Monday, March 25, 2013

February 1st, 2013

One of the most exciting days of my life! 

I told myself I wasn't going to think about getting my mission call and that randomly one day I would casually get the mail and to my surprise it would be there. That didn't happen. I was expecting to get my call the Wednesday earlier (I got it on Friday) and after checking the mail multiple times and having my roommate (sorry, Shea) keep checking it too, it never came. I was actually irritated (I'm so christlike it's insane). Same thing on Thursday and then Friday I had kinda given up. Me, Shea, and Alicia were about to leave for Target and I tell myself I'll just check JUST IN CASE. Well good thing I did cause it was there! You cannot imagine my excitement when I saw that big white envelope that you always hear about and see for other people but never think that you will actually get one day. I was screaming, Alicia was screaming, Shea, who was already in her car, was screaming. I struggled to get the envelope out as I was shaking like crazy. I then started to run back and forth while screaming and ended up dropping my phone and my mission call on the ground somehow. Meanwhile the mailman is just across the street probably thinking, "just another mission call. Why are these girls being so annoying?" Like I cared. 

I called my parents and made them hurry and rush home so we could skype ASAP to open my call. I was SO NERVOUS. I was sweaty, shaky, and dying of heat from so much excitement/anxiety/nervousness. I open my call and start to read, "Dear Sister Arletta Renee Wursten.." I couldn't even make it past that part without crying. Pretty embarrassing, yeah. When I saw that I was called to serve in the Santa Cruz, Bolivia mission I was shocked! But also so excited. And that's when I felt so good about serving a mission. Because up to this point I had still been a little unsure about everything and if I mission was something that I actually wanted/needed to do. At that moment I realized it was something I wanted to do. Granted, I was still freaked out and super scared (still am) but I felt really good and just happy. If I could relive that moment of opening my call like 20 times, I totally would. 

I had no idea where Bolivia was, but no worries my friends, cause now I do (South America). 

There she is, in all her glory (not me, the mission call). 

So much energy leads to taking about 20 high kick/jumping pictures with your call. 

Mission calls rock. 
I went to South America (Ecuador) three years ago serving in orphanages and it was awesome! The people there are so kind and humble. They also whistle at white girls saying "bonita" and "gaupa" which totally boosted my self esteem so another reason why I'm so excited to serve there. I am so happy that I get to spend 18 months in Bolivia because I love South America. There are some who have different feelings (I won't name any names) but that's totally OK. I have heard different stories about the people in Bolivia, either they are super humble or really violent. Complete opposites, right? I'm hoping I run more into the humble category. But if I do run into the violent I can hold my own, I work out.  It's crazy how much love I feel already for the people of Bolivia. Sometimes I will be overwhelmed with the love I feel for them and can't wait to invite them all unto Christ and the blessings that follow that. Maybe another reason I feel so much love for them is because I know I am going to fit right in with them, being short and all (a short people bond, tall people wouldn't understand). 

Anyways to end this amazingly long and rambling post I just want to say how much I love this Gospel (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). It has brought me so much joy and I cannot wait to share that with the people of Bolivia!

Thanks for reading, friends. 

Hermana Wursten

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