Friday, January 31, 2014


Hola Familia!

This week was good! Little by little we are getting to know the
members more and working more with them. Our numbers are going up
every week and we have some good goals for this week. Oh I forgot to
tell you that, YES I got the credit card. Thank the heavens, I thought
that it wouldn´t make it. So you don´t have to worry about that

We had intercambios (I can´t think of the english word for the life of
me) this week. Hna Rivera (my granddaughter, the comp of Hna Choque.
she is from Ecuador) was with me in my area and Hna Contreras went
with Hna Choque in her (my old) area. That is one of the things that I
have to do as the sister training leader is have intercambios with the
Hermanas. It was great! I love being able to know more Hermanas and
learn from them and help them out. I have so much respect for so many
Hermanas here. Hna Rivera, her dad isn´t a member and the rest of her
family is inactive and her Dad has a terminal illness so she doesn´t
know if she will see him when she returns from the mish. Isn´t that so
sad? How strong is she? and Hna Contreras is the only member in her
family and didn´t have any support from her family about the mission.
And I was unsure about the mission because of how old I was, or that I
wouldn´t be able to take naps. How ungrateful and dumb am I? I love to
hear how people have so much desire to serve the Lord that they will
sacrifice a ton of stuff.

Hna Contreras is super great! The only thing is that she doesn´t like
to kill bugs and I am more than happy to step on a bug to end its
life. We have some serious problems in our companionship. haha

We were able to find a couple this week that are really great. Milton
and Blanca. They are an older couple. It´s funny how we found them.
About a week ago we talked with some guy in the street and set up and
appt to visit him. When we went we asked for him and it ended that the
guy lives in the La Paz and gave us the direction to his parents
house. But we were able to talk with them and the first thing that we
taught them was the Word of Wisdom. haha But it was a super good
lesson and they are super willing to obey! He was saying how he needs
to throw away his coffee and tea. And... They came to church
yesterday! Only for the first hour cause Milton has diabetes and
needed to eat. But they tell us they are going to stay all 3 hours
next week. And they have a baptism date for February 15th. So pray for
them that they can prepare well and still have the desire to get
baptized. Milton told us that he was thinking about baptism because he
got baptized at 3 years and doesn´t remember and didn´t know what he
was doing so he wanted to be baptized again. So now he can, and in the
correct way (with the priesthood and by immersion).

We are working with a less active family right now and we had a super
great lesson with them Saturday night. And their 9 year old daughter
wants to get baptized so we gave her a baptism date for Feb 8 (The day
after my b-day, if you forgot) so we are excited for them. BUT they
didn´t come to church yesterday :( But the hermana told us that next
sunday they are going to come.

We are also teaching another family. The mom, her mom is a member and
gave us the reference. In the family the whole family aren´t members
except for one of their daughters. They are a great family and I see a
lot of potential in them. The Mom reminds me of Chrissy. I don´t know
why so many people here remind me of Chrissy. haha they are super
great!  I truly feel love for these people.

Julie, the hermana that came to church the other Sunday is great but
she is super hard to find. She is almost never home. So we were only
able to teach her one time this week.

We are lunching everyday with a less active and it´s great. I really
think we are going to be able to help her go back to church by being
at her house everyday. haha It´s also super entertaining. they are a
funny family. The other day we were eating casually and what not and
out of no where the hermana (Elvira) says, "My mom smokes" and her mom
just stops and looks at her so funny. We were dying. So we are going
to help her mom quit smoking.

I don´t have much else to say. The work is progressing here and I am
happy. Keep praying for us and the people that we are teaching that
they can progress and be baptized and receive salvation! I love you
all so much! I am forever grateful for your love and support. The
church is true. Talk to you next week!

Hermana Wursten

Hna Arias and I. She was in my zone but has problems with her knee so she had to go to Santa Cruz for surgery. So we went to say bye to her at the airport. (we live right next door to the airport. haha)
Me with my novio.
Me and the Pope :)

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