Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola Familia!

How are you guys? Sounds like things are going good back home. Love
you all a ton!

This week was good! We found the perfect investigator. His name is
Linder and I LOVE HIM (not in a romantic way but in the way that
missionaries love their investigators). He is 30 years old and is
super humble. He wants to change so bad and is reading in the Book of
Mormon and everything. The first lesson with him at the end we had him
pray and he had never prayed like we pray before and after I asked him
how he felt and he said, "I´m shaking!" It was so sweet. But he wasn´t
able to go to church this week cause he ended up having to work, but
he told us that for sure he is going to go to church next week and
that he felt super bad that he wasn´t able to go this week. I´m so
excited for him to be able to change and receive so many blessings
from this Gospel. Also, another miracle. So Monday we passed by to
visit him for the first time just to set up an appt but he invited us
in. BUT we didn´t have another sister with us so we told him we would
come back in 5 minutes. At that moment Litzie (f. Cadima) came into my
head so we called her to see if she could accompany us and she said
yes! So we were able to teach him and it was a miracle! And it was
cool cause Litzie was able to bear her testimony and stuff too.

The crappy thing about this week is that I have been a little sick.
Just a cough and stuffy nose. The other day my voice was so raspy and
ugly. In one of the lessons I made Hna Contreras talk almost the whole
time cause I hated hearing myself (she understood).

Lately we have been finding people that can´t read. There is a less
active that we are visiting and she can´t read so we are going to
visit her often and read the Book of Mormon to her.

This week Elder C. Scott Grow came to Tarija! He is a seventy. It went
really well and I learned a ton! The embarrassing thing is that when
he asked where I was from I said Sacramento, Utah. I have no idea what
I was thinking. Saturday we had a conference with him and all the
missionaries and President Willard almost the whole day. and then
Sunday he had a training thing with all of the ward counsels. And
members that wanted to go. It went really well and I think that ward
counsel will be a lot better and that we will be able to work together
more with the members. I´m so excited that Dad is ward mission leader!

I was able to finish the book of Mormon in Spanish today for the second time! :)

The thing I really learned from Elder Grow is Faith. I feel like that
is something I always talk about in my emails but it is something that
I am STILL learning. I am going to copy and paste what I wrote to
President so I don´t have to write it all over again.

"I feel like I always talk about Faith in my emails and here I go
again talking more about it. I think if I don´t learn anything else in
my mission the one thing I will have really gotten out of my mission
is the concept of Faith. It´s something really hard for me. Elder Grow
was talking about how we need to have the faith to be able to really
see success and things like that and I was thinking HOW can I have
this faith? Because I would absolutely love to be able to baptize more
and see success. So in my study the next day I was studying with the
question how can I strengthen my faith? I think I was able to find my
answer as I read in Moroni. I realized that I need to understand Jesus
more. I feel like that is something that I haven´t really tried to do
much in my life and I think that is a really bad thing. So I am
repenting of that and learning more about Christ and I have already
felt a difference. You´d think I would have realized the importance of
that before, right? Sometimes I don´t think. But something that I have
learned is that to have this strong faith sufficient isn´t easy. It´s
something you have to work at. Like it says in the scriptures. Faith
can move mountains, and I imagine that moving a mountain isn´t easy so
obviously to have the faith isn´t going to be super easy either. But
it´s possible. And I think that deep down everyone has faith, they
just have to build that faith. So that is my ramble on Faith. and I´m
sure throughout the rest of my mission you are going to end up hearing
more. Sorry about that. "

I have learned a ton in the mission. I remember one of the main
reasons I wanted to go on a mission, aside from the fact that I didn´t
know what to do with my life (which is OK for people to go on a
mission for that reason because going on a mission is never a bad
thing and is only going to help.) but that I wanted to learn and grow
spiritually. And that has definitely happened. But I am not here just
for myself, but to dedicate all of my time and efforts to the Lord and
his lost children. I´m so grateful for this experience and I never
expected to learn as much as I have here.

The church is so TRUE! And we should never blame the church for our
problems or ditch the church because we have problems. That is only
going to make things worse in our lives. So if you want to be even
more miserable, leave the church. Don´t be dumb people. Trust in God
and accept the fact that bad things happen in life and that is just
part of our progression and a test of our faith. And that a lot of the
time the problems we have in life are OUR fault! I love this Gospel so
much. I love you all so much and pray for you always. Keep strong.

Hermana Wursten

I love Tarija!

these dogs follow us everyday. It is super annoying. They follow us
to our house at the end of the day and whine. But by the morning they
are gone. Except for this morning one of them was still outside waiting
for us.

 Our zone!

We had intercambios and this is the pillow of one of the hermanas.
We thought it was pretty funny. It says pleasant goat.

Sleep over (pijamada!)! These hermanas are in Bermejo but came ot
Tarija to go to the Doctor and stayed the night with us. our house is
the sister missionary hotel.

Every sunday all the missionaries in our ward eat at the house of
this one member family and it´s always really fun. Here is a pic. the
sister was there but I think she was in the Bathroom at this point.

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