for 3 days straight. Keepin it
> sexy.
>  But it was a good time and we were able to study and learn a lot.
> This week was more difficult. We are losing a lot of investigators,
> either because they don´t want to hear us anymore or that we are
> deciding not to visit them anymore because they aren´t progressing or
> always flaking out on us. We know that we can use our time finding
> people that are actually going to accept this Gospel. We are teaching
> a family right now, the familia Arias. They are super great. they have
> 22 years together and ARE NOT MARRIED. that is so crazy to me. We
> invited them to talk about marriage and set a date and said that they
> have nothing really to think about cause yeah they have 22 years and 5
> kids. Their main challenge is that they don´t want to go to church. SO
> tonight we are going to have a family night with them and a member
> family and talk about the Sabbath Day. We are excited.
> Yesterday the church had a broadcast from Salt Lake exclusively for
> Bolivia. I felt special and I´m sure the members felt even more
> special. They talked a ton about the temple in Cochabamba and what
> not. How sad that we can´t go to the temple here. Sister Reeves talked
> too, Mom. How interesting that you were just with her too. She talked
> in Spanish, and I think I can safely say that my Spanish is better
> than hers and also than Elder Russell Nelson. Sorry, that was a bit
> prideful. But it was a great broadcast 
> The other day we found out that one of our investigators died. We felt
> really sad, but especially for her family. We have an appointment with
> them today and are going to talk about the Plan of Salvation and how
> families can be eternal. A member that lost her mom 3 years ago is
> going to accompany us so I think it will be a great lesson.
> It´s hard to remember everything that happens in the week and
> especially in 2 weeks but I think that I have written all the most
> important stuff. I love you all so much and I am super excited for Dad
> to be Ward Mission Leader! He is going to do so great. I wish Dad was
> our ward mission leader here (but our mission leader is great, too).
> Watch the videos of hastening the Work! It is super good and a good
> way to get pumped about mission work. Love you!!!
Hermana Wursten

In intercambios with Hermana Solano.

the baptism of Ana.

Face masks! Thanks to Chrissy :)

The baptism of Ashley! :)

They added something else on top of the world so now it is even more tacky.

 keepin it ugly.

9 months in the mission! It is tradition to take a pregnant photo.
My knees don´t show in this skirt, it´s just that I hiked it up to
help with the look of pregnancy.

3 days without washing my hair.

 pijamada! Hna Solano and Thorley had to stay the night with us last
night because there was a huge party thing going on outside of their
house. It was fun.


Hola Familia!

This week ws good. It sounds like you guys had a good week, too. I
can´t wait for you guys to pay for me to go to Hawaii after my mish :)
Maybe I can live with Chrissy and study there. But we talked about
that before about me living in their garage, but later we saw a huge
spider and then I got scared. Remember that, Chrissy? So I´m not too
sure if I want to live in the garage. haha

We were able to teach a lot of people this week and meet new people,
We are hoping that they are people that will progress. The hard thing
here is that NO ONE has time for anything. We will teach someone super
great but then we can´t visit them until a week later because they are
never home or work a ton or are traveling. And by the time we go the
next week they lose interest and what not. It sucks. So pray for us to
be able to find people that will accept the Gospel and actually have
time to do it.

I learned a lot about conversion this morning in my study. There is a
difference between being converted and having a testimony. You can
have a testimony in a lot of things but not act on that. But to be
converted is to be dedicated and show your testimony through your
actions. Sadly, I think there are more people with just a testimony
than people that are actually converted. I see it all the time here.
But I won´t go into detail with that.

A heads up before I forget. I won´t be able to write next week because
it is Carnaval and we can´t leave the house for 3 days. So Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday we will be locked up reading scriptures and
sleeping all day. Carnaval is super big here and they are always
throwing water and what not (we´ve gotten wet like 2 times this last week
and I think it will be worse this week) and there are a ton of drunk
people. I think that is why we have to stay inside all day.

The good news, Ashley is getting baptized this Saturday! She passed
her interview yesterday and what not so that was good. At first the
Elder that interviewed her told us that she didn´t pass cause she had
problems with question 4, which is if they have commited serious
crimes like murder, abortion or homosexual relations. Obviously he was
kidding, she is 9 years old. haha it was pretty funny though. Her
family is progressing a ton and the Mom told us that she made a
promise to live the life she lived before when she was active in the
church, cause she said how now her family just isn´t the same and she
wants what she had before. Can I just emphasize again that THE GOSPEL
BLESSES FAMILIES. If you want an even better family, get baptized and
live the Gospel.

We were bummed yesterday though bacause we had planned that a lot of
investigators were going to go to church BUT all of them flaked out.
We were sad. The thing too is that we called every person and even
went to their houses to get them. I was actually kind of angry with
God, because I felt like I had put my part in and he didn´t help us
out. But it´s fine. Everything happens for a reason, right?

We met a girl Saturday and the first thing we taught her was the Word
of Wisdom cause she told us that something we wants to change in her
life is to not drink. She was super interested and wanted to go to
church and asked us how she could go on a mission. haha We invited her
to baptism for 15 de Marzo and she said yes and really seems
interested. But yesterday she didn´t answer her cell phone and wasn´t
home when we went to get her for churhc. But I know we will be able to
find her this week and she is going to get baptized.

We had intercambios this week. This time I went to the Area of Hermana
Solano and worked with her. It was a good day but I am always happy to
return to my area with my investigators. As Sister Training Leader I
have to do intercambios with all the sisters in my area. I like it
alot cause I learn a lot from the other Sisters and I am able to help
them out too. This week with Hna Choque in her area so I am excited to
be in my old area for a day! :)

Another miracle, Ana Matias, the girl that Hna Choque and I were
teaching that was so perfect but then left for 2 months, got back from
her trip and got baptized on SAturday! I went to the baptism for like
10 minutes but couldn´t stay the whole time cause we had an appt. BUT
it was great to know that she is getting baptized and is super strong
in the the church. I have a picture but I forgot my camera cord so in
2 weeks I will send it.

We found hermana Blanca the other day and were able to talk with her a
bit. She is the lady who her and her husband came to church one week
and accepted baptism, but now they have lost interest and never have
time to hear us. It was a spiritual lesson but also super sad. She was
telling us how she isn´t happy and has lost all hope and faith. Her
husband isn´t very nice with her and her family and she told us how he
prays that she would die. That hurt my heart. She has doubts in God
because she feels neglected from him and that she has been sent here
to suffer. We talked a ton that she just needs to continue to pray and
that she will be able to feel comfort from God. At the end Hna
Contreras prayed and it was a powerful pray and blanca told us that
she felt a little better after. I feel so sad for people that suffer
so much. I have been thinking a lot about her and how to help and I
feel like we should talk about baptism because when we are baptized we
start a new life. So I hope that we will be able to teach her soon.

I think that is about all for this week. We are working hard and are
always looking for way to improve. I am going to Santa Cruz today and
tomorrow for the leadership counsel we have every month. I´m excited
cause I always learn a ton.

I´m glad everything is going good at home! I love you guys a ton! The
church is true and God loves us!

Hermana Wursten


Hola Familia!

This week was good! We were able to teach a lot more people and were
able to work with the members with some people so that was great.
First off, yes the familia Cadima came to church! All of them! We were
so so so happy. Ashli, the youngest that is the only one that isn´t
baptized is going to get baptized not this saturday but the other. We
were able to have some really great lessons with them this week and we
can see that they are progressing.

Also, another miracle. Our pensionista is less active and we teach her
almost every day after lunch and she still isn´t reading in the BOM or
praying. She doesn´t have the desire to do it. It is frustrating
sometimes cause I really love her and her family and want them to feel
the blessings of the Gospel. BUT she came to church this Sunday! We
were SUPER happy and shocked. She came the last 2 hours. She even
participated in Relief Society. In the semana when we were teaching
her Mom (inactive too) I had a moment where I just felt a ton of love
for her and felt the need that God wants us to help these people
because they are his children. But something funny/interesting with
the Mom (gladys is her name) is that she has a boyfriend (she is 70
years old) and it is her cousin!!! I didn´t know what to say when they
told us that. This family is so funny. Also the boyfriend is missing a
hand and they always joke about it. haha

We were teaching a Catholic family the other day, the Mom and Son, and
the mom was talking a ton and super fast (I didn´t understand like
half of what she said) and at one point she said, "like how Jesus
Sinned, we are sinners too." haha What is the Catholic church
teaching? I didn´t hear her say that but Hna Contreras and the member
that was with us told me after the lesson. I seriously don´t get
people sometimes.

Whenever people ask me where I am from I always ask them where do they
think I am from and almost every person says Germany. haha I am living
up to my last name!

Oh, we had transfers this week and I got transfered to Santa Cruz...

Jk, I´m still living it up here in Tarija! But I think that in the
next transfer I´m going to Santa Cruz. I will have half of my mission
here. I always tell people that I am in the mission Bolivia, Tarija.
and everyone jokes that I need to buy a house and what not here.

The older couple that we were teaching that had a baptism date are
almost impossible to teach now and the wife is super hard of heart.
She told us that "I don´t understand how we lived with God and didn´t
have bodies and he sent us here to get a body and suffer." It is
obvious that she is suffering a ton emotionally, but she won´t give us
the opportunity to teach her. She told us too one day that we are
young and we don´t understand life. Yeah, maybe we are young and still
have a lot to experience, but we are called of God to teach this
Gospel and we know it is true and brings happiness. Ugh, that
frustrated me a little. One of our goals as companions is to be more
direct, just tell the people how it is.

Dennis and Carolina didn´t come to church yesterday :( We went to
visit them after but they weren´t home, which is weird cause they are
always home. And their cells phones are turned off. We are going to
pass by their house today and I hope that they are home. We set a date
for baptism for March 8th to get them movin with marriage.

I think that is about it. I am super jealous that you guys are in
Hawaii, but it´s ok cause I was able to go before I left and you guys
are going to pay for me to go after the mission :) Hugs and kisses the
all the nieces and nephews! Oh, and I got the package from Jack and
Ashley! Thanks a ton! I love all the stuff in there and I can tell you
now that my feet are already looking a ton better with the foot pumice
and foot gel. It´s a true miracle. My pensionista and her family were
awwing so much at the pictures of Owen. Me too, obviously.

Love you all! The church is true. It blesses families and brings us
joy. I know that with all my heart. Even if I am 23 years old. You
just can´t deny this Gospel.

Hermana Wursten

Me with Cristo.

Pday we went to a vineyard cause they are super big here. Us with our soda :)

Dennis and Carolina. The couple that we are teaching that are super
ready to get baptized but only need to get married first.

. Eating grapes like Queens

Is there anything in my teeth? I feel like that will never get old.

The same dog that I have a picture of that was wearing a red shirt.
Looks like he likes to swtich things up.

We taught an older catholic couple yesterday and they had a
wheelchair from the church. I took this picture quickly when they went
outside for a sec. Don´t worry, they didn´t see.

Monday, March 17, 2014


 Hola Familia!
> So this week was good! Like always the ups and down, but "thus it is."
> haha And of course... MY BIRTHDAY! I was super excited for that. I
> told about everyone that we talked to that it was my birthday, or the
> day before that tomorrow would be my birthday. I didn´t want that
> anyone would forget, and I don´t think they did with how many times I
> said it. But it was a great birthday and I felt special. Our
> pensionista (the lady that cooks lunch for us everyday) made me a
> jello cake thing. It was super pretty and yummy. And they made chicken
> cause I said I wanted chicken. The other "gift" that I wanted from
> them is that they would come to church Sunday (they didn´t cause they
> were all sick but she told me that they still owe me my gift so this
> Sunday they better come). And everyone that we saw gave me a birthday
> hug (minus the men). That night we taught the Familia Cadima
> (inactives) and at the end of the lesson they brought out a cake and
> sang to me. I felt so much love. The Zone Leaders came to our house
> that morning (someone was fixing our bathroom and it was a man, so
> they had to be there) and they brought me bread and salteñas. haha So
> thoughtful. I seriously can´t believe I am 23. I am so old! And
> gracias a todos for all the birthday love that I recieved when I
> opened up my inbox. It is so great to know that I have so much love
> and support and that even though I am halfway in the mission that
> still everyone hasn´t forgotten about me. Can you believe that I have
> 8 months in the mission? I´m sorry if I write weird. Sometimes I feel
> like I am forgetting my english. Sometimes it is so funny to me that I
> am surrounded by latinos and only speak spanish. I am such a wannabe
> latina.
> Carolina and Dennis are our main investigators right now. They are
> super ready to be baptized (Carolina more than Dennis) BUT they have
> to get married first but Dennis doesn´t want to. UGH. But they are
> practically members and the members are super friendly with them and
> invite them to their houses for family night and what not. I love
> that. Carolina even asked us if her son who is 8 years old could get
> baptized now even if they aren´t baptized. So we have to see about
> that.
> We have an investigator that is super great but has a TON of doubts
> about Jose Smith. We gave her a BOM to read and told her to pray and
> read and that it is evidence that Jose smith was a profeta. So please
> pray for her that she can recieve an answer.
> We were able to have more members with us this week and were able to
> find some more people to teach. It sucks sometimes cause we will find
> someone perfect and then after a week they are either never home or
> lose interest. I have to try so hard not to get discouraged. The
> mission is freaking hard. I cried yesterday. As trainer and what not
> you have all the responsibility on your shoulders. If something
> happens it is your fault. If your numbers aren´t that great it is your
> fault. I get so sad sometimes cause I love these people and want them
> to progress and feel the happiness that comes from this Gospel, but
> they don´t do it. And I feel like even if I scream in their face and
> tell them to do it, they won´t. That is what is frustrating. And it
> literally hurts my heart. Like yesterday we went to pick up the
> Familia Cadima to go to church and they didn´t go because they didn´t
> have clean clothes. We all know that is just a dumb excuse. The sad
> thing too is that her daughter had a baptism date for this Saturday
> but not anymore cause it is obvious that she isn´ready, and neither is
> her family. Because her family needs to be active for her to be
> baptized.
> The Gospel is true. Why doesn´t everyone just accept that? I seriously
> can´t wait for my future family and to raise them in the Gospel.
> I can´t think of anything else to write. We are working hard here and
> hope to be able to see the fruits of our work sometime. Thanks so much
> for all your love! I am glad that you miss me, Mom. I told Hna
> Contreras, "I bet my Mom is thinking about me a lot today." haha How
> can you not miss me? I´m just so cool, and fat( I can barely fit into
> my pants that I am wearing right now). I love you all! Have a great
> week and until next week!
> Hermana Wursten
The only man who´s chest I have touched in 8 months.

A lady and her baby sleeping in her little store.

Mi familia! Hna Contreras and Choque (daughters) and Hna Rivera

Blowing out the candle with my jello cake.

With the Familia Cadima.

Cake in my mouth.