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Can you believe that we will be talking in 3 days?! I am SO excited!
and not only talk abut to be able to SEE! I want to see Hadley! and
give her a virtual kiss. haha and also all the nephews and fam!

This week we had good and bad. I will start off with the bad so the
email doesn´t end off in a bad note. We had planned with us a lot of
members that were going to accompany us but all of them fell through.
and along with that almost all of our investigators and less actives
fell through too. At one point I was just angry. I get so frustrated
with how flaky people are. Seriously that is the freaking worst. So if
you are a flake, you are annoying and should change. Ok sorry for the
rant. Yesterday none of our investigators went to church and after
church almost all of our citas fell through. At one point in the day I
just had to sit down and cry. The mission really beats you up
emotionally and physically sometimes, almost all the time. But when
you have those spiritual moments with someone, or when you see a
change in someone, it is worth it. I love the moments that I can see a
desire in people to change and live this Gospel. The sad thing is that
it is not something easy for the people to do, so a lot of people
don´t do it. But as missionaries, and MEMBERS we are here to help
people get to the point where they want to change. I have learned the
importance of the members and for that I want to be a good member when
I get back home. I want to visit the less actives even if they reject
me, because they need support and love and friendship from the
MEMBERS. I am going to do all my visiting teaching every month because
we sometimes think that if it is an active member they are ok and
don´t need visits. But I am here to tell you that all less actives
were active at one point and the majority leave the church because
they don´t have the support they need from the members. We need to be
continually be strengthening the other members. I hear so many stories
for why people have left the church and it is always because of
someone in the church. And that is super sad.

The men are pigs here. There are so many men that have wives and kids
and just drink and drink, and they never want to get married and just
treat their wives like they are nothing. That seriously bugs me. And
basically every family that we find aren´t married. NO ONE gets
married here. I don´t understand it.

Yeah so sorry about the negative. But with the negative there are is
always the positive. Juana (less active) came to church! and she is so
happy. I have truly seen a change in her. When we first started to
visit her she seemed really hardened and I thought that she wouldn´t
ever go to church but now she is always happy when we come to visit
her and she loves us. She had a interview with the bishop yesterday
and he told us after that she is so grateful for us and how we have
helped her. That made me feel so good. I love her. Also, Julieta (the
80 year old that can´t hear too well) came to church too! We had to go
and pick her up and her Son picked her up after church was over. She
is so sweet and innocent. I think we have more luck with less actives
than with investigators. We have some investigators that have
potential to progress and we are going to work with them a lot this
week so we will see what happens. Keep praying that we can find the
people the are prepared to recieve this message.

So Christmas is just going to be a normal day for us. Hna Choque and I
are going to make cookies and carol to the less actives and our
investigators. hahah just us 2. I don´t know why it is so funny to me
to imagine that, especially cause hna Choque doesn´t sing too great
(no offense to her) and I don´t sing super great but yeah who cares. I
think we will have dinner with members. I´m not too sure. Christmas is
different here. Let´s just say I am glad I am only missing one
Christmas in the mission.
Also, I am sad that the White family won´t be at home and I won´t be
able to see them. But you will have to call them and put them on speaker
when I call. or skype on another computer with them so we can all see
eachother :)

 Hna Ariza (from Columbia). We had intercambios and it went really well. I learned a ton from her.  
With Hermana Juana and her kids! 

me with a super cute puppy. 

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