Monday, April 28, 2014


Hola familia!

This week was our best week here in this area :) we were able to find
new people to teach that actually have potential and we were able to
teach more lessons! That always feels great. But we still have a ton
to do and more people to find. The only bad thing is that no one came
to church except for a less active and her son. We were pretty bummed
about that. I honestly think that going to church is the hardest thing
for the investigators to do. I was in a bad mood for a little bit
(partly because I barely slept the night before because our neighbors
had music playing super loud until 4am and my comp forgot her plaque
and we had to go home and get it and because no one came to church.
hard life I live.). And then in Gospel Principles the teacher didn´t
show up so I ended up teaching the class and the topic was on the
priesthood. aha but it went fine. It made me even more grateful for
the power of the priesthood on the earth today.

Something that I have realized in the mission is that we are just
instruments in the hands of God. We have a golden investigator (Nancy)
and I realize that I have nothing to do with her true conversion and
that it is all God just working through me and through her. It´s
pretty humbling cause sometimes I think we all deep down want the
credit of the baptisms that we have but really all the credit goes to
our Heavenly Father cause He does it all and He truly is preparing
people to receive his Gospel. Nancy is so perfect. She wasn´t able to
go to church yesterday because she didn´t feel good at all. We visited
her after and she told us she was super sad she couldn´t go and kept
apologizing. Also, the other day we had an appt with her at 5pm and
when we were on our way her daughter called us an said hermanas you
had an appt with my Mom today at 4pm and you haven´t showed up and she
has been waiting for you. We told her at 5 was the appt and that we
were on our way. When we got there Nancy told us that she was super
excited all day and was super sad when we didn´t come at 4 and thought
we weren´t going to come. It was so sweet! I just wanted to give her a
big fat hug.

I love this Gospel more and more everyday. It hurts my heart to see
people just deny this Gospel and not want anything to do with it.
Especially with the people that have accepted the Gospel here in this
life and have fallen away. I often think back to the premortal life
and how these people accepted this plan and I know they had this
desire to return to God and live this Gospel, they have just
forgotten. I want to help remind them.. but also I have to respect the
agency of people.. and sometimes that is super hard. If everyone just
did what I wanted them to do,  the world would be perfect.  :)

I love Santa Cruz. The culture is so different here. The other day we
were teaching a lesson and there was just a parrot sitting on my
shoulder as we sang and prayed and what not. Yesterday when we were
walking there was Bolivian music playing in the street and I got a
little sensitive thinking about how I will be home before I know it and
that I won´t be able to hear the music and live the culture of
Bolivia. How Crazy that the Florence kid is coming here! He is going
to love Bolivia.

Well  I think that is about it. You never answered my question when I
asked how is Grandpa.

I miss you all a ton! I love seeing all the pics you send me but it
makes  me  a little jealous that you are all having fun without me.
Give hugs and kisses to all the nieces and nephews for me! Love you so

Hermana Wursten

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