Monday, November 4, 2013


Hola Familia!
We had our activity with our zone this morning so that is why I am writing a little later. We went to a lake but couldn´t swim. haha so that was a little tempting but it was fun cause we played futbal norteamericano. I am super sunburnt. I never know what the weather is going to be like here cause one day it will be hot and the other day it is raining and cold. And we can´t just check the weather on the internet. The things we take for granted. But this week was good! I feel like we are improving more and more as missionaries and I have gained a love for teaching.. but only teaching the Gospel. Because it is true. I love the misson cause I am always learning more. Seriously everyday  learn something new or my testimony grows in a priciple in the Gospel. It´s so awesome. Like this week my testimony and understanding of Faith has grown SO much. Because we always talk about faith in our lessons and the people here (almost everyone is catholic) always say how they have so much faith. I want to punch everyone who says they have strong faith in the face. Serisouly. Because they don´t don´t know what Faith is exactly. And I´m perfect and I know the definition of faith. yeah, thats a joke. I just now realized here in the mission the importance and true meaning of faith. In the scriptures it says that when we have faith, we will be saved. Yeah, that seems pretty easy. But no, It´s so much more to jsut say you have faith and believe in something. When we believe, we act. the 5 principles in this Gospel are 1. Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement 2. Repentance 3. Baptism (with the correct authority and through immersion) 4. The gift of the Holy Ghost and 5. Endure to the end. We have to have the faith to do all those things. If we don´t have faith we don´t have anything. So that was something that just hit me this week.
We also taught Demetria about Faith this week. I think it was one of my favorite lessons in the missiion. I just felt so close with her and I truly felt the gift of tongues. I was starting to believe that the gift of tongues isn´t real because I had never had a crazy experience with the words just coming out of my mouth. But I realize that I have been blessed with the gift of tongues a lot here. My spanish is 10 times more better when I am teaching. Always. and I guess I just took for granted the words flowing out of my mouth. But this lesson with Demetria I just felt like I wasn´t even thinking what I was saying, the words were just coming. It was cool too cause we went into the lesson planning on teaching the Word of wisdom but somehow I just started with Faith and went with it and I truly think that was the guidance of the spirit cause after the lesson she told us she wants to do what is right and work on her faith. I was able to share my experience where I knew what I should do but didn´t have the faith to do it. Then eventually I just relied on the LITTLE faith that I had and just did it. And for that my faith grew more and I didn´t see the blessings right away but now I understand why I was supposed to do that. It was really special and She shared some stories with us too. We talked about a lot of things. Overall it was just a really good lesson.
Training is going good. I actually am really grateful for this time to train, it is definitely a lot more stress but I am learning how much stronger I am than I think. The Lord truly is carrying me through. Noemi has a baptism date for November 16! She is so great and I am really excited for her. So we are going to do all we can to prepare her for her baptism. Yesterday was stake conference and Elder Calderon of the Seventy was there along with the President of the Cochabamba Temple and Presidente Willard. It was really great! And... we had 4 investigators there! Noemi, Demetria and her 2 sisters (Adela and Aleida). It was really great and I was so happy! Demetria and her sisters were an hour late and we were waiting in the hall for them the whole first hour. I was stressing hardcore that they weren´t going to come and sad that they were missing the talks of Presidente Willard and Temple President. And once again, like always, I cried (the whole time I was just thinking please don´t cry please don´t cry). I truly stress for these people. But they came and I am happy.
A miracle of this week. Not my miracle but it was really special. There is a member in our ward that her husband isn´t a member and the missionaries have been teaching him for the past 8 years. Well yesterday at conference he said he wanted to get baptized and the Temple President baptized him and Pres. Calderon and Pres. Willard were all there for his baptism. The baptism of the century, yeah? The baptism was so incredibly special and spiritual. The wife bore her testimony and I was crying pretty hard, and everyone else tambien. I can´t even imagine how hard that would be for her for so long her husband not wanting to get baptized for so long. She is so incredibly strong. I get sad when the people don´t want to listen to us or they don´t go to church.. so I can´t even imagine how much more sad I would be if it were my husband. So that was an experience really special in the mission. Mom, I think that if you were on a mission you would cry a ton. haha Cause I never really thought I cried that much before but now I am always crying. I love that I can feel the spirit so much here! Best feeling in the world.
So I thought more of what I want for chirstmas. New clothes. I already hate all my clothes here and I still have a year left. haha You can just buy a skirt or so from DI I don´t even care, just something new. Also, a USB so I can get pictures from other missionaries.
The only thing I want when I finish the mission and go home is a pedicure (my feet are disgusting). and new clothes, and your car. That isn´t too much to ask, no?
The mission is great and I am so happy. I love the experiences I have and the things that I learn and the people that I meet. It is great too cause when I first got here I felt like I couldn´t show my personality much because I didn´t know how to talk very well. But now I feel like I can actually be myself and talk. God loves me!
Thanks for everything! I love you a ton! I am so grateful for my family. You guys are the best. I always miss you and I know you always miss me... because how could you not? Hasta luego!
Hermana Wursten
The Libro de Mormon that we gave Noemi with Chocolate for her birthday. 

 We had Zone Conference this week too and that was really great like always! I always learn so much. All the Hermanas.

I still got style.. at least I am trying to have style still. 

The fish that we ate today.  

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