Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola Familia!

This week was good! We were able to teach a lot more people and were
able to work with the members with some people so that was great.
First off, yes the familia Cadima came to church! All of them! We were
so so so happy. Ashli, the youngest that is the only one that isn´t
baptized is going to get baptized not this saturday but the other. We
were able to have some really great lessons with them this week and we
can see that they are progressing.

Also, another miracle. Our pensionista is less active and we teach her
almost every day after lunch and she still isn´t reading in the BOM or
praying. She doesn´t have the desire to do it. It is frustrating
sometimes cause I really love her and her family and want them to feel
the blessings of the Gospel. BUT she came to church this Sunday! We
were SUPER happy and shocked. She came the last 2 hours. She even
participated in Relief Society. In the semana when we were teaching
her Mom (inactive too) I had a moment where I just felt a ton of love
for her and felt the need that God wants us to help these people
because they are his children. But something funny/interesting with
the Mom (gladys is her name) is that she has a boyfriend (she is 70
years old) and it is her cousin!!! I didn´t know what to say when they
told us that. This family is so funny. Also the boyfriend is missing a
hand and they always joke about it. haha

We were teaching a Catholic family the other day, the Mom and Son, and
the mom was talking a ton and super fast (I didn´t understand like
half of what she said) and at one point she said, "like how Jesus
Sinned, we are sinners too." haha What is the Catholic church
teaching? I didn´t hear her say that but Hna Contreras and the member
that was with us told me after the lesson. I seriously don´t get
people sometimes.

Whenever people ask me where I am from I always ask them where do they
think I am from and almost every person says Germany. haha I am living
up to my last name!

Oh, we had transfers this week and I got transfered to Santa Cruz...

Jk, I´m still living it up here in Tarija! But I think that in the
next transfer I´m going to Santa Cruz. I will have half of my mission
here. I always tell people that I am in the mission Bolivia, Tarija.
and everyone jokes that I need to buy a house and what not here.

The older couple that we were teaching that had a baptism date are
almost impossible to teach now and the wife is super hard of heart.
She told us that "I don´t understand how we lived with God and didn´t
have bodies and he sent us here to get a body and suffer." It is
obvious that she is suffering a ton emotionally, but she won´t give us
the opportunity to teach her. She told us too one day that we are
young and we don´t understand life. Yeah, maybe we are young and still
have a lot to experience, but we are called of God to teach this
Gospel and we know it is true and brings happiness. Ugh, that
frustrated me a little. One of our goals as companions is to be more
direct, just tell the people how it is.

Dennis and Carolina didn´t come to church yesterday :( We went to
visit them after but they weren´t home, which is weird cause they are
always home. And their cells phones are turned off. We are going to
pass by their house today and I hope that they are home. We set a date
for baptism for March 8th to get them movin with marriage.

I think that is about it. I am super jealous that you guys are in
Hawaii, but it´s ok cause I was able to go before I left and you guys
are going to pay for me to go after the mission :) Hugs and kisses the
all the nieces and nephews! Oh, and I got the package from Jack and
Ashley! Thanks a ton! I love all the stuff in there and I can tell you
now that my feet are already looking a ton better with the foot pumice
and foot gel. It´s a true miracle. My pensionista and her family were
awwing so much at the pictures of Owen. Me too, obviously.

Love you all! The church is true. It blesses families and brings us
joy. I know that with all my heart. Even if I am 23 years old. You
just can´t deny this Gospel.

Hermana Wursten

Me with Cristo.

Pday we went to a vineyard cause they are super big here. Us with our soda :)

Dennis and Carolina. The couple that we are teaching that are super
ready to get baptized but only need to get married first.

. Eating grapes like Queens

Is there anything in my teeth? I feel like that will never get old.

The same dog that I have a picture of that was wearing a red shirt.
Looks like he likes to swtich things up.

We taught an older catholic couple yesterday and they had a
wheelchair from the church. I took this picture quickly when they went
outside for a sec. Don´t worry, they didn´t see.

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