Sunday, August 25, 2013


So how do I explain this week? It was actually pretty rough. I got sick on Thursday (I jinxed myself when I said I had a strong stomach). I threw up, had diarrhea and a fever. I felt like crap. So we were in the clinic all day and I slept most of the day, so we didn´t get anything done. But I am better now, I just needed to sleep it all out I received my first blessing in Spanish so that was pretty cool!  They gave me some probiotics so I´m good on that. And then Friday was the wedding of one of out investigators, Luis. He married a member. They are both pretty young. She is 18 and Luis just turned 23. It was nice and we spend all day at the clinic and then decorating for the wedding. I felt like the members should have been helping rather than the missionaries cause we have people and stuff to teach and we didn´t do anything else that day. But the wedding was nice and then the next day Luis was baptized. Me and hna Quise both shared a little thought, I spoke on the Holy Ghost. I was really nervous because of my Spanish but it went pretty good. The baptism was nice, It was really small. It was different from the baptisms at home. I have been pondering a lot on the holy Ghost and I am really grateful for the role it has played in my life.
I really don´t have too much to talk about this week. I had another breakdown yesterday. I am really struggling with my companion. I love her but I feel like we look at things differently when it comes to missionary work and what not and it is hard because I don´t really have much say because I am the new missionary being trained and I don´t know Spanish super well. I am trying really hard to have patience. This week I have felt a little hopeless and I feel like I am being held back from receiving extra blessings. which  I need especially now because I am learning and need the help of the Lord (I always need the help of the Lord, but you know what I mean), but when I can´t be as obedient as I want to be because of my companion it is hard. But I am hoping this week will be better. I am praying constantly for the help of the Lord. I now know what people mean when having a companion prepares you for marriage. Because I am not only living with this person but I am working with them constantly. ExceptI imagine marriage will be better because I can choose the person I marry and I will love them a whole ton.
None of our investigtors came to church this week. Familia Idalgo couldn´t becauase they had a lot of work to do. But next week I really hope they come. They have so much potential. 

I ate cow intestines the other day! It actually wasn´t that bad. The only thing that threw me off was the texture and it was super fatty. But I ate it all and I didn´t get sick. We taught a lady yesterday the restauracion and it was sad because she can´t read, so we are going to help her read the book of Mormon.
I hope Grandpa is feeling better. I have been praying for him and Grandma a lot. I´m excited for J Sprat! I had a dream last night he got baptized and Richard G Scott was there. It was an interesting dream. haha My camera fell and broke so that sucks. I am going to try and find somewhere where I can get it fixed today. What is it about foreign countries and my camera??
Anyways I am doing fine, just trying to stay strong and have a positive attitude! I feel like my Spanish is gradually getting better and I am gaining more confidence daily. I participated in church yesterday which was one of my goals for this week. I love you all and things sound like they are going great at home! Give all the grandkids a kiss from me! Love you!
Hermana Wursten


My weekly email to my Mission President

"This week was a lot better. I will admit being a missionary is
sometimes an emotional roller coaster. At some times I will feel
really great about my spanish and just feel really happy and then the
next moment I feel dumb with my spanish and really down. But it´s
amazing how whenever I am down Heavenly Father blesses me with
something that helps me feel better. I really am learning a ton
everyday. I thought before I came on a mission that I knew a lot but I
have realized that there is something to learn everyday, especially in
the Gospel. I am so incredibly grateful. Our zone meeting this past
week was so great. I felt the spirit strongly and I love the motto of
our mission "De los milagros." I have been trying to find milagros in
my life everyday and especially in this work. I have realized that me
being here on a mission is a milagro. The fact that I am in a whole
different country and culture, not knowing anyone beforehand, not
knowing the language, and somehow being able to teach these people the
Gospel in their language. And I am surviving. What a miracle!

I am trying to be more bold and open my mouth and just talk, even if I
don´t know how to say what i want to say. I realize that Heavenly
Father isn´t going to help me until I do my part and actually make an

La familia Idalgo came to church again and they have a baptism date at
the end of the month! I am so happy and excited. It´s cool too because
they are excited and have the desire to learn more. It´s awesome
helping people learn the Gospel and to know that it is going to bless
them so much.

It is hard not to get discouraged at times because a lot of times the
people don´t have time to talk or are not interested and then we can´t
teach much. And it´s hard when people don´t follow through with
commitments. I am going to start praying to know how I can help
investigators follow through with commitments."

Like I said to my mission president. There are definitely tons of ups
and downs of emotions in the mission. I had another breakdown this
week (It seems to be a weekly thing, but its not going to happen
anymore!). Not totally because of the language, but because I felt
alone. It´s hard sometimes cause I miss being able to actually have a
real conversation with someone and things like that. Everytime I get
down I pray because that is really one of the only things that helps
in those moments. Because I know Heavenly Father is listening. and
then he always blesses me.

On Tuesday was a festival for Dia de Bolivia at the Stake Center! It
was so fun and there were a ton of fun traditional Bolivian dances
that every ward did. It was really cool and I actually got emotional
at one point (I am turning into a woman, always crying) because It was
just so cool to me how there are so many different cultures and
traditions and even people of different cultures are a part of the
Gospel. Isn´t that cool? The Gospel is true. El Evangelio es
verdadero. The only thing that I didn´t like about the festival was
that I couldn´t dance. Seriously though, that is the only hard part
about being a missionary. Oh, and learning a new language.

Like I said to my Mission President I have been trying to find
milagros (miracles) in my life everyday because we can always find
miracles in our lives. It´s pretty cool cause it helps you see the
Lord´s hand in your life everyday.

So it is true, the people are always late here. Mom, you would die.
Time is just not really an issue to people. And I will admit, it is
pretty frustrating to me sometimes. I am learning patience.

So during one of our lessons with familia Idalgo this week we talked a
lot about El Sacerdocio (the priesthood) and I felt the spirit so
strongly. I realize I have taken the priesthood for granted. But the
priesthood is seriously amazing. It´s the POWER OF GOD on the earth
TODAY! The same power that Christ had during his time on earth. How
cool is that? I am so grateful that my Dad holds the priesthood and I
was blessed with that my whole life. I bore testimony of that in our

I am gaining weight. Seriously the people feed us so much and
sometimes I feel like I am going to die. Because we can´t deny the
food or that would be rude. We have a half hour to exercise in the
morning but I am using that to study the language. So I have the
choice to either be fat or not know the language. I am choosing to be
fat. Hna Quispe is impressed with me cause I eat everything and I
haven´t gotten sick yet. I just have a really strong stomach. Another
miracle and blessing. haha

Mom, I thought you would like to know that at one point in our
bathroom we even had pink toilet paper. haha and the other day during
one of our lessons I thought of the Richard G Squat thing and I had to
try really hard not to laugh.

Ayer con la familia Idalgo (yesterday with the Family Idalgo) we
watched the Jose Smith movie. Seriously it is so powerful! I suggest
everyone to watch it.

Anyways I am going to try and send some pictures. I love you!!! Thanks
for always thinking of me and for your support. I love my family and I
am so grateful. I love you!

Hermana Wursten

Me and Hna Quispe when I first got to Tarija. I am taller than her. I am taller than a lot of people here. I am actually normal height. it is weird. I miss being short. No my companion doesn´t speak english. haha But she knows a lot of random words from me and other norte americano companions she has had.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hola!!!! Sounds like the trek was a fun and cool experience. I have been reading Our Heritage and I have so much more appreciation for the pioneers and the sacrifices that they made for us. Because of them we have the Gospel and our lives are forever blessed. That is awesome J Sprat is going to talk to the missionaries!!!!!!! Tell him I am super excited and to write me. Woot woot! The Gospel is so true! It is more real to me everyday I am here. 

Everyday here is getting better and better and I am adjusting more and more. the language is still difficult but I am getting more and more confident in speaking and approaching people. It´s prety cool. this week we were able to teach the Familia Idalgo the Plan of Salvation and they came to church yesterday!!! And stayed for all 3 hours. I was so happy and I think they liked it. We are going to teach them tonight. they have 2 little kids who are really cute. We also found a family proselyting who are awesome. The lady, Indira, is a nonmember but her boyfriend (they live together) is inactive and so are her parents. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and then last night we taught them the Restoration. We had a member with us and it was awesome. Seriously, I felt so proud to be a missionary. We all testified of the Book of Mormon and it was very powerful. Everyone was very attentive. We asked them to read the BOM and pray about it and I really hope that they receive their answer cause I know this is what Heavenly Father wants for them. This is what Heavenly Father wants for everyone! All the inactive members of the family were super nice and I think they really enjoyed our message and having us in their homes. A lot of inactive people are scared to go back to church, so its important that we love them all and welcome them with open arms.
We had a lesson with Gabriella (one of our investigadores) about the palabra de sabiduria. When we arrived there were some other people there from another church and one of the guys was from Alabama. Anyways they left and we taught and during our lesson they came back and wanted to join in so I explained to the US guy in english a little bit. It was a distraction because we were teaching Gabriella. After they asked to talk to us about what they believed. We said yeah, but didn't have much time. Anyways they went to explain that they believed all you needed to do what accept Christ to have Eternal Life and then of the ladies was saying how we are only children of god if we accept him, if we dont then we are only creations of God. The spirit was just gone after that. We are ALL CHILDREN OF GOD NO MATTER WHAT WE BELIEVE. Anyways we were respectful and said a prayer and then left. Me and Hna Quispe felt really shaken up and that the spirit was just gone so we went to a park and prayed and sang some hymns. haha It was an interesting experience and I felt uncomfortable because it seemed like they were just trying to argue and prove right.
Oh Mom, I know what quote I want. The one by Jeffrey R. Holland saying how not all blessings come right away but for those who live the Gospel those blessings will come. Can you send that to me in english and spanish please?
So I experienced my first cockroach the other day. It was in our bathroom and I felt so creeped out. I killed it with the trash can and now everytime I go to the bathroom I am scared I am going to find a cockroach. thats funny to me mom that you think maestro is funny. It means teacher. haha
Also, do you think you can send me an easy USA recipe to make? A lot of people ask me if I can make something american for them but I can never think of anything and I don't have any recipes memorized.
Anyways things are a lot better here. Spanish is still hard and every once and a while I will get discouraged but it only lasts for like an hour or so and then its better. I am just trying really hard to study a lot and and rely on the Lord or his help. I have grown to love the scriptures so much! Seriously, they are my favorite. I wish I could read them forever, which is something I thought I would never say. I just learn something new every time. Read the book of mormon everyone! I am going to try to send pictures like always but who knows cause the computers here are stupid.
I am so happy to be on a mission. It is hard with the language and all but being a missionary is so powerful and we can all be missionaries! Thanks so much for all your letters and love and support. I love hearing about everything going on in your lives. I love you! Until next week!
Hermana Wursten

Familia Idalgo on the left and Familia Villagomez (miembros) on the right. 

Me with a cute little baby goat. 

My bruise. Nast. (from a dog bite)

A lot of stray dogs here wear sweaters and it is really funny to me.

Some fun traditional dress.

My District

Washing my clothes.

One of the members and her daughters. This is where we eat lunch everyday.