Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hola familia!
Wow, I always start my emails saying that.. but I don´t know what else
to say. This week was good. Our numbers were a little bit lower but
still a good week… and I have excuses for the lower numbers but we can
never have excuses, right? Anways we had transfers and me and Hna
Choque are staying here in Tarija!! So I will be here for Christmas! I
am excited about that. I don´t know anything about how we are going to
talk Christmas, I don´t know when they will let us know. But it will
probably be last minute like everything thing is here in South

First off, Chrissy thanks so much for the package!!!  I love it.
But.. there wasn´t any mascara  I don´t know what happened there. And
I will be sure to try and capture some photos of the horrid camel toes
here (every wears tight legging pants here). But that might turn into
an awkward situation. Also, the other say on the bus Gangham(sp?) was
playing and I REALLY wanted to stand up and do the dance. And it made
me think of Nathan and his dancing. Hahaha
Anways so with transfers we we set back a little cause we had to stay
with Hna Wolf in her area almost all of Tuesday because her companion
went to Santa Cruz to get her hija because she is going to train. Hna
Wolf got transferred to Bermejo, which is like 3 hours away. The next
day we said bye to all the missionaries leaving. I cried. A lot of the
missionaries that I would consider my friends were leaving and it was
really sad, but after an hour I felt better. I never like the
beginning of of a new transfer cause you have to adjust but it always
works out good.

Also, another Hermana was with us for Wednesday until Thursday cause
she missed her flight to Santa Cruz. But that was fine. We had a
lesson with the sisters of Demetria (Adela and Aleida) and we invited
them to baptism and they said yes! Adela told us that she feels happy
when she thinks about baptism. BUT they didn´t come to sacrament
meeting this Sunday so their baptism date fell and we have to invite
them again and change the date. Also, Ana came to church again and
after we had a lesson with her and  the spirit was definitely there.
She told us that she feels this is the truth. We invited her to
baptism too and she said yes! BUT she told us that is going to visit
her family for 2 months and is leaving this week. NNOOOOO!! We are so
sad cause she is SO GREAT! So she will most likely get baptized when
she returns and I am pretty positive that I won´t be here  But God
has a plan and whatever happens is fine. Noemi came to church also and
we were really happy cause it seems that she is developing more of a
friendship with the young women.
It POURED the other day. I had forgotten that you told me that it was
going to rain. Haha we had to return to the house and change cause we
were soaked. So, what does the weather look like for this week, Mom?
So I can be a little more prepared.
We have an investigator that is so great. Carolina. We taught her one
time and when we returned to visit her she told us that she is now
praying with her sons every day. We were so happy to hear that! We
taught her the Book of Mormon this week and she wants to read it. She
told us that she likes how we FEEL and how we are more dedicated in
the church. She is catholic and told us that she feels like a lot of
people just go to church just to do it. We have a lot of faith in her
so we are praying that she can progress cause she truly wants what is
best for her kids too and we testified MUCHO how this Gospel is a
blessing to families.
That is about all. I love the mission! Hna Choque and I are always
finding ways in how we can be better and I feel really good about the
things we are doing more. That is sad that you guys aren´t doing
Thanksgiving with the fam. But then I do feel a little bit better that
I am not going to be missing out on much. I can´t believe Christmas is
a month from today! I am so excited to talk to you guys! I hope that
we can skype but I really have no idea what we are going to do. We are
singing Christmas songs in church and I am so happy. I love
Christmas!! But I have to admit I am going to miss Christmas at home.
But I am so grateful that I am only missing one Christmas. I LOVE

Hermana Wursten

p.s. Elder Suxo-Sanchez is my district leader now. haha I figured you
would want to hear that.

 Me and Hna Wolf imitating an Elder

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