Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hola familia!

First off I can´t even express how great it was to talk to you guys!
That was definitely a highlight of the week. I miss you all a ton but
I feel content with where I am at. But isn´t it cool to think that
next Christmas I will be home! Even if I am single, fat and zit faced.
At least I will be more spiritual and with my family. And I am excited
to play the white elephant game. haha

This week was good. Like almost every week there are good and bad
days. We are always learning a ton on how we can improve our teachings
and how to be better missionaries. I seriously realize everyday that
I am so imperfect. But it is humbling and I am able to improve as I
see how I can better myself.

First off I will talk aout Azul (one of our investigators). She is 16
years old and we are teaching her parents too but she is progressing
way more than her parents. She is reading the book of mormon and
always gives us a summary of what she reads and she understands really
well! She is a friend of a member. It´s cool too cause the young
woments president is working with her too. So Sunday when she came to
church we didn´t have to do anything. Because the YW president picked
her up and brought her to church and her friend was able to take her
to all the classes. That is THE BEST. It´s good when the missionaries
don´t have to do anything with the investigators at church because
they are the members responsibliity and when she gets baptized she
will have more support. It´s cool too cause Azul´s mom told us that
she has seen a difference in Azul since we have been vistiing her. I
love seeing the change in people!

Also, Juana came to church again and she is officially reactivated!!
She told us that she has a goal to go to the Temple in the next year
to be sealed with her family. That makes me feel so good. Sometimes I
feel like a bad missionary and that I am not making a difference but
then I think about Juana and how one day she will be able to be sealed
to her family for the help that I have given her. I am learning
patience and the faith that we are not always going to see the fruits
of our work right away and sometimes it is years later. With the
people that we teach that don´t end up getting baptized we always say
that we have planted a seed in them and that one day because of the
seed that we planted they will get baptized, or they will go back to
church(in the less actives case). I love Juana a ton and for some
reason she reminds me of Chrissy. I don´t know why but she does, so
for that I love her even more. Chrissy, you have to go to church!
Because the missionaries there love you and are always waiting for at
the beginning of Sacrament meeting and are sad when you don´t go
(maybe they even cry, like I do). I know because I experience that all
the time here. And I love you and want you to go back to church. Jack,
you too! I think of my feelings towards these people and how sad and
disappointed I am when they don´t go to church. And then I think of
God and Jesus and how they must feel. That would be super hard to be
them cause they love every person and they are probably crying all the
time. and also rejoicing in the good moments too. But mostly crying
for the sad things.

Sacrament meeting was really good yesterday and I felt the spirit
super strong. I felt so incredibly overwhelmed for my family and for
being raised in the Gospel. Because almost all families are great. But
all families are better with the Gospel. So if you want to improve
your family. Live the Gospel! For realz.

So we have transfers today or tomorrow I am not sure exactly what day
it is. But I am pretty sure I am going to get transferred. I am
nervous to think about that and sad too to think about leaving Tarija.
I am so grateful for the experiences I have had here and for the
amazing people I have met. But change is always good. So next week
when I write you I might be writing from a different city!! So wierd
to think about.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support and love that you give me.
Hope you all have a great week and don´t forget to always pray (haha
my missionary advice). Until next week fam!

Hermana Wursten
Selfie in front of a park with Christmas stuff. 

Selfie of my horrible sunburn that I got on Monday.

Even though I am a missionary I still am rocking it with the selfies.

My district.

Julieta, the super cute old lady we teach. Now you can see how
incredibly short she is. And how incredibly shiny my face is every

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