Wednesday, January 8, 2014



It is so weird to think that it is snowing and stuff there cause it is
pretty hot here. Some days I just want to rip all my clothes off, but
obviously I can´t do that. The weather here is crazy. It will be cool
in the morning and then in the day it is hot and then at like 4 it is
super cloudy. There was a crazy thunderstorrn the other night. We were
sleeping and all of a sudden we were awoken by a SUPER loud
lightening/thunder (I don´t know the difference). Anyways we were
pretty freaked out, I thought the world was ending for a second. haha
I am glad that it is going to rain a lot this week. I like rain here
because it isn´t too cold and obviously it isn´t hot. So it´s perfect.

This week was good. Monday started us out really well and then Tuesday
we were only able to teach one lesson. In the week we have good days
and bad days. But we were able to visit with a lot of less actives and
what not and I am really happy about that. Nelly is rescued! She is
super excited to be in the church again and yesterday when we went to
visit her she was reading ¨daughters of my kingdom." I love seeing the
progression in people and being able to help them.

The main problem we have right now is finding people to teach that
actually are going to progress in the Gospel and have a desire to be
baptized. Carolina, I don´t know why, won´t go to church with us.
Also, we have another investigator that told us that she believes that
the Book of Mormon is true. That is seriously the best thing ever to
hear as a missionary cause the Book of Mormon is evidence of
everything that we teach. BUT she doesn´t want to go to church
either.. what the heck? So we will be teaching the Sabbath Day mucho
this week.

This week seriously flew by. We are working more with the members and
I love that. I will be sad to leave this ward when the time comes.
Tarija is my home here in the mission, it will be weird when I am
transferred. But change is always good. We have to give a talk in
church this Sunday.. us 4 missionaries (there are 2 elders in our ward
too). My 2nd talk in this ward! haha normally I am really nervous
before giving a talk, but now in the mission, I am not that scared to
give talks so that is pretty cool.

We are working with a less active family and we visited the hermana
this week and it was a really good lesson and she told us that is was
going to go to church this Sunday and was super excited. We were all
super excited! Well... yesterday, she wasn´t in church. I was super
bummed! I seem to cry a lot in Sacrament meeting. So many people break
my heart here. We went to visit them yesterday but they weren´t home.
I was actually a little bugged at first cause it bugs me that the
people lie so much. If you´re not going to go to church, don´t tell us
that you´re going to! But I have to remember I am a disciple of
Christ, so I forgive them and still love them. haha In the mission you
really feel so many emotions.

Mom, I have no idea how we are going to communicate. Sorry, but they
don´t tell us anything here. If you really want to know you can talk
to Pres. Willard, maybe. I can´t believe that it is almost Christmas!
Just think, the next Christmas I will be home :) How weird! I can´t
belive that when we talked in Peru it was over $100!!! Lo siento
mucho. No tenga miedo is don´t be scared, or direct translation, don´t
have fear.

I don´t really have much more to write. I hope you are having a great
time in PA! Send my love to all the fam! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Wursten

Oh and also at some of the family nights that we have with members and
less actives, we play the animal game. It is still pretty funny. But I
miss playing with the fam and friends.

My name in Tarija!

Me and Nelly. I seem so manly in this picture.

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