Monday, July 29, 2013

Letty Called!

On July 16, 2013 Letty called my parents house on her way from the MTC in Peru, to Bolivia.  This is the email my mom sent out about their phone call:

We got to talk to Letty this morning.  She called from the airport using coins so we talked to her for 7 min.  I was really bummed that it wasn't longer.  About 20 minutes later she called again and we talked for 21 min and then got cut off.  About 10 min later she called again and we talked for 13 min so all in all it was a 41 min conversation.  She sounded really good.  And even a little more mature and grown up.......but still of the Hermanas went to sit on her suitcase and fell off and Letty thought that was hilarious.  (Actually, I would have too!)  She's excited and yet a little nervous.  She wishes her Spanish was better so she could communicate better.  I'm sure she'll progress quickly once she has no one to speak English too......     Next time we talk to her will be Christmas.   She probably won't be emailing this week.


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