Tuesday, June 18, 2013


HOLA!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believi I have been here almost a week????? sorry if this email has a lot of typos I am rushing to write as much as I can cause I only have an hour and a lot to say! So if you emailed me and I dont email back its not because I dont want to but I am so grateful for your emails! the CCM (MTC) is crazy! It is SO BUSY!!! Seriously I feel like I have no time for anything. I feel like I have been here forever but it feels so weird to think that just last week I was home. Thank you mom I really need those things for me to get to Bolivia (shot and police records). first off, I love my district! they are awesome. We have 11 hermanas (one is a trio) and 4 elders. haha so muchos hermanas. My Companera is awesome as well. Her name is actually Hermana Faulk, not Hermana Call. haha We get along great and both have the desire to be great missionaries and to be obedient. We had companionship inventory on Domingo (sunday) and we were just complimenting eachother the whole time. haha It was great. Espanol es muy dificil, pero esta bien! I am trying my best to just not get discouraged and just do what I can to learn as much and what not. Hna Faulk is very good at spanish so she helps me a lot, which I am so grateful. She took 4 years in high school. sometimes I get down on myself cause I don{t know espanol as well as others but I just have to remember it will be awhile until I totally get it. But I know how to pray in spanish and I can testify!!! So that is a start. em mi cuerto (in my room) its me and hna faulk and then 4 latinas. They are super nice and always help us with spanish. We try to sit with latinos during meals so we can practice and they can teach us new things. Yesterday I accidentaly said a bad word to the elders, good thing I am american so they could excuse it. haha but they all laughed. and the other day hna faulk accidentally told our companeras de cuarto (roommates) she was pregnant. It was pretty funny. My Pday is on Tuesdays. Today we got to go to the temple! It was awesome. they has us use headsets so we could understand and actually feel the spirit instead of trying to learn spanish. I feel like because we are learning a language we don{t get to feel the spirit as much because we are trying so hard to translate and nothing is in english. haha Its fine though I am grateful it is that way. One super spiritual experience I had was on Sunday, we watched the Joseph smith movie, in english, and the whole time I was just trying not to cry, although I wasnt very successful. At the end one of the hermanas said a prayer (the spirit in the room was alrady really strong) and I just started crying so hard. I was trying really hard not to be super obvious but it was comforting once I realized I wasnt the only one crying. I was just so overwhelmed with how grateful I was to be a missionary and to spread the Gospel of Jesucristo that Jose Smith had restored. Never was I more confident in my decision to serve a mission. I will admit, It is a very hard adjustment and I often feel super inadequate but I just have to remind myself that Heavenly father knows my potential and he is going to bless me as long as I continue to stay close to him and be obedient. But yeah, I go through a lot of emotions throughout the day. One moment I will feel the spirit, the next I am frustrated with the language, the next i will just feel really dumb, the next I feel all motivated and excited, the next I am tired, and it goes on and on and on. But I am very happy. Our district we have a lot of fun together. I thought I was the oldest in my district (almost all the girls are 20 and boys 19) but then I found out one of the Hermanas is 27. She is serving as a missionary nurse and a tracting missionary.
This email is super long I apologize but there is just so much to say! Oh guess what.. they have VOLLEYBALLL HERE!! YAY. Seriously I was so excited once I saw that. We played the other day and it was really fun, even though my district sucks at volleyball. I was actually one of the better players, surprisingly. The food is awesome! TONS of carbs. rice, potatoes, bread and meat with every meal. and they always have desserts. haha so I am pretty sure i have already gained weight. So far I haven{t gotten sick. Sometimes the food tastes a little questionable but for the most part it is really good. I took some pictures today when we were walking around the town and stuff but I don{t think I have time to send pictures today. It has been a tad chilly the past couple of days here and I have been able to wear my raincoat, which I have gotten mucho compliments on so Mom, it was worth it. 
So we taught out first investigator ayer (yesterday)! It was just one of our maestros (teachers) but he was acting as an investigator and we get to teach him all week. His name is ¨"alberto". we were able to start planning the lección a couple days before and then after  personal study me and Hna faulk both felt prompted we needed to change the approach of our lession. It was so cool though! I told her how I was so grateful that she is worthy of the spirit so we can both be able to know what Padre Celestial (heavenly Father) wants us to teach and say to investigators. We ended up teaching him about La Expiacion (the atonement) and it went pretty good. We steered off a little and talked about the restoration of the gospel and Jose smith but overall it went really good and I felt the spirit as we taught him. I shared a story with him about myself so he could relate a little more. Mind you, this was all in spanish. i did write most of it down but I was able to testify to him in spanish all on my own. It was great. when we went to talk to him he had a picture of black jesus and told us he worships Jesucristo negro. hahah It was hard not to laugh. After the lession he told us we did the best out of all the other companionships that taught him so that was great to hear! Me and hna Faulk were pretty excited.. don{t worry we didnt tell anyone else he said that. We are going to teach him again tonight. We are going to talk about the plan of salvation.
Well I should probably go but thank you for all your love and prayers and support and emails! I love you all so much. extraño mi familia (I miss my family). tambien siestas (also naps). I am tired all the time!
yo se que el Evangelio De Jesucristo es verdadero. yo se que el Dios es nuestros Padre Celestial. Estoy agredecida ser una misionara para la iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los ultimos dias. I know that the chuch of Jesus christ is true. I know that God is our heavenly FAther. I am grateful to be a missionary of the church of Jesus christ of latter day saints. Te amo!!!
Please keep me in your prayers and know I am always praying for you.
Hermana Wursten

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