Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hola familia! Nothing too crazy this week just the normal CCM stuff. This is my last week here! It is seriously crazy and kinda terrifying too. But I am excited to get to Bolivia and start teaching. Even though my Spanish is pretty bad. Like seriously. I have improved a lot but there is still jsut so much more to learn and practice. In our lesson last night I kept screwing up and saying the most ridiculous things. haha Hna Faulk and our maestro were cracking up. Esta bien! You live and you learn. But my maestro has told me I have improved a lot so that is nice to hear. But then again I dont know if he is saying it to make me feel better about myself. haha Ok so apparently we have a new mission address and I dont have it yet so I would hold on sending anything to my mission right away until I can let you know. Ok so I leave on Tuesday for Bolivia to be exact. I am not sure of times and stuff yet though. We can call home so Mom I will call your cell phone so make sure you have it with you all day on tuesday. Also I will probably call collect so just a heads up. I dont know how else to do it. It is weird when I tell people my first name, its like I am telling someone something super personal about myself. haha One of the workers in the caefeteria asked me what my real name was today and it was so weird telling him my real name. and he couldnt even pronounce it so its probably a good thing I go by Hermana Wursten here instead of Letty.
 HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOM!! Sorry I wasnt able to send you a card or anything or call you but I am sure you understand, right? I hope it was great though. 4th of July sounded like it was fun! We didnt get any fireworks or anything but they decorated the cafeteria all american and gave us "american" food. It was so sweet and we all were so grateful!! South Americans are the best. for reals. They are the nicest. We played kickball too to really make it more of an United States day! It was a lot of fun. My throat was a tad sore from screaming during the game. Yeah, I am the annoying girl who gets really into kickball. Today was our last time going to the Temple for a year and a half! I am pretty bummed about that. I love the Temple. Except today I was so so so tired and fell asleep through like half of it. Way to really soak up my last time, huh? I am seriously exhausted all the time. And I get 8 hours of sleep every night! I dont get it. Hna faulk told me I fall asleep like everyday, either during personal study or other stuff. I try not to but I just get SO TIRED! My life is so hard. Kidding, the life of a missionary is the best. It is just a little tiring and my body is not used to not being able to nap. Sounds like ND was a lot of fun! You guys seemed very busy, which isnt surprising to me at all. We got another one of "investigators" committed to baptism! It was an awesome lesson. He was asking us all these questions and we were just testifying and the spirit was totally there. Our teacher said it was a really good lesson. Its always really great when you have lessons like that and it makes me so much more excited to go out into the field. 
Ok well I dont really have much more to say. We go out proselyting this week so I am excited for that. Wish me luck! I am grateful for all the prayers that go my way. I deifnitely need them. I pray for my family every night. I love you all! have a great week and hopefully I can talk to you on Tuesday!
Hermana Wursten

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