Friday, January 31, 2014


Hola Familia!

This was fine. But it defnitely wasn´t our best week. I am going to
attach what I wrote to Pres. Willard because I don´t want to have to
type it all over again.

"This week was a week a a lot of different emotions for me. Seriously
the mission just beats you down sometimes and sometimes it just brings
you up. I hope I´m not the only one who feels that way. I was
experiencing anger for a day, everyone was just flaking out on us and
lying to us and not wanting to talk to us. Sometimes I just wish the
people knew that we have the message of salvation and when they reject
us they are rejecting the Salvation. But one day they will accept,
right? So with that I was feeling a little bitter, and I know that is
not a good feeling to have ever, especially in the mission. So that
night I was praying that I would find comfort during Zone conference.
The next morning before Zone Conference in my personal prayer I said
to God, "├Ć don´t think that there are people here that are ready to
accept this Gospel." I knew it was bad to say as I said it but I still
said it. Well, you and Hna Willard are definitely inspired cause you
talked a ton about how there are people prepared to receive this
Gospel and what we had to do to find them. It was like God was
slapping me in the face for the dumb comment I had made that morning
in my prayer. I realize that I seriously lack in the Faith sometimes.
Actually, most of the time. That is something that I am trying to be
better about.

Sometimes I just feel so unsuccessful and worthless as a missionary
and that my efforts don´t do anything. But as I was reading in Preach
my Gospel today I was reading in the chapter "How to find people to
teach" and I read at the end and it was seriously what I needed to
hear. Like seriously. I love the ways that God speaks to us. It is a
testimony that is truly aware of us and our concerns and everything
that is passing in our lives. So now I have more animos to work and
see the ways that I can change my attitude and the way to find people
to teach. Something I learned is SERVICE. PME talks a ton about
service and I realize it is something that I lack. So Hna Contreras
and I have goals to find opportunities to serve and spread the Gospel
to EVERY LIVING CREATURE. Even all the ants that bite me. Or maybe to
just all the people that pass by us and all the people that we come in
contact with.

It´s interesting how we come on a mission to be able to help other
people in their lives by accepting the Gospel. But the mission I feel
like is more of a blessing for the missionaries cause we seriously
learn a TON. I am learning how I am can better myself in the things
that I am lacking. And I wouldn´t have been able to realize these
things if it weren´t for the mission. I´m seriously going to be the
best wife and mom and member ever. Yeah, maybe not, but I am going to
be a lot better than I was before the mission. I am grateful for the
hard times, and especially the good times. The mission is so great. i
can´t believe I almost didn´t go on one."

Carolina, one of our investigators, is our pride and joy for this
week. She is reading the book of mormon and praying and going to
church. She told us the other day that she has always had problems in
her family, they argue and what not a lot, but that this week as she
is reading the BOM her family is more relaxed and happy. A TESTIMONY
THAT THE GOSPEL BLESSES FAMILIES: We were super excited to hear that
and I felt super happy and grateful to be able to see the change and
the blessings of the Gospel in her life. It made me feel like I am
actually doing something. Seriously if you have problems in your life
or in your family. read the Book of Mormon and pray. It´s actually
super easy so just do it.

haha it made me laugh when you asked if I have punched anyone in the
face this week. I definitely thought about it. I realize that I say
that about every week, no? haha I get frustrated with people but don´t
worry I never show it, cause I wear the name of Christ everyday so I
have to be worthy to represent him. But I was thinking the other day
that I need to be better about my thoughts too. If the people reject
us or are rude I need to just feel love for them instead of saying in
my head, "have fun in the the telestial kingdom." Wow, I am so bad. So
I am trying harder to feel love for EVERYONE.

Milton and Blanca, the couple with a baptism date, don´t have a
baptism date anymore :( they didn´t go to church yesterday and we
haven´t been able to teach them in a week cause they are always busy
or not home. But we have an appt with them this week on tuesday. So
pray for them. We only had 2 investigators in church yesterday  but a
ton of less actives came! We were super excited about that! It was a
miracle. The ward here is growing a ton.

I think that is all I have for this week! I found out last night that
I am going to Santa Cruz again today and tomorrow for another meeting
with Pres. and all the missionary leaders. Hna. Contreras is going to
be in our area with another missionary. She is nervous to have to lead
and what not without me but I know she can do it cause she is a great

I love you a ton! I hope everything is going great and that is rains
in Lincoln. Not to rub it in your face, but it rained a ton again this
week. Love you!

Hermana Wursten

Monday after emailing we went to a waterfall. It was super pretty and fun! It made me miss hiking and what not.

This picture was an accident.

The HUGE spider that was in my dirty clothes. I just about had a
heart attack when I saw it. But don´t worry I was able to kill it.
that same day there were 2 huge cockroaches in our house. It was a
terrifying day for me.

Hna Contreras and I in front of the waterfall.

Me and Hna Guerra (she goes home this transfer)

A handle to turn on the gas in our house. So we have to be super
careful with it or else we will die. So the sign says,"Don´t touch me!
I am gas."


Hola Familia!

This week was good! Little by little we are getting to know the
members more and working more with them. Our numbers are going up
every week and we have some good goals for this week. Oh I forgot to
tell you that, YES I got the credit card. Thank the heavens, I thought
that it wouldn´t make it. So you don´t have to worry about that

We had intercambios (I can´t think of the english word for the life of
me) this week. Hna Rivera (my granddaughter, the comp of Hna Choque.
she is from Ecuador) was with me in my area and Hna Contreras went
with Hna Choque in her (my old) area. That is one of the things that I
have to do as the sister training leader is have intercambios with the
Hermanas. It was great! I love being able to know more Hermanas and
learn from them and help them out. I have so much respect for so many
Hermanas here. Hna Rivera, her dad isn´t a member and the rest of her
family is inactive and her Dad has a terminal illness so she doesn´t
know if she will see him when she returns from the mish. Isn´t that so
sad? How strong is she? and Hna Contreras is the only member in her
family and didn´t have any support from her family about the mission.
And I was unsure about the mission because of how old I was, or that I
wouldn´t be able to take naps. How ungrateful and dumb am I? I love to
hear how people have so much desire to serve the Lord that they will
sacrifice a ton of stuff.

Hna Contreras is super great! The only thing is that she doesn´t like
to kill bugs and I am more than happy to step on a bug to end its
life. We have some serious problems in our companionship. haha

We were able to find a couple this week that are really great. Milton
and Blanca. They are an older couple. It´s funny how we found them.
About a week ago we talked with some guy in the street and set up and
appt to visit him. When we went we asked for him and it ended that the
guy lives in the La Paz and gave us the direction to his parents
house. But we were able to talk with them and the first thing that we
taught them was the Word of Wisdom. haha But it was a super good
lesson and they are super willing to obey! He was saying how he needs
to throw away his coffee and tea. And... They came to church
yesterday! Only for the first hour cause Milton has diabetes and
needed to eat. But they tell us they are going to stay all 3 hours
next week. And they have a baptism date for February 15th. So pray for
them that they can prepare well and still have the desire to get
baptized. Milton told us that he was thinking about baptism because he
got baptized at 3 years and doesn´t remember and didn´t know what he
was doing so he wanted to be baptized again. So now he can, and in the
correct way (with the priesthood and by immersion).

We are working with a less active family right now and we had a super
great lesson with them Saturday night. And their 9 year old daughter
wants to get baptized so we gave her a baptism date for Feb 8 (The day
after my b-day, if you forgot) so we are excited for them. BUT they
didn´t come to church yesterday :( But the hermana told us that next
sunday they are going to come.

We are also teaching another family. The mom, her mom is a member and
gave us the reference. In the family the whole family aren´t members
except for one of their daughters. They are a great family and I see a
lot of potential in them. The Mom reminds me of Chrissy. I don´t know
why so many people here remind me of Chrissy. haha they are super
great!  I truly feel love for these people.

Julie, the hermana that came to church the other Sunday is great but
she is super hard to find. She is almost never home. So we were only
able to teach her one time this week.

We are lunching everyday with a less active and it´s great. I really
think we are going to be able to help her go back to church by being
at her house everyday. haha It´s also super entertaining. they are a
funny family. The other day we were eating casually and what not and
out of no where the hermana (Elvira) says, "My mom smokes" and her mom
just stops and looks at her so funny. We were dying. So we are going
to help her mom quit smoking.

I don´t have much else to say. The work is progressing here and I am
happy. Keep praying for us and the people that we are teaching that
they can progress and be baptized and receive salvation! I love you
all so much! I am forever grateful for your love and support. The
church is true. Talk to you next week!

Hermana Wursten

Hna Arias and I. She was in my zone but has problems with her knee so she had to go to Santa Cruz for surgery. So we went to say bye to her at the airport. (we live right next door to the airport. haha)
Me with my novio.
Me and the Pope :)


Hola familia!

This week was good. I learned a ton in the meeting that we had with
Presidente on Monday and Tuesday. He is an inspired man. It was cool
too cause I was able to see Hna Faulk and Hna Baldridge (Hnas in my
district in the MTC) because they are sister training leaders too.

The only place that had air conditioner is the hotel that we stay in
in Santa Cruz. But other than that I don´t think that air conditioning
exists here. It´s funny how they are so not up to date with technology
here. So be thankful for what you have. Reminds me of the First World
Problems that people always say. haha Cause it is so true. I don´t
think many people brush their teeth here either cause it always reeks
of bad breath. Especially right now as I sit next to some teenager
playing World of Warcraft.

We were able to find some good people to teach this week that we have
faith that they can progress and accept the Gospel. One of them is
Jehovah´s Witness, which is a miracle cause they are seriously
impossible to teach and there are TONS of Jehovah´s Witnesses here.
But she has a lot of interest in the Book of Mormon and is going to
read it. So that is good cause ya can´t deny the Book of Mormon. And
if you do, you´re crazy. Another is a girl that we found as we were
trying to contact a reference that we got. She accepted baptism the
first lesson and really has a desire to change. It seems like she
feels guilty or bad about some of the decisions that´s shes made. She
told us that what she wants most in her life is to be a good person
and that the things she wants to change are the decision she´s made.
And what better way to be able to change and be a better person than
through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also, we had a miracle yesterday!!! One of our goals this transfer is
to have at least one investigator in church every Sunday. So Saturday
came along and we didn´t have anyone to go to church with us. So we
were praying a ton that we could find someone. So Sunday morning about
20 minutes before church we went to contact a reference that we got
from our Bishop and invite her to church or set up an appt to visit
her. When we got there she was super excited to meet us and wanted to
go to church with us! So we waited for her to get ready and what not
and we went to church together, and she brought her 11 year old son.
At the end she told us that she really enjoyed it and wants to meet
with us. So we have an appt with her tonight. A birthday miracle
(yesterday was Hna Contreras bday)! So we were super grateful for

We also teach some pretty interesting lessons too. One of our
Investigators is Catholic and has a ton of questions. When we were
talking about Baptism she told us that the way they baptize in the
Catholic church isn´t correct but she is still going to raise her son
in the Catholic church. Sometimes I don´t understand the people. The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is obviously the true

We are getting to know our area a little better and also the members
so that is good. The ward I am in now is smaller than the ward I was
in before but I really enjoy it. Did I tell you there are 6
missionaries in my ward? Us with 2 other compa├▒erismos of Elders. So
the work is growing!

Thanks for all your support and love! Keep praying for me and the
people that we are teaching that they can accept this Gospel and that
we will be able to find the people that are prepared to receive this
gospel in their lives. Trust in the Lord always and know that he loves
every one of you and the way we can feel that fully in our lives is
through this Gospel. Love you all!

Hermana Wursten

In my old ward. The Bishop took us out to dinner one night.

First day with Hna Contreras!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Are you ready to hear about transfers??

I´M STILL IN TARIJA!!!!! haha But I changed wards. the funny thing is
that I am in the same chapel. It´s like if I was in Lincoln 1st ward
and changed to Lincoln 3rd ward. And I am training again. And I am
opening area (whitewashing). Oh, and to top it off I am a Sister
Training Leader. What? Seriously the mission is crazy and I realize
that God trusts a lot in the weak and imperfect. But I have definitely
seen miracles in this week that has passed. Hna Choque is training too
so I have a granddaughter in the mission.

First off Monday after I wrote you guys Hna Choque and I were eating
lunch and the AP calls us to tell us that we are both training and
that we have to be in the airport right now to go to Santa Cruz to
pick up our daughters. Yeah, they are so last minute here. So we
seriously rushed super fast to the airport and when we got to Santa
Cruz we just ended up just staying the night in a hotel and the next
day we had a meeting with Pres. Willard for the trainers and then we
met our companions. My companion is Hermana Contreras and she is from
El Salvador. I love her. She is 19 years old and is a convert of 4
years. She is super excited to be a missionary and works hard and is
really obedient so it´s perfect. President said that all of the
transfers were inspired and I truly believe that because I just feel
so good about this transfer.

We arrived to Tarija Tuesday night and ended up just moving into our
new house and what not. It is different being in a different area and
not knowing where anything is or not knowing the members very well and
still we have yet to see a map of our area. BUT we are finding people
to teach and were able to have 3 investigators in church yesterday! A
true miracle. It was great. One of them is someone that other Elders
were teaching before (and he bore his testimony. haha how great) and the 2
other were 2 girls that we were able to find and they told us they
wanted to go to church and they both seemed to enjoy church. I think
that they have a ton a potential. I was super nervous about transfers
so I was just praying that whatever would happen that I would be happy
and content. And prayers are answered because I feel really good about
transfers and I´m super excited to still be in Tarija but in another
area. It´s funny too cause I still see all the members from my other
area. I am basically in the Bolivia, Tarija mission, not Bolivia,
Santa Cruz. haha

But right now I am in Santa Cruz because for all the missionary leaders
we have a conference sort of thing tonight with Presidente and
tomorrow too. It is deathly hot here in Santa Cruz and I want to rip
all of my clothes off and punch the 8 million little kids here in the
internet cafe that are playing deathly gory video games. What is this
world coming to?

I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! So I am now officially Latina.

Hna Contreras and I are going to start running in the morning for
exercise so I hope I will be able to lose at least some of the weight
that I am gaining here.

I am super happy and loving the mission :) It´s so important that we
always rely on the Lord and trust in him because through him we can do
all things. That is something I have learned. As I have seen how
imperfect I am and how much he is always helping me out. Because there
are some things I just can´t give myself credit because this isn´t my
work, it´s the work of the Lord.

I don´t have much more to write and I´m not going to send pictures
today cause one of the elders told me that these computers probably
have viruses so I gotta keep it safe. I love you all and I hope you
are all doing great! Thanks for the love and support. The church is

Hermana Wursten


Hola familia!

First off I can´t even express how great it was to talk to you guys!
That was definitely a highlight of the week. I miss you all a ton but
I feel content with where I am at. But isn´t it cool to think that
next Christmas I will be home! Even if I am single, fat and zit faced.
At least I will be more spiritual and with my family. And I am excited
to play the white elephant game. haha

This week was good. Like almost every week there are good and bad
days. We are always learning a ton on how we can improve our teachings
and how to be better missionaries. I seriously realize everyday that
I am so imperfect. But it is humbling and I am able to improve as I
see how I can better myself.

First off I will talk aout Azul (one of our investigators). She is 16
years old and we are teaching her parents too but she is progressing
way more than her parents. She is reading the book of mormon and
always gives us a summary of what she reads and she understands really
well! She is a friend of a member. It´s cool too cause the young
woments president is working with her too. So Sunday when she came to
church we didn´t have to do anything. Because the YW president picked
her up and brought her to church and her friend was able to take her
to all the classes. That is THE BEST. It´s good when the missionaries
don´t have to do anything with the investigators at church because
they are the members responsibliity and when she gets baptized she
will have more support. It´s cool too cause Azul´s mom told us that
she has seen a difference in Azul since we have been vistiing her. I
love seeing the change in people!

Also, Juana came to church again and she is officially reactivated!!
She told us that she has a goal to go to the Temple in the next year
to be sealed with her family. That makes me feel so good. Sometimes I
feel like a bad missionary and that I am not making a difference but
then I think about Juana and how one day she will be able to be sealed
to her family for the help that I have given her. I am learning
patience and the faith that we are not always going to see the fruits
of our work right away and sometimes it is years later. With the
people that we teach that don´t end up getting baptized we always say
that we have planted a seed in them and that one day because of the
seed that we planted they will get baptized, or they will go back to
church(in the less actives case). I love Juana a ton and for some
reason she reminds me of Chrissy. I don´t know why but she does, so
for that I love her even more. Chrissy, you have to go to church!
Because the missionaries there love you and are always waiting for at
the beginning of Sacrament meeting and are sad when you don´t go
(maybe they even cry, like I do). I know because I experience that all
the time here. And I love you and want you to go back to church. Jack,
you too! I think of my feelings towards these people and how sad and
disappointed I am when they don´t go to church. And then I think of
God and Jesus and how they must feel. That would be super hard to be
them cause they love every person and they are probably crying all the
time. and also rejoicing in the good moments too. But mostly crying
for the sad things.

Sacrament meeting was really good yesterday and I felt the spirit
super strong. I felt so incredibly overwhelmed for my family and for
being raised in the Gospel. Because almost all families are great. But
all families are better with the Gospel. So if you want to improve
your family. Live the Gospel! For realz.

So we have transfers today or tomorrow I am not sure exactly what day
it is. But I am pretty sure I am going to get transferred. I am
nervous to think about that and sad too to think about leaving Tarija.
I am so grateful for the experiences I have had here and for the
amazing people I have met. But change is always good. So next week
when I write you I might be writing from a different city!! So wierd
to think about.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support and love that you give me.
Hope you all have a great week and don´t forget to always pray (haha
my missionary advice). Until next week fam!

Hermana Wursten
Selfie in front of a park with Christmas stuff. 

Selfie of my horrible sunburn that I got on Monday.

Even though I am a missionary I still am rocking it with the selfies.

My district.

Julieta, the super cute old lady we teach. Now you can see how
incredibly short she is. And how incredibly shiny my face is every



Can you believe that we will be talking in 3 days?! I am SO excited!
and not only talk abut to be able to SEE! I want to see Hadley! and
give her a virtual kiss. haha and also all the nephews and fam!

This week we had good and bad. I will start off with the bad so the
email doesn´t end off in a bad note. We had planned with us a lot of
members that were going to accompany us but all of them fell through.
and along with that almost all of our investigators and less actives
fell through too. At one point I was just angry. I get so frustrated
with how flaky people are. Seriously that is the freaking worst. So if
you are a flake, you are annoying and should change. Ok sorry for the
rant. Yesterday none of our investigators went to church and after
church almost all of our citas fell through. At one point in the day I
just had to sit down and cry. The mission really beats you up
emotionally and physically sometimes, almost all the time. But when
you have those spiritual moments with someone, or when you see a
change in someone, it is worth it. I love the moments that I can see a
desire in people to change and live this Gospel. The sad thing is that
it is not something easy for the people to do, so a lot of people
don´t do it. But as missionaries, and MEMBERS we are here to help
people get to the point where they want to change. I have learned the
importance of the members and for that I want to be a good member when
I get back home. I want to visit the less actives even if they reject
me, because they need support and love and friendship from the
MEMBERS. I am going to do all my visiting teaching every month because
we sometimes think that if it is an active member they are ok and
don´t need visits. But I am here to tell you that all less actives
were active at one point and the majority leave the church because
they don´t have the support they need from the members. We need to be
continually be strengthening the other members. I hear so many stories
for why people have left the church and it is always because of
someone in the church. And that is super sad.

The men are pigs here. There are so many men that have wives and kids
and just drink and drink, and they never want to get married and just
treat their wives like they are nothing. That seriously bugs me. And
basically every family that we find aren´t married. NO ONE gets
married here. I don´t understand it.

Yeah so sorry about the negative. But with the negative there are is
always the positive. Juana (less active) came to church! and she is so
happy. I have truly seen a change in her. When we first started to
visit her she seemed really hardened and I thought that she wouldn´t
ever go to church but now she is always happy when we come to visit
her and she loves us. She had a interview with the bishop yesterday
and he told us after that she is so grateful for us and how we have
helped her. That made me feel so good. I love her. Also, Julieta (the
80 year old that can´t hear too well) came to church too! We had to go
and pick her up and her Son picked her up after church was over. She
is so sweet and innocent. I think we have more luck with less actives
than with investigators. We have some investigators that have
potential to progress and we are going to work with them a lot this
week so we will see what happens. Keep praying that we can find the
people the are prepared to recieve this message.

So Christmas is just going to be a normal day for us. Hna Choque and I
are going to make cookies and carol to the less actives and our
investigators. hahah just us 2. I don´t know why it is so funny to me
to imagine that, especially cause hna Choque doesn´t sing too great
(no offense to her) and I don´t sing super great but yeah who cares. I
think we will have dinner with members. I´m not too sure. Christmas is
different here. Let´s just say I am glad I am only missing one
Christmas in the mission.
Also, I am sad that the White family won´t be at home and I won´t be
able to see them. But you will have to call them and put them on speaker
when I call. or skype on another computer with them so we can all see
eachother :)

 Hna Ariza (from Columbia). We had intercambios and it went really well. I learned a ton from her.  
With Hermana Juana and her kids! 

me with a super cute puppy. 


Hola Familia!

Primero, I hope that Grandpa is ok. I will be praying for him mucho.
Please send him my love and tell him I am thinking of him.

This week was good! You asked if I have any funny stories and the
answer is yes. I hope it is funny as I tell it in English when it all
happened in Spanish. haha Hermana Choque and I were laughing a lot
this week. So we found a member the other days by knocking doors.
She is about 80 years old and SO CUTE! I seriously want to squeeze her
every time we visit her. she is about 2 feet shorter than me. haha
Anyways she hasn´t been to church in FOREVER and has forgotten
basically everything. She goes to the Catholic church. She is so
innocent and willing to go to the Mormon church. During our lesson the
other day she said, "I go to the Catholic church, But I´m Mormon!" As
we were talking about Jesus and all the things that he did here on
earth Hermana Choque said how he healed the blind (ciegos) but she
heard "cielos" (heaven) an was like "oh Jesucristos en los cielos!!"
We were helping her to pray at the end of the lesson and she didn´t
know how so I was saying the parts and she would repeat after me (like
when you prays with kids) and she kept hearing me wrong and saying
different things. I felt bad because me and Hna Choque couldn´t hold
back our laughing. But we blamed it on my spanish and gringa accent.
You seriously had to be there cause we were dying. And the next day we
were reading 3 nefi 11 with an investigator and she was read one of
the verses ¨Jesus came to the earth to save us from our sins" but she
read it as "Jesus came to earth to save us from our fishes." and later
in another part she read the word concernientes (concerning) as con
serpientes (with snakes). I wish you could have been there it was
seriously hilar. So yeah those are the funny stories for this week.

The members are working with us more and more every week and its so
great! I feel like we had some good quality lessons this week. We are
still looking for people that are actually going to progress cause
this week no one came to church :( We even went to 2 house in the
morning to pick people up but NADA. We are still working a ton with
the inactives too so that is going good. I love these people. But at
the same time I want to punch them. Because they flake out on us and
don´t go to church. But the frustration is out of love cause I want
them to be able to receive the blessings from God. Us missionaries
gave talks in church yesterday. We had about 7 minute each of us and I
spoke first and ended up speaking about 15 minutes! haha I felt so
bad!! I had no idea I was talking for so long. I talked about how we
have to start TODAY and we can´t procrastinate. We had a Christmas
Conference this week with Presidente and his wife and that is what
they talked about. It was really good!

This morning as I was reading the Book or Mormon I felt bad because I
have been a liar. In our lessons I always say that I have recieved an
answer regarding the Book of Mormon and this church because I have
prayed about it. But I was thinking today that I don´t think I have
actually truly prayed about those things. So I prayed, first to ask
forgiveness for lying and second ask if these things are true. I
started to cry (my reaction to the spirit) and I just knew that it was
all true. But I had always known. I have always had a testimony of the
Book of Mormon for how I feel when I read it. and I have always known
and felt that this church is true. I have no doubt in my mind. I wish
every person could feel the feelings that I feel for this Gospel. And
they CAN!!!! Seriously, all you have to do is pray, read the Book of
Mormon and live the Gospel. Nada mas. I don´t understand how people
can just reject us so easily when we have ALL the truth and along with
that, happiness. But that is the world, and we read about how many
reject the Gospel even in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. So that is
why mission work is so important. You have to help everyone that you
know come to this knowledge.

Oh, another funny story. In church yesterday we were talking about
Profetas in Gospel principles and the investigator of the Elders
thought that the President (prophet) of the church is the President of
the United States. haha I thank the heavens that Obama is NOT the

Does the church pay you to have the sisters live with you? I have
always wondered and I always forget to ask. Also, have you guys heard
the Brazilian song Zuigidigumdo (something like that)? It is seriously
always playing here and the primary did the dance for an activity so I
know the dance just by watching them. haha

Mom, you will be happy to know that I know more about Christmas. We
will be skyping!!! :) So we have to set up a time through email when
you can talk. So let me know ASAP what hour is better for you. And I
can´t remember my skype info so can you try and sign in for me and
tell me what is my username and password?

So that is about all! We are hoping that this week will bring us more
success and people that will progress! I love you all!!!!!

Hermana Wursten

p.s. I got your 2 packages!!! Thank you so much! But now I have to
wait to open them......

With some Elders at the lunch for the conference. It was so good!
The Elder next to me is Elder Cruz, who was my Zone leader for almost
all of my time here. He goes home this week.

All of my District leaders that I have had here in the mission.
Elder Rios (the short latino), Elder Avila (in the middle), and Elder

Me and Demetria. Love her.