Saturday, January 21, 2012

Days Go By

Me with an overlook of the city. It was windy, obviously.
 Sorry it's been so long! So much is going on and it's a little stressful trying to recap everything so bear with me please. It is very scattered, I'm having a tough time with blogger right now so I apologize in advance. My teacher has a blog that is explaining the places more if you want to check it out

Oh the things I have to catch up on.

Ok there are so many stray cats here! Its insane. In Ecuador there were always stray dogs and here it is cats. I always pet them but I had a dream the other night I pet a cat with rabies so I think I might be done with that now.

Shaban letting us try on some of the traditional clothes. He loves us Mormons.

The Western Wall. We went there Friday night for their bringing in the sabbath and it was so cool. It was insanely crowded and everyone was singing, dancing and praising. It was such a happy feeling.

I had my first falafel the other day and oh man, it was pretty good! I kinda thought I wouldn't really like it for some reason but it is really good! So if you ever have the chance to try it I would definitely recommend it.

Yesterday some of us went to the Dome of the Rock. It is a beautiful building with a lot of great detail. Unfortunately we weren't able to go into the actual building because we weren't Muslim, I felt a little left out.

Today we went to Jericho. They told us to have lower expectations for it because It can tend to be a bit of a let down but I actually found it really interesting! We went to the tel of Jericho, which is cities built on top of each other after one is ruined. You'd have to see a picture to understand more but they dug down the tell and found ancient cities from times of the Bible and supposedly even some before the Bible. It was super cool. Crazy to think that that stuff is still actually around. We also saw Herod's winter palace.
Cute little boy with his baby goat.

In Herod's Winter Palace.

Just watering the pond.

At the tel-Jericho. So much love.

Just walking in the spring in Jericho, the main source of water for the jerichoans(sp?)

Me (and my hymn book) in front of the Wadi Kelt. This is in the Judean Wilderness where Jesus fasted 40 days.

My new obsession: Fanny Packs. I know I made fun of them when I was younger and recently I'm sure, but I seriously love them now. Whoever invented them is a genius. I'm sure all the locals here can identify me as a tourist miles away with it but I don't even care. It's the most convenient thing ever. I can now understand why people wear them and will show respect for them rather than laugh at them like I used to. So I'd just like to thank my mother for letting me borrow hers while I'm here.

Totally rockin the fan pack.
I swear I have other clothes. It looks like I'm wearing the same outfit as in the picture before but I'm wearing a different shirt. Don't judge.

So I joined a basketball league at the JC! I'm so athletic. NOT. My poor team, I suck at basketball but it was really fun to play. This was before with our game faces. Joe (one of the teacher's son) was our coach.

Team huddle before. I have some post game pictures but I refrained from putting them up considering I was so red and sweaty from not even playing good. But in my defense I was told I played better the second half after being mentored by my good friend Boone.

The other day Me, Boone, and Shealeigh went to Zedekiah's cave. It was really cool!
Just doing some yoga at Avdat.

Drinking the tea at the Beduin Women's Complex.

All bundled up!


  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for updating! Everything looks wonderful and you look happy!

  2. Looks so fun! There are 100 ways to love a cat, fanny pack and even basketball.

  3. when i grow up Letty, i want to be a world traveler just like you! you look so happy and cute! and you are rockin' the clothes that i know you weren't too keen on wearing for 4 months. hottie. i love all the pictures!!