Wednesday, January 8, 2014



I can´t believe Thanksgiving has already passed, I actually forgot
that it was thanksgiving that day so that was good. I thought I would
be super homesick in this time but surprisingly I´m not which is a
blessing. But I am super glad that I am only gone for 1 Christmas. I
don´t really know what to say about our living arrangements. We have a
bathroom, beds, refrigerator, desks, etc. Nothing too crazy.

This week was good. We are still looking for the people that can
actually progress. Another one of our investigators (Sara) is great
and really has a desire to know if this is the true church and we
invited her to baptism and she said yes! BUT... she is going to travel
for 2 months too!!!! SERIOUSLY! We have found so many great people
that have so much potential but they have something that keeps them
from getting baptized. Ana, Sara (traveling 2 months), Demetria, Laura
(not married and their significant others don´t want to get married)
and Noemi (her parents won´t give her permission). 5 people!! But
whatever God has his timing. But I am sad because I LOVE these people
and I want to be able to be there for their baptisms but I can´t
always have what I want. We had 5 people in church (laura, demetria
and her sisters and Noemi) and Nelly (inactive). We were SO happy that
Nelly came!! She hasn´t been to church in over 20 years! We went to
get her and were nervous because the people always flake out on us,
but we got to her house and she was in her skirt and everything and
her grandson was all dressed up in his church clothes too! I wanted to
cry I was so happy! She had an interview with Bishop and everything
and is really excited to return to church. I seriously love her. Her
husband is going to go next week too!

In church Hna Choque and I bore our testimonios. It was funny cause we
were sitting there listening to the testimonios and I had that heart
pounding feeling that I should bear my testimony and I said to Hna
Choque "Voy a compartir mi testimonio" and she was like "yo tambien."
ahah talk about companions in harmony. I just felt so grateful and
happy and I just felt like I needed to express that.

Carolina is great too. But she didn´t go to church this week :( we
went to get her but her husband was working and she was going to her
moms house so she couldn´t go. We had a lesson with her this week and
we were a little late and she told us that her son said "Mom, the
misioneras didn´t come." and was waiting for us. That melted my heart.
And he was excited for us to pray. more melting of the heart right
there. I seriously love all the people that we teach.

The other day as I was doing exercise it just hit me that I am a
sister missionary. Know why? Because I was doing my exercise to church
hymns in my garments. ahah I love that it is Christmas time and that
we have started to sing Christmas hymns. This is when I miss my main
man David Archuleta and his Christmas CD.

We visited la familia Hidalgo yesterday and it was great. They have
always been such an awesome family but I was able to see a true
difference in them yesterday. They are reading the Book of Mormon and
it is so true how people always say that the book of Mormon changes
lives. That is so incredibly true. Hermana Hidalgo was taking notes of
what we were talking about. She is a teacher in Primary and told us
how her kids said that when they grow up they want to be missionaries.
How sweet! We then talked about how missionaries, it´s hard for them
and their families to leave but the mission blesses their families so
much. I love seeing the changes in people!

That is about all for this week. The next person to send a package,
can they please send me a foot pumice? My feet are disgusting. The
mission is a lot of work but it is so rewarding and that makes it
worth it. I love my family SO MUCH! Thanks so much for all of your
support and love. Have a great week!!!

Hermana Wursten

Part of an email to our mom:

We live with a member, she has 2 little girls. Where we live is like
it´s own little part, we enter in from a different side.The house is
normal size. a little smaller than our house. Noemi lives there too,
she works and lives there. We have a pension, which is where we eat
everyday, it is with a different member at her house.

 2 bananas in one! They are cuddling.

We ate chicken feet the other day. there isn´t much to it, mostly
just fat but then the Hermana told me that it is the nerves... EW.

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