Saturday, March 17, 2012

For unto us a child is born

This last Monday for our field trip we went to Bethlehem! Bethlehem isn't too far from Jerusalem but since it's in the West Bank we can't go there unless it is for a field trip. 

Our day started out with us going to the Herodian (King Herod's Palace) and looking around there. It's so interesting to correlate all these things together, seeing where Herod was living during his kingship when Christ was born. It gives you more of a visual and understanding.  

Me and Shealeigh in the Herodian

An overlook of the whole palace.

After that we then went to Manger Square and visited the Church of the Nativity, where most Christians believe is the place of the stable where Jesus was born. It was a very pretty church that is highly decorated. They have tons of lights and candles here where things/places they consider holy are. It's a form of worship and honoring.

Me in the place where Jesus was "born"

Waiting in line to see the birthplace. It was very crowded.

After the Church of the Nativity we went to lunch and ate tons of food. We then headed over to the shepherds field had a nice devotional and then sang a bunch of Christmas hymns (made me miss Christmas). It is always so great to sing at all these places and bring the spirit.

Me and Shealeigh in the shepherds field.

I am so grateful for the birth of the Savior and what he did for all of us. I would be no where if it weren't for his atonement and love. I am grateful to be here in Jerusalem and to experience all these great experiences and learn more of the Bible and my Savior. It is truly amazing to be able to see first hand the places where the Savior has walked and where events in the Bible have taken place.

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  1. Way to go Let! 10k is no easy task. How cool to have been where they believe the Savior was born. Such an incredible experience I'm sure.