Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola familia!
> Long time no talk, huh? I can´t even remember everything that has
> happened in the past 2 weeks so I will try my best to give you a good
> summary.
> Well first off, Ashley got baptized. It was a great baptism, aside
> from the fact that the water was freezing, poor thing. I don´t know
> why but our Bishop is against warm water. But the Elders in our ward
> had a baptism the following week and the water was warm. What the
> heck? But it was a great baptism, we sang the primary song, “ I like
> to look for rainbows whenever there is rain” I can´t remember the name
> of it. Hna Contreras told me that some of the members were crying when
> we sang. The effect of angelical voices  there were a good amount of
> members there too so I think they were able to feel support from them.
> We have had a baptism almost every week in our ward. I love going to
> baptisms. The missionaries always participate. We either sing a song
> or share a message. I always feel touched by the spirit to think how
> these people are completely clean and are starting a new life. It´s
> special to think about that.
> So Carnaval we hung out inside all day. Sunday we went to Sacrament
> meeting and after straight back home. We just studied, ate, and
> watched videos all the 3 days that we were in the house. Oh and we
> cleaned the house like no other. It was nice to rest and what not for
> 3 days but I was ready to get out and work again. The first day I took
> a nap, but ended up that I couldn´t fall asleep and after had the
> worst headache and felt like I was going to throw up. I´m guessing God
> doesn´t want me to take naps. The cool thing too is that I didn´t
> shower, wear make up, or wear a bra for 3 days straight. Keepin it
> sexy.
>  But it was a good time and we were able to study and learn a lot.
> This week was more difficult. We are losing a lot of investigators,
> either because they don´t want to hear us anymore or that we are
> deciding not to visit them anymore because they aren´t progressing or
> always flaking out on us. We know that we can use our time finding
> people that are actually going to accept this Gospel. We are teaching
> a family right now, the familia Arias. They are super great. they have
> 22 years together and ARE NOT MARRIED. that is so crazy to me. We
> invited them to talk about marriage and set a date and said that they
> have nothing really to think about cause yeah they have 22 years and 5
> kids. Their main challenge is that they don´t want to go to church. SO
> tonight we are going to have a family night with them and a member
> family and talk about the Sabbath Day. We are excited.
> Yesterday the church had a broadcast from Salt Lake exclusively for
> Bolivia. I felt special and I´m sure the members felt even more
> special. They talked a ton about the temple in Cochabamba and what
> not. How sad that we can´t go to the temple here. Sister Reeves talked
> too, Mom. How interesting that you were just with her too. She talked
> in Spanish, and I think I can safely say that my Spanish is better
> than hers and also than Elder Russell Nelson. Sorry, that was a bit
> prideful. But it was a great broadcast 
> The other day we found out that one of our investigators died. We felt
> really sad, but especially for her family. We have an appointment with
> them today and are going to talk about the Plan of Salvation and how
> families can be eternal. A member that lost her mom 3 years ago is
> going to accompany us so I think it will be a great lesson.
> It´s hard to remember everything that happens in the week and
> especially in 2 weeks but I think that I have written all the most
> important stuff. I love you all so much and I am super excited for Dad
> to be Ward Mission Leader! He is going to do so great. I wish Dad was
> our ward mission leader here (but our mission leader is great, too).
> Watch the videos of hastening the Work! It is super good and a good
> way to get pumped about mission work. Love you!!!
Hermana Wursten

In intercambios with Hermana Solano.

the baptism of Ana.

Face masks! Thanks to Chrissy :)

The baptism of Ashley! :)

They added something else on top of the world so now it is even more tacky.

 keepin it ugly.

9 months in the mission! It is tradition to take a pregnant photo.
My knees don´t show in this skirt, it´s just that I hiked it up to
help with the look of pregnancy.

3 days without washing my hair.

 pijamada! Hna Solano and Thorley had to stay the night with us last
night because there was a huge party thing going on outside of their
house. It was fun.

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