Friday, January 13, 2012


A model of Old Jerusalem at the museum. Pretty cool to see it how it used to be and compare it to how it is now.

Is there something in our teeth?

Some cool mirror thing at the museum

Colgate toothpaste with Hebrew and Arabic writing!

Looking pregnant with our neck pouches under our shirts.

Just some of us who went out to the Museum on Sunday. We went to Aladdin's money exchange before. So I've met an Aladdin for those that were wondering if I would ;)

Beautiful Orson Hyde Garden with an overlook of the city.

My roommates!

On our way to the Orson Hyde Garden there were a bunch of boys outside the Center that wanted a picture with us. They were pretty obsessed with getting their picture taken, I have like 5.

Ok so I have a lot more pictures that I need to upload onto my computer from this last week but these are the only ones that are on my computer now. Things have been going great here! I seriously love all the people here and It's awesome going through the city. It has rained 2 days this past week which wasn't too exciting but it's fun to just hang out with everyone and do fun things!

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  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous there Letty. I wanna come visit!!