Monday, March 17, 2014


 Hola Familia!
> So this week was good! Like always the ups and down, but "thus it is."
> haha And of course... MY BIRTHDAY! I was super excited for that. I
> told about everyone that we talked to that it was my birthday, or the
> day before that tomorrow would be my birthday. I didn´t want that
> anyone would forget, and I don´t think they did with how many times I
> said it. But it was a great birthday and I felt special. Our
> pensionista (the lady that cooks lunch for us everyday) made me a
> jello cake thing. It was super pretty and yummy. And they made chicken
> cause I said I wanted chicken. The other "gift" that I wanted from
> them is that they would come to church Sunday (they didn´t cause they
> were all sick but she told me that they still owe me my gift so this
> Sunday they better come). And everyone that we saw gave me a birthday
> hug (minus the men). That night we taught the Familia Cadima
> (inactives) and at the end of the lesson they brought out a cake and
> sang to me. I felt so much love. The Zone Leaders came to our house
> that morning (someone was fixing our bathroom and it was a man, so
> they had to be there) and they brought me bread and salte├▒as. haha So
> thoughtful. I seriously can´t believe I am 23. I am so old! And
> gracias a todos for all the birthday love that I recieved when I
> opened up my inbox. It is so great to know that I have so much love
> and support and that even though I am halfway in the mission that
> still everyone hasn´t forgotten about me. Can you believe that I have
> 8 months in the mission? I´m sorry if I write weird. Sometimes I feel
> like I am forgetting my english. Sometimes it is so funny to me that I
> am surrounded by latinos and only speak spanish. I am such a wannabe
> latina.
> Carolina and Dennis are our main investigators right now. They are
> super ready to be baptized (Carolina more than Dennis) BUT they have
> to get married first but Dennis doesn´t want to. UGH. But they are
> practically members and the members are super friendly with them and
> invite them to their houses for family night and what not. I love
> that. Carolina even asked us if her son who is 8 years old could get
> baptized now even if they aren´t baptized. So we have to see about
> that.
> We have an investigator that is super great but has a TON of doubts
> about Jose Smith. We gave her a BOM to read and told her to pray and
> read and that it is evidence that Jose smith was a profeta. So please
> pray for her that she can recieve an answer.
> We were able to have more members with us this week and were able to
> find some more people to teach. It sucks sometimes cause we will find
> someone perfect and then after a week they are either never home or
> lose interest. I have to try so hard not to get discouraged. The
> mission is freaking hard. I cried yesterday. As trainer and what not
> you have all the responsibility on your shoulders. If something
> happens it is your fault. If your numbers aren´t that great it is your
> fault. I get so sad sometimes cause I love these people and want them
> to progress and feel the happiness that comes from this Gospel, but
> they don´t do it. And I feel like even if I scream in their face and
> tell them to do it, they won´t. That is what is frustrating. And it
> literally hurts my heart. Like yesterday we went to pick up the
> Familia Cadima to go to church and they didn´t go because they didn´t
> have clean clothes. We all know that is just a dumb excuse. The sad
> thing too is that her daughter had a baptism date for this Saturday
> but not anymore cause it is obvious that she isn´ready, and neither is
> her family. Because her family needs to be active for her to be
> baptized.
> The Gospel is true. Why doesn´t everyone just accept that? I seriously
> can´t wait for my future family and to raise them in the Gospel.
> I can´t think of anything else to write. We are working hard here and
> hope to be able to see the fruits of our work sometime. Thanks so much
> for all your love! I am glad that you miss me, Mom. I told Hna
> Contreras, "I bet my Mom is thinking about me a lot today." haha How
> can you not miss me? I´m just so cool, and fat( I can barely fit into
> my pants that I am wearing right now). I love you all! Have a great
> week and until next week!
> Hermana Wursten
The only man who´s chest I have touched in 8 months.

A lady and her baby sleeping in her little store.

Mi familia! Hna Contreras and Choque (daughters) and Hna Rivera

Blowing out the candle with my jello cake.

With the Familia Cadima.

Cake in my mouth.

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