Sunday, August 25, 2013


So how do I explain this week? It was actually pretty rough. I got sick on Thursday (I jinxed myself when I said I had a strong stomach). I threw up, had diarrhea and a fever. I felt like crap. So we were in the clinic all day and I slept most of the day, so we didn´t get anything done. But I am better now, I just needed to sleep it all out I received my first blessing in Spanish so that was pretty cool!  They gave me some probiotics so I´m good on that. And then Friday was the wedding of one of out investigators, Luis. He married a member. They are both pretty young. She is 18 and Luis just turned 23. It was nice and we spend all day at the clinic and then decorating for the wedding. I felt like the members should have been helping rather than the missionaries cause we have people and stuff to teach and we didn´t do anything else that day. But the wedding was nice and then the next day Luis was baptized. Me and hna Quise both shared a little thought, I spoke on the Holy Ghost. I was really nervous because of my Spanish but it went pretty good. The baptism was nice, It was really small. It was different from the baptisms at home. I have been pondering a lot on the holy Ghost and I am really grateful for the role it has played in my life.
I really don´t have too much to talk about this week. I had another breakdown yesterday. I am really struggling with my companion. I love her but I feel like we look at things differently when it comes to missionary work and what not and it is hard because I don´t really have much say because I am the new missionary being trained and I don´t know Spanish super well. I am trying really hard to have patience. This week I have felt a little hopeless and I feel like I am being held back from receiving extra blessings. which  I need especially now because I am learning and need the help of the Lord (I always need the help of the Lord, but you know what I mean), but when I can´t be as obedient as I want to be because of my companion it is hard. But I am hoping this week will be better. I am praying constantly for the help of the Lord. I now know what people mean when having a companion prepares you for marriage. Because I am not only living with this person but I am working with them constantly. ExceptI imagine marriage will be better because I can choose the person I marry and I will love them a whole ton.
None of our investigtors came to church this week. Familia Idalgo couldn´t becauase they had a lot of work to do. But next week I really hope they come. They have so much potential. 

I ate cow intestines the other day! It actually wasn´t that bad. The only thing that threw me off was the texture and it was super fatty. But I ate it all and I didn´t get sick. We taught a lady yesterday the restauracion and it was sad because she can´t read, so we are going to help her read the book of Mormon.
I hope Grandpa is feeling better. I have been praying for him and Grandma a lot. I´m excited for J Sprat! I had a dream last night he got baptized and Richard G Scott was there. It was an interesting dream. haha My camera fell and broke so that sucks. I am going to try and find somewhere where I can get it fixed today. What is it about foreign countries and my camera??
Anyways I am doing fine, just trying to stay strong and have a positive attitude! I feel like my Spanish is gradually getting better and I am gaining more confidence daily. I participated in church yesterday which was one of my goals for this week. I love you all and things sound like they are going great at home! Give all the grandkids a kiss from me! Love you!
Hermana Wursten

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