Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hola! It sounds like you are having a great time in North Dakota. I definitely want to make my own trip to Gackle after I get back. Today was great, like always. On the bus on our way back from the Temple I started talking to the man next to me and I talked to him a little about the church and asked him if he wanted to know more about our church and  that the missionaries could meet with him. Mind you, this was all in Spanish! It was really cool! I couldnt really understand everything he was saying but we gave him a pass along card and I amsure I sounded like a total white girl. but it made me feel more comfortable about going to the mission field! Cause I only have 2 more weeeks left here! Isnt that crazy? Sometimes it freaks me out. I love the CCM. I got the credit card in the mail so you can activate it now! Thank you for that! I would advise anyone to send letters and stuff to my mission home from now on because I dont have much time left here.
Ok so Elder Christofferson spoke to us the other day!!! It was so great. He was here in Peru cause they were celebrating the 100th stake in Peru. He did some question and answers. and It was jsut really great to hear from an apostle of the Lord! We all got to shake his hand after. We were supposed to go proslyting again this week but we ddint get to because of Elder Christofferson being here and it was some huge Catholic holiday going on so that would have been a little awkward. I got to meet my mission president and his wife the other day!!! It was such a special moment. All of the new mission presidents for South America (my mission president is new) were here for lunch and we were in our classrooms studying and they pop their heads in and ask what mission we are serving in and when we told them Santa Cruz Bolivia they told us they were our mission presidents so we all went up to him and his wife and shook their hands and gave the wife hugs. And with tears in her eyes the wife say, "we have been waiting to meet you" I instantly got emotional and you could just feel the love. It was amazing. My mission parents!
I have been reading the New Testament in my personal study and I love it! Seriously the New Testament is so great. I love reading about Christ. He rocks. I feel like since I have been here my relationship with God hasgrown so mcuh becuase I am relying on him more now than I ever have. And i am doing his work so he is the perfect person to talk to when I am frustrated confused sad upset, etc. seriously every night I am just excited to pray and pour out all my feelings to Heavenly Father because I know he loves me so much and actaully cares about what I have to say. Lately me and Hna Faulk have been trying to practice how to committ people to baptism from any conversation and so far we are doing pretty good. I would just feel more comfortable doing it if I knew Spanish better and could actually say things how I want to say them. Learning a new language is hard, and it can be pretty overwhelming somtimes. I just cant let myself get down about it. I know that if I am doing what God wants me to do he will help me out. So that is comforting.
Mom, do you thinkyou could send me a copy of my mission call and also make a small laminated patriarchal blessing for me? It would be really cool to have those things. Also could yousend me some american stamps? They have pouch mail here which is pretty cool and you just need American stamps for it. I will admit I was wrong when I said Iwouldnt need any. haha Our district has beeen playing sand volleyball like everyday for Physical activity and we seriously suck. But its so fun and I love volleyball! We are gradually getting better. Anyways I hopeyou guys are having a great trip! I miss you all and love you so much! The church is true! Seriously though, read the Book of Mormon everyone. Talk to you next week!
Hermana Wursten

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