Friday, January 31, 2014


Hola Familia!

This was fine. But it defnitely wasn´t our best week. I am going to
attach what I wrote to Pres. Willard because I don´t want to have to
type it all over again.

"This week was a week a a lot of different emotions for me. Seriously
the mission just beats you down sometimes and sometimes it just brings
you up. I hope I´m not the only one who feels that way. I was
experiencing anger for a day, everyone was just flaking out on us and
lying to us and not wanting to talk to us. Sometimes I just wish the
people knew that we have the message of salvation and when they reject
us they are rejecting the Salvation. But one day they will accept,
right? So with that I was feeling a little bitter, and I know that is
not a good feeling to have ever, especially in the mission. So that
night I was praying that I would find comfort during Zone conference.
The next morning before Zone Conference in my personal prayer I said
to God, "Ï don´t think that there are people here that are ready to
accept this Gospel." I knew it was bad to say as I said it but I still
said it. Well, you and Hna Willard are definitely inspired cause you
talked a ton about how there are people prepared to receive this
Gospel and what we had to do to find them. It was like God was
slapping me in the face for the dumb comment I had made that morning
in my prayer. I realize that I seriously lack in the Faith sometimes.
Actually, most of the time. That is something that I am trying to be
better about.

Sometimes I just feel so unsuccessful and worthless as a missionary
and that my efforts don´t do anything. But as I was reading in Preach
my Gospel today I was reading in the chapter "How to find people to
teach" and I read at the end and it was seriously what I needed to
hear. Like seriously. I love the ways that God speaks to us. It is a
testimony that is truly aware of us and our concerns and everything
that is passing in our lives. So now I have more animos to work and
see the ways that I can change my attitude and the way to find people
to teach. Something I learned is SERVICE. PME talks a ton about
service and I realize it is something that I lack. So Hna Contreras
and I have goals to find opportunities to serve and spread the Gospel
to EVERY LIVING CREATURE. Even all the ants that bite me. Or maybe to
just all the people that pass by us and all the people that we come in
contact with.

It´s interesting how we come on a mission to be able to help other
people in their lives by accepting the Gospel. But the mission I feel
like is more of a blessing for the missionaries cause we seriously
learn a TON. I am learning how I am can better myself in the things
that I am lacking. And I wouldn´t have been able to realize these
things if it weren´t for the mission. I´m seriously going to be the
best wife and mom and member ever. Yeah, maybe not, but I am going to
be a lot better than I was before the mission. I am grateful for the
hard times, and especially the good times. The mission is so great. i
can´t believe I almost didn´t go on one."

Carolina, one of our investigators, is our pride and joy for this
week. She is reading the book of mormon and praying and going to
church. She told us the other day that she has always had problems in
her family, they argue and what not a lot, but that this week as she
is reading the BOM her family is more relaxed and happy. A TESTIMONY
THAT THE GOSPEL BLESSES FAMILIES: We were super excited to hear that
and I felt super happy and grateful to be able to see the change and
the blessings of the Gospel in her life. It made me feel like I am
actually doing something. Seriously if you have problems in your life
or in your family. read the Book of Mormon and pray. It´s actually
super easy so just do it.

haha it made me laugh when you asked if I have punched anyone in the
face this week. I definitely thought about it. I realize that I say
that about every week, no? haha I get frustrated with people but don´t
worry I never show it, cause I wear the name of Christ everyday so I
have to be worthy to represent him. But I was thinking the other day
that I need to be better about my thoughts too. If the people reject
us or are rude I need to just feel love for them instead of saying in
my head, "have fun in the the telestial kingdom." Wow, I am so bad. So
I am trying harder to feel love for EVERYONE.

Milton and Blanca, the couple with a baptism date, don´t have a
baptism date anymore :( they didn´t go to church yesterday and we
haven´t been able to teach them in a week cause they are always busy
or not home. But we have an appt with them this week on tuesday. So
pray for them. We only had 2 investigators in church yesterday  but a
ton of less actives came! We were super excited about that! It was a
miracle. The ward here is growing a ton.

I think that is all I have for this week! I found out last night that
I am going to Santa Cruz again today and tomorrow for another meeting
with Pres. and all the missionary leaders. Hna. Contreras is going to
be in our area with another missionary. She is nervous to have to lead
and what not without me but I know she can do it cause she is a great

I love you a ton! I hope everything is going great and that is rains
in Lincoln. Not to rub it in your face, but it rained a ton again this
week. Love you!

Hermana Wursten

Monday after emailing we went to a waterfall. It was super pretty and fun! It made me miss hiking and what not.

This picture was an accident.

The HUGE spider that was in my dirty clothes. I just about had a
heart attack when I saw it. But don´t worry I was able to kill it.
that same day there were 2 huge cockroaches in our house. It was a
terrifying day for me.

Hna Contreras and I in front of the waterfall.

Me and Hna Guerra (she goes home this transfer)

A handle to turn on the gas in our house. So we have to be super
careful with it or else we will die. So the sign says,"Don´t touch me!
I am gas."

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