Monday, September 2, 2013


Ok I am glad it went well with Mr. Sprat, I hope that he will soften up a little bit. It seems like he is content with his life and doesn´t really see a necesity to change. It´s hard sometimes cause we know how great this Gospel is but other people don´t have the desire because they are content with life and see no need to change. But sometimes it just takes time for people.
What is the experience with Chrissy?! I am so excited to hear about it and I am so sos sososos happyyyy for her!!! Didd she get my letter? I´m not going to find out forever cause  mail takes FOREVER to get her. By the way I got your package! Thank you so much! Seriously continue to send Gardettos cause they are seriously the best. I have to force myself not to eat it all in one sitting. And i don´t want to share it.. but I force myself to cause I am trying to be Christlike.
La Familia Hidalgo are now officially miembros!!!! I am so happy for them. I cried at the baptism. haha I am such an old lady now crying all the time. It was just really special cause I looked at their kids and realized how blessed they are going to be with the Gospel in their lives. It was truly really special. Also because so much of the ward was there! So much support, it was awesome. It was because the ward had an activity before so they all stayed for the baptism. The activity was really cute, all the primary got little missionaary plaques and they taught the first discussion. SO cute! Then after each group/society had a little booth and they explained a little more. Us missionaries had one too. Not many ivestigators came, only la familia Hidalgo (yeah I have been spelling their name wrong this whole time) and Veronica (another one of our investigators). But it was great and I felt like it was a good thing to help our ward grow even closer.
Speaking of Veronica. I love her. She is so sweet and nice. We visited with her earlier this week and it was really special. I cried (again). She has problems with money and debt and what not and we were talking about tithing and how we are blessed with all commandments when we follow them and that God wants to help us but we need to do our part. And then we talked about how much God loves us. She told us that she always feels peace when we visit her and that the things we teach are true and that she can confide in us more than anyone else. It was so cool to hear that to know that we are actually making a difference in the lives of others and that we are able to help people feel the love the Savior has for them. And in return I am able to feel that love too. She told us she doesn´t feel worthy to go to church because she lies a lot when it comes to money. That was really sad to hear. It´s times like that when I don´t ever want to leave the mission cause the feelings that I feel are so special.
SAturday morning me and Hna Quispe were listening to the primary songs (in spanish of course) because we were going to sing the baptism song about rainbows at the ward activity (we ddin´t end up doing it) and as we were listening I got super emotional and touched by the spirit. I cried (once again). I just felt overwhelmed of the innocence of children and how great my childhood was with this Gospel and Church and all those songs. And then I thought of my niece and nephews and how special they are. It was a really touching moment and me an Hna Q were able to ttalk a little about how great of an impact kids can have. 
Oh yeah, there was transfers this week... Me and Hna Q are here together another transfer! As you probably already figured. I am happy about it. But transfers were pretty sad. I ALMOST cried. It was just sad saying bye to the missionaries in my Zone and what not. Hna Wolf (misionera de Pennsylvania, she doesn´t have any family in Ohio, I already asked) just finished training and is now training a new gringa missionary. I REALLY hope that doesn´t happen to me this next transfer. Hna Q is going to Santa Cruz today until tomorrow for some training so I am going to be with the 2 gringas for the time being. I am actually a little scared. haha but I felt comfort about it this morning when praying because it will be a chance to truly practice my spanish without a latina by my side. Can you imagine how funny we are going to look? 3 gringas wandering around Bolivia having no idea what they are doing.
Yesterday there was a stake training thing and it was really funny cause there was a random dog wandering around throughout the whole thing and no one did anything. Only in Bolivia. haha
I love you all! I am sososososososos grateful for all my family and friends! The church is true! Que tenga una buena semana!
Hna Wursten
p.s. Mom, can you possibly try to get me some acne meds from Dr. Petty? The humidity and food here I am scared is going to make me break out like crazy. Gracias! 

Random cow walking down the road. 

Me and HnaQ and Elder Cruz (zone leader) snuck in the back.

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