Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Ok this week, a lot of stuff happened. Don´t worry all good stuff. Ok so I was supposed to go with Hna Wolf and her hija (the Hna she is training) BUT as we were on our way to drop Hna Quispe off at the airport the Zone Leaders tell me that I am going to be with Hna Blanco in my area for the time that Hna Q is gone. Hna Blanco is from Washington DC and only had 5 days in the mission. So I was training for a day and a half! hahah seriously I was freaking out a little cause I was nervous to be with my latina companion. BUT it went really good! I survived! I realized that I actually know our area and can get by with my spanish. I lead all of the lessons which was really cool. I felt invigorated. haha We were able to teach a couple of lessons and talk to a lot of people. It was really cool. And then the next day was intercambios (I don´t know the word in english) so I was with Hna Wolf in her area and her hija was with Hna Q in our area. It was really fun! It was cool to switch things up and see how things are done in another area. And I felt like me and Hna Wolf worked really well together. Slowly but surely my Spanish is coming along. I can honestly feel the spirit working through me sometimes and it´s such a cool feeling.
What is Chrissy´s email? I am dying to know what experience she had. Tell her to email it to me cause I don´t have the patience to wait for a letter to hear it. I actually had a emotional (happy) breakdown on Thursday. A lot of the times I don´t really get tot think much about what you tell me in your emails until after because I am stressed about writing all that I want to write in the amount of time that I have. Anyways I just felt super blessed by the Lord. I felt so incredibly happy and emotional that Chirssy is going to meet with the sisters and go to church. but a little sad because I can´t talk to her personally. I can´t even express how much the Lord blesses us. I think I cried alomst everyday this week and each time was because I was happy or felt the spirit. I got a letter from Alicia and Sister Rice. It was great. Tell Alicia that I am going to write her and that I am really happy and proud of her for everything that she is doing and planning on doing in her life.
What else happened this week? Yesterday we split up with members to try and visit our investigators so we could have more lessons with miembros cause we are lacking a little. Anyways we were with a member for about 3 hours and NOTHING!!!! Seriously we walked ALL over Tarija. haha None of our investigators were home or had time. It was really frustrating but It´s fine cause I know that we did our best and that is all that matters. If we do our part God is going to help us. Anyways this week we are going to work really hard. I am excited. I have a feeling it is going to be successful, we are trying to look for milagros everyday.
One interesting thing happened the other day. We were teaching Veronica and this drunk man comes up who was her friend and she tells us that he wants to change. We talk to him a little bit and find out that he is a reference that a member gave us a couple weeks ago and we have been looking for his house the past 2 weeks and couldn´t find him. Anyways we scheduled an appointment to meet the next day but he didn´t show. I really feel that this Gospel could help him and that God placed him in our path to find him but now we are back to where we were cause we don´t know where he lives or how to find him again. Eventually.
Umm there are TONS of dogs here. They bark a lot. But for the most part they are nice.. except for the stupid dog that bit me.
I am glad things are going well at home. I am sad that I am missing out on all the fun family stuff but I am happy to be here. I am learning tons and my testimony grows every day. I love hna Quispe and we have fun together. I pray for my family everyday! Families are eternal and I am so grateful for that! I love you SO much! Have a great week!
Hermana Wursten

6 de agosto with the Bolivia flag. My arm looks really fat. 

Me and Hna Q

The matrimonio de Luis y Rosario

Hna Q and me with intestines.

my (old) district with piña. 

Baptism de Luis

Pretty church or building in Tarija

When I got my second rabies shot

 Hna Wolf, me, Hna Maldonaldo, Hna Quispe

trio! for one day. we celebrated with fantas. 

Hamburguesas! only 8 bolivianos for a hamburger and fries. And it is seriously so good. 

One of the primary kids teaching at the ward activity.

Ward activity. Missionaries! :)

Ward activity and a baptism.

La Familia Hidalgo! still I can´t express how great they are. 

Pday... My district and Hna Blanco (my temp comp)

A sheep just hanging out in front of the tienda

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