Thursday, March 15, 2012


I hate finals. So much. 
But I have to admit that the week before we went to Turkey was probably the funnest week of finals I've ever experienced. 

First off living with all the fun people here is a constant party. And let me tell ya, we have quite the parties here. So on leap year we celebrated with an ipod dance party. For those of you who don't know what that is (I didn't know what it was either until I got here) it's when someone makes a fun mix of songs and then everyone else downloads it, puts it on their ipod and we all meet at a designated spot at a designated time and play the mix at the same time all dance. Ashley was nice enough to coordinate this for everyone and oh my gosh it was so fun! I'm sure we all looked so funny a big group of us dancing when no one could hear music. We started in the lounge then migrated all over the JC to places such as the library, outside, etc. It was pretty crazy and so much fun. 

Following the ipod dance party then was a steamroller extravaganza at 12am. We all met and steamrolled like crazy. This is the best thing ever for me since at home I always try to initiate a good round of steamroller and everyone usually shuts me down telling me no one likes steamroller. NOT TRUE. We all love it here! This picture should be enough proof. 

Getting ready..

Me having a go and loving every second of it.
 And last but not least on Friday... IT SNOWED!! I'm not sure when the last time it snowed here but I do know it has been a LONG time. We got a break during class to run out and enjoy the coldness. I'll admit as much as I hate snow, I actually enjoyed this snow, especially since it only last a couple hours and was sunny later that day.
Shealeigh looks a little suspicious with that snowball in her hand..

Just soaking up the snow!

Pretty cool to look out into the city and see the Dome of the Rock with snow on it.
I know I need to be better at blogging but life is just going at full speed here! I still plan on posting about Turkey, but am too lazy to go to my room and get my journal with all the info written in it. Lazy, I know.  I will soon though. 

We leave for Galilee this upcoming week! According to the teachers this is probably the best part of our whole experience here so I can't help but be excited. I'll be there for about 11 days, which will be busy busy days! Can't wait. The only bad thing to this is that as time goes by here that means we are coming closer to the end of our time here. What the? How did this all go by so fast?!


  1. I don't even know how to play steam roller. Except when I do it with my kids. Anyway, I will play it with you when you get home. I'm so happy you are having so much fun. I can't wait to hear more details. And see more pictures, because lets be honest, I know there are like 5 million pictures.

  2. i like steamroller letty. promise. and i like that you have so many friends and cool experiences to share. let's do an ipod dance party, it sounds almost as cool as our ipod-idol performances.

    haha :) soak it up!

  3. Letty, everything sounds so great! I was just reading your posts to Dave, he said it sounds like you are having a blast and he is so happy for you (as am I.) Everything sounds so wonderful, I am truly happy for you. Please dance to "My Humps" in honor of me at your next ipod party. Drop it like it's hot and seriously, how low can you go?? Take that challenge with you to your next dance party.