Monday, April 28, 2014


Hola familia!

So do you want to know the transfers?

I think you can just wait until next week.

This week was good.We were able to work hard and what not.

Oh, and I got transferred. To Santa Cruz! I am training again. I was
sad to leave Tarija but surprisingly I didn´t cry. One of our
investigators came to airport to say bye and she cried.  I felt
good about transfers. I was definitely sad but change is always good.
I am in La Pampa. So far things are going good! We are opening area
here. There were Elders here first but I´m not really sure what they
did here cause there isn´t much evidence of work. But who knows maybe
I just don´t know. We are in the house where they lived and it is a
nice house but it is TRASHED. Like seriously. There was soda bottles
everywhere and just trash. I don´t know how they lived. There were 2
companionships that lived here. So our house is pretty big for just
the 2 of us. So we have to look for another house. We live like right
next to the chapel so that is good.

My companion is Hermana Duran. She is from Nicaragua and is 21 years
old. This is my second companion from Central America. She is great!
She was in Nicaragua for like 2 months serving there waiting for her
Visa. It is weird being with someone that was in a different mission
cause they do things differently but we get along fine. She had a
super bad experience with her trainer in her country (I guess she was
super mean), so how lucky that she gets to be with a trainer super
nice and pretty? jk I am trying to be a really good trainer and just
love her so she doesn´t have to go through a bad experience again.

So this week we have mainly just been trying to find people to teach
and know the area better. But we have already seen miracles! It was
funny the elders just dropped us off at our house and then left. They
barely gave us any details of our area or anything. So we walked
blindly the first couple of days. But we were able to find members and
go out with them a little and meet less actives and what not. So that
was good! There are a TON of less actives here! The Bishop and a lot
of members have told us "You guys have a lot of work to do here" so we
are ready and willing! I love working with less actives so I am
definitely OK with it. It´s sad though cause a lot of the Less actives
have joined other churches. I seriously don´t get it. How you can be
in the true church and then just go to another church that isn´t true?
It´s so weird to me. But one of the miracles that we had was that
there was a less active that came to church yesterday when we had only
had one lesson with here. And she had told us that she wasn´t going to
come to church but then she just came! We were super happy.

Another miracle. Our first night here we talked with a drunk lady
outside of her house (the funny thing is that she kept saying the same
thing over and over and at the end told us that she loved us.) but I
asked her if she wanted to quit drinking and she said yes. So we said
we were going to come over another day when she wasn´t drunk.
Yesterday after church she was outside (sober) of her house and we
talked to her and she didn´t remember us (go figure) but we were able
to enter and talk with her. She told us how she has tried to quit
drinking so many times but can´t do it and how she has gone through
some pretty hard things in her life. I felt so much love for her. We
told her that we know she can quit and start over with her life and we
invited her to baptism and she said yes. Today we are going to visit
with her and make goals and plans to help her quit drinking.

In sacrament meeting I  was thinking about all the people that I have
known here and I felt so much love. I was thinking about how we meet
people and just after 30 seconds of knowing them I already love them
and just want to help them. And it´s people that we see their
imperfections and weaknesses but we just love them even more. I
imagine that is how God is with us. We are so imperfect but he just
loves us more and more everyday and wants to help. I have so much
confidence in this Gospel that we can have a better life if we just
live it. And that we can get receive comfort in the hard times. I love
the mission.

I´m really enjoying Santa Cruz. I was scared to come here but it´s
great. I feel like there should be a beach here... I feel like I am in
a city where there is a beach. But there aren´t beaches here. It´s
humid... but it´s been raining the past couple of days so the weather
is pretty good.  We have the goal to baptize 4 families and rescue 4
families this transfer. So we are working hard and having the faith. I
feel good about this transfer. So please pray for us and the people we
are teaching and also that we can find the people that God is
preparing for us.. and especially the families that he is preparing!

I love you all a ton! Chrissy I hope you had a great birthday! I
always remember Birthdays when it is the day but then I always forget
to say something in my emails so sorry about that. I hope everything
is going great and keep strong in the Gospel. Never stop reading the
Book of Mormon, praying and going to church.

Hermana Wursten

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