Monday, April 28, 2014


Hola Familia!

So this week was good but a little rough too. First off, it is so
extremely hot here. Like I never feel clean and my face is constantly
just like wet with sweat. Humidity is the worst. And yes, there are a
ton of bugs here. like seriously. But I still am loving Santa Cruz. I
just think it would be better if I didn't have to wear a bra.

So yes we were able to see conference. All of the sessions. We always
go to the stake center and watch it there. Mom, Bolivia is a lot
different than the US, members don´t watch conference at their houses
cause they don´t have the channel. Technology is way behind here. So
all the members go to the stake center. But I LOVED conference! I was
sad when it finished. We were able to have investigators go to the
Saturday morning session and to the Sunday afternoon session and we
even had less actives there too! It was a miracle. I really enjoyed
the talk by Elder Uchtdorf and Jeffrey R Holland and Richard G Scott.
Well, I loved them all! I was able to see almost all of the sessions
in English. I can understand Spanish and what not but it is always
better to hear conference in your own language and to be able to hear
the actual voices of the people speaking.

So we weren´t able to have a ton of lessons this week cause we are
walking around lost half the time trying to know our area. But I
really feel like this week coming up is going to be great! We were
able to receive some good referrals and we have a lot of appts set up.
and we have been able to find some great less actives. This keyboard
bugs me so I won´t be going into too much detail of this week. Silvia,
the investigator we found that is an alcoholic we haven´t been able to
teach her this week cause she was never home. UGH that always happens,
when we find the perfect people and then they just flake out and lose
interest. But her son told us that she still wants us to visit her. So
we will see.

The other day we were teaching this lady and her cat died during our
lesson. It was like having a seizure and I said, ¨"is your cat ok?"
and she was like "oh it´s just dying cause it ate a chicken" and then
we just watched it die. It was seriously so weird. The people here are
just so casual about everything. I will never forget Bolivia.

Oh and Mom, Elder Jacoby is in my zone! haha He is in some of the
pictures I am going to send so you can show them to his brother.

There isn´t really much more to write. yes we still walk everywhere,
all my mission will be like that. Sometimes I just want a bike.

Love you all so much! thanks so much for raising me in the Gospel. It
has been the biggest blessing of all my life.

Hermana Wursten
At the house of the F. Cadima

Linder, our golden investigator in Tarija

The F. Arias.

If you can´t tell it was rainy this day and I was soaked.

The day I left Tarija, with my 2 daughters and my granddaughter

My good welcome to Santa Cruz. that is my bed. Don´t worry it is
now fixed. But I slept like that for 2 days

 me and Hna Duran

There is a monkey in a our area that just goes from house to house.
He is so cute!

The monkey drinking soda

the monkey playing with a dog

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