Monday, September 23, 2013


hahah I had to keep myself from laughing really hard at the pictures you sent of me wayyy back. haha and the elder I am sitting next to wanted to see it, but I didn't let him. I already  feel ugly here on the mission and I can´t let people see more ugliness, even though just the other day I took about 5 ugly photos of me on Elder Vega´s camera.
This week once again wasn't super successful which is frustrating but I learned a lot. We had interviews with Pres. Willard this past week and it was really great. I am so grateful to have him as my mission President and for the spirit that he always has with him. I was talking to him about how I had never planned on going on a mission and how I thought I had a great testimony and knew a lot before the mission. But how I have realized I still have so much to learn and our testimonies are constantly growing. I was then talking about (I seem to talk a lot when I am with Pres and Hna Willard.. I´m so self absorbed) the importance of the love of Christ for these people that we are teaching because when we have that we have the true desire and intent to share this message with them cause we know their worth and we know how much this Gospel will help them (the frustrating thing is the people don´t accept it or do what they need to do to receive these blessings... gahhh por que?!). After talking Presidente told me how he felt the spirit really strongly and how he saw me as a mother and how much I am going to bless my kids. He said it was testified to him really strongly. So that was really cool (I got a tad emotional). It´s cool cause since the mission my desire to have children and raise them in this Gospel has grown MUCHO. So that was a cool experience. I love that in the mission I have experiences with the spirit so much. But I have realized the importance of the spirit. When I first arrived here I relied on the spirit SO MUCH. But now that I am a little more comfortable with my Spanish and teaching I feel like I am not relying on the spirit as much as I should be. That is something I am now praying for constantly cause the spirit is essential in this work.
I am now studying only in Spanish. except for the new testament because I can´t even understand everything in the new testament in English. Starting tomorrow me and another Elder from the US are going to teach classes de inglés. So that will be cool and I really think it will help us get more investigadores because so many people here want to learn English. Also tomorrow we have service and we are going to make Navajo tacos, can you please send me the recipe ASAP while I am still on the internet??
This week I ate cow liver... It tasted like the livestock at the state fair. So I´m sure you can imagine how it was. First Hna Q told me that it was cow brain. haha but no, it was just liver. I´m going to have eaten every part of a cow by the time I finish my mission.
So nothing to crazy lessons wise to share this week. But we did have a lesson with Indira, her mom and Aunt the other day (with a member..a miracle). It went really well. We were all able to testify and talk about how we can actually change, but we have to have the desire to do it and the faith that with God and Jesus we can do it! Because she has fear to change. I love testifying of the love of God for these people and how with God we can do anything. It´s cool too cause when I say it, I have no doubt that what I am saying is true. I really think that they all felt the spirit and made them think a little. It´s moments like that when the mission is totally worth it. Even when the weeks suck and no one wants to hear us, or all our citas fall through. None of that stuff matters when we little moments like that that just make it all better and so worth it.
The mission is hard sometimes, but so incredibly great and every week when I write my emails and sum up everything that happened, I feel so grateful and happy.
I love you! I am seriously so grateful for your support and love. It is great to know that I have such a loving family at home. Keep doing what is right and remember that God loves you and this Gospel is so incredibly true. Pray ALWAYS (even in your hearts) and read the scriptures SIEMPRE! It is the word of God and we can feel so much peace. Have a great week!
Hermana Wursten
p.s. Only once we have to do the immigration stuff (its for my visa). 
p.s.s. If you are going to send me a package soon can you please send me mascara, floss, and salicyc (sp?) acid???

One sunday was Dia de Peatón. meaning no cars or bus. So everyone had bikes and walked.

Hna Q made Lomo saltado for our district.

 My CCM district in Santa Cruz!

The plane ride from Santa Cruz. I am fat.

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