Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quality Parent Time

So me and my parents left this morning to drive to Salt Lake. Last night was New Years Eve so I didn't get home till 4 this morning, which right when I got home we packed the car up and left. I had had no sleep at all so I slept over half the drive which was pretty nice letting my parents chauffeur me. They love doing that stuff for me since I'm their favorite child.

Anyways so we got to hang around Salt Lake a little today. We drove around and then stopped at Temple Square. I love Temple Square, it is such a beautiful place and has a great spirit about it.

So I guess when I was younger I got in "trouble" at the tabernacle so my mom tried to take me outside to spank me (the things I went through as a child) so I grabbed hold of one of these pillars and wouldn't let go. I don't remember that and its hard to believe considering I was an angel child and still am. Anyways, this is a reenactment.

Me and my parents in the Tabernacle.

Mom and Dad looking good in front of the Salt Lake Temple, which they were married in!

Me and my Mom. I always thought I had a small head but not anymore.. my head is like two times her size! She also hurt her rotator cuff right before this picture so she is doing a good job hiding her pain.

Me in front of a display of Old Jerusalem. Thought this was appropriate considering I will actually be there soon! AHH!!

Me on a random bull.

...I had a difficult time getting up.
Me, again, in front of the state capital!

It's been nice just hanging out with my parents before I leave them for almost 4 months!

Tomorrow is orientation and then I fly out the next day! So excited!


  1. Looks like you guys had fun. Can't wait to hear all about your orientation.

  2. I'm so excited that you made a blog! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures.

  3. HAHA! Nice story. You were such a naughty little child. We probably would have been good little buddies back then..

    I'm so excited for you! and you look great on that random bull.