Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Pdays are so awesome. We get to go to the templo every pday which rocks and then we get to walk around a little and shop. We take the buses to the templo and they are so crowded. like seriously. but its really fun/funny. This week was really good. We went out proselyting in actual PERU!!! Seriously I was so nervioso it was insane. I felt like I wanted to cry. I don{t know if it was just nerves or the spirit. haha probably mostly nerves. But it was great! hna faulk and I were together with one of our maestros. Our maestra ended up talking most of the time but it was stil la really cool expericen. People talk SO fast so it was a little discouraging cause I could barely get anything out of what the people were saying. but the people are SO NICE!! seriously, I think I love south america more than North america. The people are so genuine and even if they are not interested or have a different religion they will still listen to you and be nice. It so awesome. It was cool cause then I realized I didnt really have much to be nervous about. One man called us pretty Dolls in spanish. haha so that was flattering. Our maestro thought it was so funny. As we were talking to the people I just felt Gods love for them and its crazy to think that I have never even known the existence of these people but Heavenly Father knows them and loves them so much. I am so grateful to be doing his work here and to be able to show those his love for them. I am literally a representative of Christ, and its so amazing.
We have still been teaching our investigator and its been going pretty well. He agreed to go to church this sunday so that was cool! Hna Faulk seriously speaks spanish so good so she talks all the facts and I just testify and bear my testimony in all out lessons. haha she says I am very good at  testifying because I am sincere and she thinks that it brings the spririt. So that is nice to hear. All of the Latinos here left today. I am so bummed! i loved them all. One random latino Elder confessed his love for me last night which was really weird cause i had never talked to him. He had one of the hermanas translate everything he was saying to me cause I dont speak spanish very well. He just said that he diddnt come ot the mission thinking about girls and then he saw me and just felt really happy and was fine just watching me and not talking to me. haha I seriosly had no idea what to say so I was just like gracias the whole time. It was very flattering but also extremely innapropraite. haha My spelling is so off but im too lazy and have no time to change it so sorry.
Learning spanish is getting a little better. Sometimes I just feel like it will never come but I am just trying to keep a positive attitude! Its muy dificil to learn another language. UMMM I AM CURRENTLY IN AN EARTHQUAKE RIGHT NOW! ok It just ended. hahah ok nvm its still going. That was crazy. Dont worry it wasnt anything too crazy. Dad I am glad you had a great fathers day! I wish I could have been there but I was thinking about you. I love you! the longer i am here the faster time goes by. I am seriously loving it. Sometimes i feel on the verge of crying because I get a little overwhelmed, but most of the time I want to cry is because of the spirit. I am so grateful I get to feel the spirit so much. I don{t know how anything who has felt the spirit of god in their lives can deny it cause every time I feel the spirit I jus tfeel so happy and peaceful and want to feel more of it. the Gospel rocks. I have learned as I have been here more of the importance of the gospel in our lives and actually how simple it is and how much sense it makes. how can anyone deny the Gospel of Jesus Christ?!
I loved my latina roommates. We would always at night talk to eachother and whenver we would learn a new word in spanish we would yell baila!!!! and then dance and shake our hips. haha And then we would do "attitude" and smack our butts. haha Whenever people find out that I am 22 they are always really surprised and are like I thought you were only 19 or 20! I wonder why they think that.... ahha The elders will always joke about how I am sooo old and wise and have experienced so much in life.
during one of our lessons with Alberto, our investigator, I was bearing testimony of why I was sacrificing 18 months of my life for a mission, but instead of saying months I accidentally said monkeys. hahah we all laughed pretty hard. so that kinda killed the spirit a little bit. I write down a list of things to say in my emails everyweek cause I know I will forget them and I wrote down Romans 1:16. I cant remmbmer what it said but It must be a really good scripture if I wrote it down. Thank you so much everyone for all your love and support! I love it here. I am constantly learning and having so much fun. I was nervous that the mission would be all serious and I would never hae fun but I am laughing always and feeling the spririt so much so its the best combination. Half of my district is going to the same mission as me and the other half is going to Guayquil, Ecuador. 
I cant express how much I love being here. It is a lot of work but I know this is where I am supposed to be and I know that Heavenly Father has led me here. I have been able to do some amazing things in my life that I will always be forever grateful for but missionary work is something that is extremely special and amazing. Heavenly Father loves us all so much and His son Jesus Christ died for us so we can be happy and return to our Heavenly Father. this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and it brings so uch joy, happiness, and comfort! I love you all so much! I am forevr grateful for my family and my friends. The backyrad looks great. I cant wait to see it when i get back. I think I left my pictures at home so do you think you could send them to me or email them? also can you email pictures of when I had black hair? some of the hermanas want to see it. I love you and thanks for always writing me! 
Hermana Wursten
p.s. I have had diarrhea for like the past week. Poor hna Faulk has to go everywhere with me so we are constantly in the bathroom. dont worry, its totally normal here. 

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