Monday, July 29, 2013


HOla! Ok so this week was a lot better. I am adjusting more and more. The language is still hard but I am learning the importance of patience and that I have only been here for a little more than a week. The beginning of this last week kinda sucked bcause we werent able to do much because of my stupid dog bite. I ended up having to go to the clinic and having them check it out. the gave me a shot in my butt and some pills to take (I had no idea what was going on, I just did what I was told). then the next day I got a shot for rabies. So i am now receiving the rabies vaccinations. But don´t worry, I don´t have rabies. It is getting a lot better. It is still bruised pretty bad though. In one week I had 3 needles in different parts of my body (butt shot, rabies, and they had to take my blood for my visa). Welcome to Bolivia.
I have a letter for Chrissy but I dont know when I will be able to send it! But I dont want Chrissy to think I am ignoring her letters. thanks so much Sista! The beginning of this week I had a little breakdown because of the language. We were walking in the street to a cita (appointment) and I turned to hermana Quispe and said "necesito llorar" (i need to cry). haha I had to get it out then or else it would have happened during the lesson and that would have been bad. Anyways Quispe was super nice about it and was just comforting me. I felt better after. I still suck at spanish but I have noticed that I am learning more and more each day. It is crazy how much Heavenly FAther is blessing me. I feel unworthy a lot of the time for all the blessings because I am not perfect and in my prayers I am constantly complaining. haha God is so merciful. I am extremely grateful. It´s true though, being a missionary gives you so much more confidence to just go up and talk to people and knock on their doors. I love it. Normally I would be nervous or intimidated but I don´t even care now. I truly want to share the message of the Gospel to these people and see their lives change through it. I never realized how much I wanted to be a missionary until I came here. I want to teach lessons, I want to talk to people about the Gospel. I get bummed when our investigators aren´t home or too busy to be taught (it happens a lot). I just look at these people and think ¨"this message can change your life." I have been trying this week to look at people through the SAviors eyes, and its a really cool thing. I feel emotional when I do it. HEavenly FAther loves us all so much and he wants us all so badly to come to him. I just wish I could speak spanish better so I could actually say those things. I get really frustrated in lessons sometimes cause I know what I want to say but I just can´t. It´s really hard. I hate sounding like a 5 year old when I talk. haha Its probably so amusing for everyone. I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and that is helping me a lot. I get stressed here because a lot of our appointments fall through and then I dont feel like we are getting as much done. I  dont want to feel like I am wasting time or wasting my mission time. You know?
Living circumstances are funny. The past couple of mornings we have had no water, which is an adventure. And then we dont have a washing machine or dryer so we have to hand wash our clothes. Its a lot of work! seriously though, my arms are sore after. But it is kinda fun cause i feel all old fashioned. We might move in with a member who has an extra room and lives alone with her 2 daughters. She is lonely, she is separated from her husband and he lives with another woman. I feel sad for her. She is so nice and I think she wants us to have more company. her house is super nice too, so thats cool.
We got a baptism date set for one of our investigators this week! Her name is Teresa and she is only 15 years old and lives alone and is independent. She came to church with us yesterday and i think she liked it so I am excited about that!
You guys sound busy! Did you get a bike cruiser for me too, after my mission???? haha Have fun on the trek! I´m sure it will be great. I´m glad you like having the sisters living with you guys, and they better appreciate my room. I am trying to send pictures but they are all failing. I will continue to try! Thanks so much for all your love and support. I love you!!!
Hermana Wursten

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