Sunday, September 1, 2013


this week was SO much better! I can´t express how much Heavenly Father is constantly blessing me. Seriously though. I feel like my spanish is getting better, I am loving the people and Tarija my zone and district more. and I am loving my companion more too. I really do love her. She isn´t that disobedient but little things are difficult for her, and we are just different when it comes to some things. But that is part of having a companion. I love the mission! I am more happy everyday.
Mom, that's fun that you are trying to learn some Spanish. Maybe we can speak in Spanish together when I get back. P.s. Car is carro (but in some countries it is different). The other day we were at an investigators house and they had me pray in English to bless the food and what not. I seriously struggled! I can´t pray in English anymore. What a blessing though, right? means I am learning Spanish.
We had Zone Conference this week. Seriously it was AWESOME!   Presidente Willard y Hermana Willard are so great! I love them and it is so obvious they have so much love for all the missionaries. They talked a lot on sacrifice and our purpose as missionaries. I felt re-energized as a missionary and my excitement to be a missionary. I realized that the previous week I was being selfish and only worrying about my problems. How stupid am I? I am trying now to only focus on the people that we teach. That is my purpose here. I realize everyday how imperfect I am and I am forever grateful for the mercy of my Heavenly Father. I feel so unworthy of all the blessings that he gives me. Heavenly Father truly loves all his children.
La Familia Idalgo va a ser bautizado este Sabado! The familia Idalgo are going to be baptized this Saturday!   I am so happy for them and they are seriously amazing. They have so much faith and the desire to continue to learn. Me and Hna Quispe call them ¨"la familia de oro." The family of Gold. I can seriously see Hermano Alvaro being a bishop one daY! We taught them last night with some members and it was very powerful. We talked about families and how they can be for eternity. WE all testified and I was able to bear testimony of the blessings of the Gospel in families. I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL that I was raised in the Gospel and for the family that I have. I KNOW that our family has been blessed so much because of the Gospel. I seriously can´t wait for my future family to raise them along with my Husband, in the Gospel. something cool, in my pat. blessing it says that my home will be a place of refuge and safety for my children and their friends. In preach my Gospel there is a section that says, "when our home is established in the Gospel our homes will be a place of safety and refuge." Pretty cool, huh?
Yesterday in church an investigator asked me for money. I guess because I am norteamericano people just assume I am rich and what not. I couldn´t understand him very well and didn´t know what to say so one of the Elders said something to him, I´m not sure what he said though. Here my hair is blonde, to all the Bolivianos. I get whistled at a lot, only because I am a gringa. I won´t lie, it boosts my confidence a little.. but I have to ignore it and act like it doesn´t affect me because I am a misionera. haha I love words of affirmation.
We sang a musical number with our Zone at zone conference. It´s funny cause here I am a good singer and actually know a lot about music because, no offense to the latinos, but they can´t sing. at all. But I admire them mucho. Your package is here, but I haven't received it yet. The AP forgot it! But its fine, I should get it soon. thanks mom, I am excited!
Yeah Elder Spjute emailed me but I haven´t read it yet, cause I am writing this first. My camera is still getting fixed. I am trying to be patient with that. I really hope it gets fixed cause I don´t want to buy a new one. No one takes cards here, only cash. It´s actually really frustrating.  Can I withdrawal money with a credit card? I hope things go well with Sprat tonight! I am super excited! Tell him I testify with all my heart that all the things you teach him are true. haha Time is seriously flying by! This week is transfers. I can´t believe I have already been here a whole transfer.
I love you! Please send all the family my love and testimony! :)
Hermana Wursten
p.s. I have an hour and a half for emailing. 

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