Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turkey Preview

Let me just say..
(no, not the meat. Although I do love that as well)

I don't have time right now to post all the important pics so I thought I would post some fun ones just to show the fun time we all had!

So here is a little preview of our amazing trip.

A nice treat in the Tel Aviv airport. That is some great hair, if you ask me.

Trying to spell out TURKEY in Istanbul.. not sure if it is too legible though.

Me and Vladi showin off our riches, well MY riches. 50 lira, baby! Which actually isn't that much.

Just enjoying the view of the Blue Mosque.

Kyle and I having a romantic moment in front of the Blue Mosque (which by the way is beautiful)

Ethan and his Harem.

The majority of our time was spent riding in the bus so me and Boone found a secret room under the bus. This moment only lasted about 5 minutes though due to the horrifying smell of feet.

We were lucky to have a bonfire and dance party on the beach at our hotel in Selchuk. SO MUCH FUN! This is Shealeigh, Dan and I "dancing in the moonlight"

Nice awkward posing in Pergamon. Pillar pics are very common here so you gotta switch up the posing.

Jumping pic on the beach at our 3rd hotel (we stayed at 4 different hotels in a matter of a week) in Surmeli Efes, which is near Ephesus.

How come I never see these hairties in America? They are so hot.

The shop man let me try on his cool boots, even if I didn't buy them. Sweet sweet man.

So much confusion when I saw this man. Multiple hats on his head and creepy dolls. That's the way to go.

Funny hats in the Grand Bazaar.

Shealeigh and I just doing some good ol' airplane on the beach at our 2nd hotel in Selchuk (Obviously I could be spelling theat horribly wrong.. that Turkish language is confusing).

Showing off my flexibility (or lack of, it was very painful) in Assos.

At one of our hotels they had a disco club.. We went... "hey, you come here often?"

Jen and I with some Turkish Delight!

I will update on all the details later but for now I hope you enjoy these "fun" pictures. I finally got my camera back so I was lucky enough to take most of these with my own camera! :) Turkey was great and I am so glad that I am blessed with this opportunity to be here and to do all these wonderful things and to be learning new things every day! So grateful. 

P.s. A shout out to my niece, Alyssa, It is her 8th birthday today! I can't believe she is already 8 years old! What a fun, exciting, and joyful girl she is and I love her very much!
PJ's on Christmas Eve! Glad I have this girl to use as an excuse to still act like a child. :)

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