Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola Familia!

This week ws good. It sounds like you guys had a good week, too. I
can´t wait for you guys to pay for me to go to Hawaii after my mish :)
Maybe I can live with Chrissy and study there. But we talked about
that before about me living in their garage, but later we saw a huge
spider and then I got scared. Remember that, Chrissy? So I´m not too
sure if I want to live in the garage. haha

We were able to teach a lot of people this week and meet new people,
We are hoping that they are people that will progress. The hard thing
here is that NO ONE has time for anything. We will teach someone super
great but then we can´t visit them until a week later because they are
never home or work a ton or are traveling. And by the time we go the
next week they lose interest and what not. It sucks. So pray for us to
be able to find people that will accept the Gospel and actually have
time to do it.

I learned a lot about conversion this morning in my study. There is a
difference between being converted and having a testimony. You can
have a testimony in a lot of things but not act on that. But to be
converted is to be dedicated and show your testimony through your
actions. Sadly, I think there are more people with just a testimony
than people that are actually converted. I see it all the time here.
But I won´t go into detail with that.

A heads up before I forget. I won´t be able to write next week because
it is Carnaval and we can´t leave the house for 3 days. So Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday we will be locked up reading scriptures and
sleeping all day. Carnaval is super big here and they are always
throwing water and what not (we´ve gotten wet like 2 times this last week
and I think it will be worse this week) and there are a ton of drunk
people. I think that is why we have to stay inside all day.

The good news, Ashley is getting baptized this Saturday! She passed
her interview yesterday and what not so that was good. At first the
Elder that interviewed her told us that she didn´t pass cause she had
problems with question 4, which is if they have commited serious
crimes like murder, abortion or homosexual relations. Obviously he was
kidding, she is 9 years old. haha it was pretty funny though. Her
family is progressing a ton and the Mom told us that she made a
promise to live the life she lived before when she was active in the
church, cause she said how now her family just isn´t the same and she
wants what she had before. Can I just emphasize again that THE GOSPEL
BLESSES FAMILIES. If you want an even better family, get baptized and
live the Gospel.

We were bummed yesterday though bacause we had planned that a lot of
investigators were going to go to church BUT all of them flaked out.
We were sad. The thing too is that we called every person and even
went to their houses to get them. I was actually kind of angry with
God, because I felt like I had put my part in and he didn´t help us
out. But it´s fine. Everything happens for a reason, right?

We met a girl Saturday and the first thing we taught her was the Word
of Wisdom cause she told us that something we wants to change in her
life is to not drink. She was super interested and wanted to go to
church and asked us how she could go on a mission. haha We invited her
to baptism for 15 de Marzo and she said yes and really seems
interested. But yesterday she didn´t answer her cell phone and wasn´t
home when we went to get her for churhc. But I know we will be able to
find her this week and she is going to get baptized.

We had intercambios this week. This time I went to the Area of Hermana
Solano and worked with her. It was a good day but I am always happy to
return to my area with my investigators. As Sister Training Leader I
have to do intercambios with all the sisters in my area. I like it
alot cause I learn a lot from the other Sisters and I am able to help
them out too. This week with Hna Choque in her area so I am excited to
be in my old area for a day! :)

Another miracle, Ana Matias, the girl that Hna Choque and I were
teaching that was so perfect but then left for 2 months, got back from
her trip and got baptized on SAturday! I went to the baptism for like
10 minutes but couldn´t stay the whole time cause we had an appt. BUT
it was great to know that she is getting baptized and is super strong
in the the church. I have a picture but I forgot my camera cord so in
2 weeks I will send it.

We found hermana Blanca the other day and were able to talk with her a
bit. She is the lady who her and her husband came to church one week
and accepted baptism, but now they have lost interest and never have
time to hear us. It was a spiritual lesson but also super sad. She was
telling us how she isn´t happy and has lost all hope and faith. Her
husband isn´t very nice with her and her family and she told us how he
prays that she would die. That hurt my heart. She has doubts in God
because she feels neglected from him and that she has been sent here
to suffer. We talked a ton that she just needs to continue to pray and
that she will be able to feel comfort from God. At the end Hna
Contreras prayed and it was a powerful pray and blanca told us that
she felt a little better after. I feel so sad for people that suffer
so much. I have been thinking a lot about her and how to help and I
feel like we should talk about baptism because when we are baptized we
start a new life. So I hope that we will be able to teach her soon.

I think that is about all for this week. We are working hard and are
always looking for way to improve. I am going to Santa Cruz today and
tomorrow for the leadership counsel we have every month. I´m excited
cause I always learn a ton.

I´m glad everything is going good at home! I love you guys a ton! The
church is true and God loves us!

Hermana Wursten

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