Saturday, January 7, 2012


So I swear soon enough I'm going to try and post pictures soon. I just have to go to the Hebrew University, which is not too far from here, to do that.

Things have been going great! Yesterday (Saturday) we had Sabbath. They do it on Saturday here because that is when everyone else has Sabbath so it just works out better that way. Church was great though. It was fast sabbath and a lot of people bore their testimonies and they were very powerful. There are not very many members here and the students make up like half of it. I think it is pretty cool that in a place where there is a very low amount of Christians, some of the locals are LDS. It is a testimony to me that the church is true. No matter where you go you can always find the church, although in some places it may be small.

I'm in the choir. Yes, I'm trying to expand my musical abilities. It's cool though because they have the choir sing five minutes before church starts so it's a great way to invite the spirit! Music can provide such a strong spirit, it's great.

So after church we went to the Orson Hyde Garden. It is a beautiful garden! We went and wrote in our journals and read our Scriptures. It's a great place to ponder and feel the spirit. I guess close by the Orson Hyde Garden is the Garden of Gethsemane. Well, where the church believes that it may be. It was so special to think that I was close to the place where Jesus Christ felt our pain and prayed to Heavenly Father saying, "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done." I can't even imagine what the pain and sorrow he must have felt at that moment but I am so grateful that he went through that for me. His atonement has blessed my life and continues to bless it. Knowing that I was near the area where that all happened was a very humbling and special experience. It's not everyday that you can be in the place where Jesus walked and did the great things that he did. I've learned about the Atonement all my life and it just makes the whole thing seem more real and special after visiting this place. This is the city where it actually happened! That is truly amazing. I am so grateful to be here and learn more and strengthen my testimony in Jesus Christ.

Today is Sunday, which is our Saturday. It throws me off though cause I keep thinking that it is Monday. So we have all day to do whatever we want! I'm planning on going to a museum we have to go to for one of our classes with some people so that should be fun! There is so much to do here so I'm glad I have the 4 months to get it all done!

Oh! So if you want to write me a letter, which I know you all do, my address is:

BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies
Letty Wursten
P.O. Box 19604
Jerusalem, 91196

FYI: Packages are really expensive so I would advise not to do it. Even though you are all itching to send me a package!


  1. that is so cool that you are getting to visit all these cool places, i am incredibly jealous. but i know that you are gonna grow in all the ways that God wants you to, because you are good at doing the right things at the right time. love you!

    ps. what is your email address??

  2. ps, there is a guy sitting across from me in the lib (3rd floor) with TWO corndogs! i wanted to text you immediately but i cant for obvious reasons.

  3. Letty, I seriously love your blog and want you to know that I feel the spirit as I read it. Thanks for that! I'm so stoked for you.