Monday, February 3, 2014


Hola Familia!

So this week was good! Seriously the "counsel" that we had in Santa
Cruz was da bomb! I learned a ton and it was what I need to get me
excited again in the work of the Lord. I always love hearing from
Pres. Willard. He is so inspired! We talked a TON about how we need to
work with the members and how we can better ward counsel and what not.
It is hard here cause the members are not super involved like they are
in the States. But there are those members that are super strong. The
church is pretty new here in Bolivia so it is still growing. Before
there were only like 3 people going to ward counsel... and then us 6
missionaries. So there were more missionaries than members in Ward
Counsel. But this Sunday was so much better! I feel like we are
actually working with the members and I know that we will be able to
have a ton more success as we work with the members. It is the vision
of Pres. Monson. He said in conference that this is the time when the
members and missionaries work together. There is more to what he said
but I only know it in Spanish and I don´t feel like translating. So
that makes me SUPER happy that Dad is going out with the missionaries
every week. Seriousy that is SO great! Dad, you are helping a ton!
You too, mom! If you have time, Mom, you should go out with the
missionaries sometime.. but only if they are teaching a family or
another man. Just one of the missionary rules.

I can´t believe this week is my birthday! I can believe I am turning
23. How old am I? You need to look for a husband for me so I can get
married ASAP when I get back. Also this week is my 8 months in the
mission! I can´t believe that I am almost half way. Time flies!

Funny story, there is a less active family that the Elders are
teaching and their 12 year old daughter is going to get baptized and
the Mom asked if we, the sister missionaries, could baptize her
daughter. haha so obviously the Elders need to teach them about the
priesthood a little more.

I am working a TON to have faith always. With every person that we
teach we say that they are going to get baptized. I really feel like
we are progressing so that is good. We are finding more people to
teach but still we need to find even more! We are teaching one
hermana, Marlene. She is super great! She was a reference from a
reference. The first visit we gave her a BOM and gave her the
assignment to read 2 nefi 31. When we returned 2 days later she had
read about 60 pages in the BOM! We were shocked. I am happy when the
people read 3 verses (sometimes people are so lazy when it comes to
reading the scriptures) so I was SUPER happy that she had read so
much. She has interest and we invited her to baptism for 22 de
febrero but she couldn´t come to church yesterday so we have to set
back the date.

We weren´t able to have a ton of people in church yesterday but this
week we are going to have more! The less actives are pretty stubborn
sometimes. It is frustrating cause I know that they know that the
church is true and it is the right path. But it is easier to not be
active. We need to stop being lazy people! Just go to church. I get so
frustrated sometimes cause I KNOW that they will be happier if they go
to church. Read in Alma 5. It´s super good.

I had intercambios this week. I was with Hna Solano (from Peru) in my
area. It was great! I enjoy intercambios. Hermana Solano has the the
same time here as hna Contreras. SHe is a super awesome missionary.

We found some more cockroaches in our house this week. I am always the
one who ends up killing the bugs here. I learned it from you, Mom.

I feel like there was more I was going to tell you but I can´t
remember. Tell Ken Hutchinson that I got his letter and thanks a ton
for writing me! And for his work as Ward Mission Leader. I know he is
making a difference and helping a ton! There was something wrong with
my eye for the past couple of weeks so the doctor gave my this cream
that I have to put on 3 times a day everyday and after I can´t open my
eyes for half an hour. haha so I understand a little how it is to be

Thanks so much for all your love and support! I love you all a ton and
am always praying for you! The church is true. Until next week mi
querida familia!

Hermana Wursten

Hna Quispe and I in Santa Cruz. haha my skirt.

All of the Sister Training leaders but we are missing 2 others.

In the bus going to the airport to return to Tarija. All the leaders
that are in Tarija and Bermejo

hahah I thought the shirt of this dog was super funny

Hna Solano and I. I am giving up on makeup, that is why I look so homely.

 A member here dedicated her house to the missionaries. I don´t know
why I think this picture is so funny

The same place where the Elders live has a world on top to represent that
the Gospel is going to be spread over all the world. The elders hate
it. haha it is pretty tacky.

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