Monday, March 24, 2014



Como estan? Los extraño mucho pero estoy feliz aca en la misión!

So Chrissy is living at home now? Just for a little while? Does she
still have the house in Hawaii? I´m glad you miss me, Mom. I miss you
too. I´m super excited that you and Dad are going to come pick me up
from the mission here in Bolivia!

This week was good! One miracle that we were able to see is that we
had more members with us. It´s really hard to go out with the members
cause they all have their things to do and families and kids and what
not. We always have the same members that go out with us but this week
we were able to have other members too so what was super great. I am
jealous of the missionaries there that they have so many members
willing to help them out and especially Dad helping them out so much.
Jealous! I am always going to help out the missionaries when I get
back. And I want a calling in the Spanish Branch.

So we were only able to have 1 investigator in church yesterday but
it´s a ton better than the 0 that we have had for like 3 weeks! I
don´t know what is going on with that, our investigators just don´t
want to go to church. It is frustrating. But we are trying to think of
ways to help them have a desire to go to church. Milton went to
church. He is from the couple that we taught a while ago and they had
a baptism date but then it was super hard to be able to teach them
cause they were never home or were busy. And he and his wife (Blanca)
have a ton of problems. We have been able to teach him more this past
week and he came to Sacrament Meeting, but left after cause he has
diabetes and has to eat( we are figuring out how we can help him stay
all of church.. I think that we are going to bring food for him.
haha). we gave him a book of mormon and he is reading it so that is
great! I know that as he reads it his life will change and he will be
able to better his relationship with his wife. He has gone through
some pretty hard stuff so I think he has a lot of anger built up. I
know everyone can change by this Gospel, if they would actually just
live it! Why don´t people get it sometimes? Sometimes I wish everyone
was as smart and spiritual as I am. JK

I was able to have intercambios with Hna Choque this week in my old
area! It was weird being in my old area but it was cool, too. But I am
super happy where I am at right now. We have transfers in a week and I
am almost positive that I am going to Santa Cruz. I am scared.

The familia Arias didn´t come to church :( We were really bummed about
that. We have a family night with them and a member family this week,
too and we talked about the Sabbath day. We are visiting them today
and we are going to see whad up wit dem (I don´t know why I just
thought it was really funny to write like that) and why they are
flaking out on us Sundays.

Litsie, part of the Cadima Familiy got a calling yesterday so we are
super excited for her! We visited them last night and it was a great
lesson and we can see that they are progressing.

Currently I am suffering from sickness right now. I have a sore throat
and a stuffy nose. And this happens when I am actually trying to eat
healthier and do better exercise. But it´s fine, I can still function.
Hna Contreras and I are running every other morning and I feel a lot
better about myself, even if I am not losing weight and am still fat
and zitty.

I love you all so much and I hope everything is going great with
everyone back home! The church is true and so is the Book of Mormon.
Read it.

Hermana Wursten

Me and my pensionista after eating... we were full. She is super fun,
but super hard to get to go to church. She is inactive. but we are
working with her and I know she will go back.

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