Monday, November 11, 2013


Hola familia!

I will be honest. this week was tough. first off I will count you in
on what is happening with Noemi. Her baptism date is this Saturday,
but that won´t be happening. Monday we went to visit her and she told
us that her mom doesn´t want her to get baptized. She is 17 so she has
to have permission so be baptized. She said she wants to get baptized
but she can´t because of her mom. We told her to talk to her Mom more
and tell her why she wants to get baptized. She visits her family in
the weekends so this Saturday we fasted that her Mom would allow her.
We prayed a TON too. And this morning I went to talk to her and see if
her Mom gave her permission and ... no. I sobbed. for about an hour. I
just feel so beat. and I have to hold back tears right now. Hna Choque
cried too. We talked a lot about patience, faith and hope. Those are
the qualities that we need to focus on. Because we have been working
really hard and not having much success. We are always talking about
how we can improve personally and as a companionship. I realize how
imperfect I am but I am striving every day to be better. Anyways to be
honest I am really bummed out with that. But we talked and said that
we aren´t going to let this get us down and we are going to have more
patience in God and his timing. But I will admit, that is freaking

Also, we are going to focus more on the good things that happen. Cause
even if we have a rough day there are always good things that happen
too. Like this week we found about 4 inactives just by knocking doors.
We are working more with inactives and I actually really enjoy it. I
think cause I just imagine missionaries teaching Jack or Chrissy and
it makes me more motivated.

Yesterday we went to 4 houses before church and NO ONE came to church
:( I was sweating when we got to Church (mind you, we walk every
where) Well Demetria but the last 2 hours and the most important part
is sacramament meeting. We were really persistent too. It´s actually
pretty funny. We went to a inactive family to take them to church with
us. We knock on the door and his granddaughter answers the door.
us:"Is hermano williams here?"
Grandaughter: "Oh he is sleeping"
Us: "thats ok you can wake him up"
she leaves and then his grandson comes to the door
grandson: "oh he is not here, he left to go to the hospital"
us: "ok then you guys are going to go to church with us, we are going
to come back in 5 minutes to get you"
we come back and knock on the door and Hermano Williams answers (yeah,
he didn´t go to the Hospital)
William " I´m going to go but I have to do something before"
Us: "no hermano you are coming with us right now"
After much disputing (not disputing but convincing) we realized he
wan´t going to go with us but said he would go.

Yeah, he didn´t go to church. Ugh. I can´t even count how many times
people lie to us in the mission. Serisously. But we are going to work
more with them and be more persistent cause they aren´t going to do
nothing if we don´t push them. I don´t care if it is obnoxious. They
will thank me later in the celestial kingdom.

But yeah this week we taught lessons and I hope that we were able to
find people that will progress and have potential. We always pray to
find people that are ready to receive this Gospel. Because every
person has their time and I am learning that here in the mission.

Kimmy is engaged?? To Jeff? How crazy is that. It´s weird to think
that there is so much going on at home and I am just here in Bolivia
speaking Spanish and teaching the Gospel.

It is really hot here. I miss swimming. But I am getting pretty tan..
only my chest, arms, and feet. I die inside when I think about how I
have a farmers tan.

Truly the work is great. It is hard but if I had the chance to go home
right now, I wouldn´t. Hard things happen but I am learning to always
trust in the Lord and count my blessings and do my part. I love this
Gospel! I love you all! have a great week!

Hermana Wursten

Oh and can you give a shout out to Madison Williams. I got her letter and please tell her thanks and that I am so
happy to hear from her!    
Oh and tell her I am going to write her back but it might take a while
and that I am so happy for her and her wedding and I am sad I am going to miss it but I understand!
But I expect to be photoshopped in the wedding  pictures. 
p.s. I got a letter from the  5th ward young womens saying happy
halloween. hah Tell them thanks for me please!

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