Monday, November 4, 2013


My beloved familia! How are you?

First I am going to answer all your questions Mom. This week was good.
We had some good days and some other days that were not too great. So
we weren't  able to teach as much as we wanted to but we are going to
work extra hard this week! Yeah tomorrow is my 5 months! How crazy. It
feels like eternity but at the same time it has gone by so fast. Every
week goes by faster and faster. I seriously can´t believe it is
already Monday. Yeah, some days we don´t that many appointments, it´s
hard but it´s a good time to find other people to teach. We knock
doors a lot here. Before I was nervous to do that but now I don´t even
care. I actually kinda like it. I don´t have fear to talk to people
which is pretty cool. We had 4 people at church yesterday! Noemi, Rudy
(a reference from a member) and Demetria and her sister Aleida (but
they only came the last hour). My companion is good. I really thinnk
that we work pretty good together. She is more timid so a lot of times
I am the one initiating but I guess that´s ok cause I am her mother and
the senior companion. How weird is it that I am the senior companion
of a Latino who speaks better Spanish than me? ha ha Truly God calls
the unqualified. But I love this work so much and am constantly
learning how I can improve as a missionary.

We are trying really hard to work more with members and so far it is
going good. Truly the members have such a great influence. I hate
myself for not helping out the missionaries before my mission. We can
teach these people and what not but really it is the members that make
the difference. Because it is THEIR WARD, not ours. We´re only here
for what? 3 months? Not very much time.

We moved houses! Thank the heavens. We live with a member and her
house is so much nicer. Especially the bathroom. Goodbye pure pink
bathroom! ha ha BUT yesterday there were 3 spiders in the bathroom and
one was pretty big. I almost died.  ha ha but I was the one who ended up
killing it. Now I have fear to go to the bathroom.

We weren't able to teach a ton this week but I really think that we
found people that have potential to progress. So I am excited for
that. I really really really don´t want to leave Tarija ever. I don´t
want to go to Santa Cruz and I have fear that I am going to be
transferred this transfer.

We taught Demetria again this week and it was good. Whenever we visit
our investigators we verify if they are doing their commitments (such
as read the scriptures, and praying) and Demetria never does her
commitments except for go to church. It is frustrating cause those are
the things that are going to help them gain a testimony. But yeah
anyways we asked her if she had prayed and she said yes! She told us
that we went to a church and prayed before her night classes and
prayed sincerely to God about all the things that are going on in her
life right now (Her sister is going through a lot of stuff right now
that Demetria has to deal with) and she said that after she just felt
so happy. the happiest she has felt in a long time. I was so happy to
hear that! Cause even though she isn't reading the Book of Mormon she
now has a testimony of Pray. So step by step (poco a poco) she is

I love the Book of Mormon! I think that everyone should read it. It´s
da bomb. Seriously sometimes I wish I could justt study all day. haha
only Gospel stuff, not college stuff (school sucks). Noemi still has
her baptism date for November 16th. She lives with the member that we
live with so we are going to work with her a lot now! Like rad the
scriptures and stuff together. I am really excited for her.

Yesterday a family in our ward, their son died (3 years old). It is
really sad. We went to the showing at the capilla. We sang hymns and
what not. I cried. I can´t even imagine what it would be like to lose
a child. And the mom is pregnant. How sad. So yesterday we were a
little busy with helping out with that and what not. We are also
trying to work more with inactive members. We seriously always end up
finding inactivos in the streets when we contact people. And we have
had 2 inactivos tell us that they are going to go to church this
Sunday. So I really hope they come! We always teach lesson 3 (Gospel
of Jesus Christ) at first and I always ask them about their baptism
and conversion so they can remember and have a desire to feel the same
way again. All these people KNOW that the church is true but it is so
hard for them to return. It´s sad.

Anyways that is our week in a nutshell. I am excited for this week!
This work is the best and everyone, EVERYONE should be involved in
this work. Especially members cause they have more power than us
misioneras. There is my short preaching for you guys.

I´m sad I missed the blessing of Hadley but that is exciting. Give her
tons a kisses from her aunt Letty please. I missed home on Halloween.
They don´t celebrate Halloween here much but we saw some kids dressed
up. I want pictures of all the nieces and nephews in their Halloween

Les quiero mucho!!!! Mi familia es la mejor! Realmente les extraño
mucho pero estoy muy feliz en esta obra y sé que esta es la obra del
Señor. Siempre sigue adelante.

Until next week!

Hermana Wursten

All of my Zone at our activity last monday.

My horrid sunburn. Everyone we talked to said something to me about
how red I was. How embarrassing? The life of a gringa in South

Me with a kitten of a member

They don´t have halloween here but dia de los muertos. They give
bread insted of candy. You can google it.

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