Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just call me a runner

So every year Jerusalem has a marathon and I signed up to run the 10k! This is a big deal for me considering I RARELY run. Basically like never. But I figured I'm only in Jerusalem once and It would be a cool experience, even though I hate running.

But I had such a great time! The weather was very moody, it would be raining one second, then it hailed and at one point it was sunny. So it was quite the running experience. It wasn't too bad running wise, I felt good most of the run until the like the last half mile, I felt like I was going to die but I had to push through it (once I got to the finish line I seriously thought I was going to collapse)! Out of the whole thing I probably walked about a mile. Me and Jen, my running buddy, decided we would walk to hills, and there were quite a few.

Muddy shoes BEFORE the run, so just imagine what they were after the run.
A group of us all ready to runble!

Jen and I in the middle of the rain. This is as the hail was pelting us.

Me, Jen, and Hannah after we finished!

After the race showing off our medals!

So although I am horribly sore and can barely walk (thanks to Shealeigh and Ethan for gladly carrying me down the stairs when I am unable) I am so proud of myself! I am especially glad to have a picture of me with a medal and a running number. I can now officially say that I have ran in an official race!


  1. Remember that time that you went running with Jess and I? You've come a long way girl!

  2. good job and congrats! once in a lifetime chances like that are always worth taking!! :) xo

  3. Arletta!!! What's up girl? I miss you! When are you coming back? I get home in like less than 3 weeks! I have quite a bit to update you about, but we can talk when we get back!