Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hola Familia!

Primero, I hope that Grandpa is ok. I will be praying for him mucho.
Please send him my love and tell him I am thinking of him.

This week was good! You asked if I have any funny stories and the
answer is yes. I hope it is funny as I tell it in English when it all
happened in Spanish. haha Hermana Choque and I were laughing a lot
this week. So we found a member the other days by knocking doors.
She is about 80 years old and SO CUTE! I seriously want to squeeze her
every time we visit her. she is about 2 feet shorter than me. haha
Anyways she hasn´t been to church in FOREVER and has forgotten
basically everything. She goes to the Catholic church. She is so
innocent and willing to go to the Mormon church. During our lesson the
other day she said, "I go to the Catholic church, But I´m Mormon!" As
we were talking about Jesus and all the things that he did here on
earth Hermana Choque said how he healed the blind (ciegos) but she
heard "cielos" (heaven) an was like "oh Jesucristos en los cielos!!"
We were helping her to pray at the end of the lesson and she didn´t
know how so I was saying the parts and she would repeat after me (like
when you prays with kids) and she kept hearing me wrong and saying
different things. I felt bad because me and Hna Choque couldn´t hold
back our laughing. But we blamed it on my spanish and gringa accent.
You seriously had to be there cause we were dying. And the next day we
were reading 3 nefi 11 with an investigator and she was read one of
the verses ¨Jesus came to the earth to save us from our sins" but she
read it as "Jesus came to earth to save us from our fishes." and later
in another part she read the word concernientes (concerning) as con
serpientes (with snakes). I wish you could have been there it was
seriously hilar. So yeah those are the funny stories for this week.

The members are working with us more and more every week and its so
great! I feel like we had some good quality lessons this week. We are
still looking for people that are actually going to progress cause
this week no one came to church :( We even went to 2 house in the
morning to pick people up but NADA. We are still working a ton with
the inactives too so that is going good. I love these people. But at
the same time I want to punch them. Because they flake out on us and
don´t go to church. But the frustration is out of love cause I want
them to be able to receive the blessings from God. Us missionaries
gave talks in church yesterday. We had about 7 minute each of us and I
spoke first and ended up speaking about 15 minutes! haha I felt so
bad!! I had no idea I was talking for so long. I talked about how we
have to start TODAY and we can´t procrastinate. We had a Christmas
Conference this week with Presidente and his wife and that is what
they talked about. It was really good!

This morning as I was reading the Book or Mormon I felt bad because I
have been a liar. In our lessons I always say that I have recieved an
answer regarding the Book of Mormon and this church because I have
prayed about it. But I was thinking today that I don´t think I have
actually truly prayed about those things. So I prayed, first to ask
forgiveness for lying and second ask if these things are true. I
started to cry (my reaction to the spirit) and I just knew that it was
all true. But I had always known. I have always had a testimony of the
Book of Mormon for how I feel when I read it. and I have always known
and felt that this church is true. I have no doubt in my mind. I wish
every person could feel the feelings that I feel for this Gospel. And
they CAN!!!! Seriously, all you have to do is pray, read the Book of
Mormon and live the Gospel. Nada mas. I don´t understand how people
can just reject us so easily when we have ALL the truth and along with
that, happiness. But that is the world, and we read about how many
reject the Gospel even in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. So that is
why mission work is so important. You have to help everyone that you
know come to this knowledge.

Oh, another funny story. In church yesterday we were talking about
Profetas in Gospel principles and the investigator of the Elders
thought that the President (prophet) of the church is the President of
the United States. haha I thank the heavens that Obama is NOT the

Does the church pay you to have the sisters live with you? I have
always wondered and I always forget to ask. Also, have you guys heard
the Brazilian song Zuigidigumdo (something like that)? It is seriously
always playing here and the primary did the dance for an activity so I
know the dance just by watching them. haha

Mom, you will be happy to know that I know more about Christmas. We
will be skyping!!! :) So we have to set up a time through email when
you can talk. So let me know ASAP what hour is better for you. And I
can´t remember my skype info so can you try and sign in for me and
tell me what is my username and password?

So that is about all! We are hoping that this week will bring us more
success and people that will progress! I love you all!!!!!

Hermana Wursten

p.s. I got your 2 packages!!! Thank you so much! But now I have to
wait to open them......

With some Elders at the lunch for the conference. It was so good!
The Elder next to me is Elder Cruz, who was my Zone leader for almost
all of my time here. He goes home this week.

All of my District leaders that I have had here in the mission.
Elder Rios (the short latino), Elder Avila (in the middle), and Elder

Me and Demetria. Love her.

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