Monday, September 16, 2013


Hola familia!

So once again this week wasn´t too great success wise. It is actually
really frustrating but me and Hna Q are learning faith and hope and
patience. We studied this morning those qualities in PMG. As long as
we are doing what is right the Lord is going to bless us and we need
to remember that God has a plan and everything is in his own time and
we don´t always understand everything.

Tuesday of this week in the morning the zone leaders called us and
told me that I was going to Santa Cruz that afternoon until Wednesday
afternoon for my visa and immigration. So I left that afternoon with 2
other elders from Columbia (we joked that we were in a trio). The
plane flight is only 45 minutes and once we arrived we hung out at the
mission office for a while and then I got dropped off with Hna FAulk
and Hna Maldonaldo (comp of Hna Wolf in Tarija, now is the comp of Hna
Faulk)!!! It was really fun and great to see them. I stayed the night
at their place and then the next day we went to immigration. We were
there all morning, it would have been boring but all of my district
from the MTC was there so it was super great to see them! Its like
seeing long lost family. After immigration me and the other 2 elders
we waited in the mission office before our flight back to Tarija and
while we were there I was able to talk to Hna Willard for about a half
hour. It was really great. I felt like I was talking with a good
friend. It was a great experience and the spirit was really strong. I
really love Hna and Presidente Willard so much. They are spiritual
Anyways I arrived back in Tarija that afternoon. Seriously we knocked
and visited so many people this week but nothing. And Saturday and
Sunday we had miembros with us for part of the time and NOTHING. It´s
like God doesn´t want us to have lessons with members cause all our
citas fall through. But it´s fine, we are doing our best and things
are going to get better. I gave a talk in church yesterday! I was
nervous at first but it actually went pretty well and I felt really
good after like I had overcome some big obstacle. haha I can´t really
explain it but I felt good that I was able to give a talk in Spanish
and I wasn´t even that nervous when I was up there. I talked about the
love of our Heavenly Father and how he is always waiting for us to let
him in in our lives and that we have to do our part. There is a
scripture that I really like and have been sharing a lot with the
people we teach.. I can´t remember the scripture and I don´t have my
scriptures with me but next week I will tell you. It talks about how
God is always extending his hand to us and we always deny him but
still his hand is extended. It´s a really special scripture.

So in Church yesterday during sunday School a little niño comes up to
me and is trying to sit on my lap and sit next to me, turns out he
thought I was his mom (his mom has almost the same color as me). It
was really funny and a lot of the members were laughing. And his Dad
was the one teaching the class so that was funny too.

I am really jealous that you get to go to the Temple. I really miss
the Temple and I won´t be able to go for another year and a half. Ugh, that stinks.

I don´t know if I will get facebook or not. I don´t really want it to
be honest and here we are super technolgical. It´s different here. A
lot of people have cars but most people here take the bus. Its like 15
cents to take the bus somewhere. But mostly we just walk everywhere.
Sometimes we take a taxi, taxis are a lot more cheap here than in the
US. But we only take a taxi if its later in the night and we have to
hurry home or if we are going somewhere more farther.

I am still eating a ton. haha but I am cutting down a little. Hna Q
has the smallest stomach ever so I end up eating a lot of her food.
haha When we eat at members houses we will hurry and she will put some
of her food on my plate when the member isn´t looking. I don´t know
why but I really like tomatoes here. Normally I don´t like them that

Can you please get me pills for acne? I don´t want benzoyl peroxide
cause I feel like it doesn´t work. por favor!!!

Anyways I wish I had more to write but nothing too crazy happened this
week. But I am happy and enjoying the mission! And spanish is coming
more and more. It´s cool cause a lot of times when I am writing I have
to think about how I am going to say something in english cause in my
head it is in Spanish. Milagro!

I love you so so so much! I hope you have a great week and continue to
pray for me please! Hasta Lunes!

Hermana Wursten

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