Friday, January 31, 2014


Hola familia!

This week was good. I learned a ton in the meeting that we had with
Presidente on Monday and Tuesday. He is an inspired man. It was cool
too cause I was able to see Hna Faulk and Hna Baldridge (Hnas in my
district in the MTC) because they are sister training leaders too.

The only place that had air conditioner is the hotel that we stay in
in Santa Cruz. But other than that I don´t think that air conditioning
exists here. It´s funny how they are so not up to date with technology
here. So be thankful for what you have. Reminds me of the First World
Problems that people always say. haha Cause it is so true. I don´t
think many people brush their teeth here either cause it always reeks
of bad breath. Especially right now as I sit next to some teenager
playing World of Warcraft.

We were able to find some good people to teach this week that we have
faith that they can progress and accept the Gospel. One of them is
Jehovah´s Witness, which is a miracle cause they are seriously
impossible to teach and there are TONS of Jehovah´s Witnesses here.
But she has a lot of interest in the Book of Mormon and is going to
read it. So that is good cause ya can´t deny the Book of Mormon. And
if you do, you´re crazy. Another is a girl that we found as we were
trying to contact a reference that we got. She accepted baptism the
first lesson and really has a desire to change. It seems like she
feels guilty or bad about some of the decisions that´s shes made. She
told us that what she wants most in her life is to be a good person
and that the things she wants to change are the decision she´s made.
And what better way to be able to change and be a better person than
through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also, we had a miracle yesterday!!! One of our goals this transfer is
to have at least one investigator in church every Sunday. So Saturday
came along and we didn´t have anyone to go to church with us. So we
were praying a ton that we could find someone. So Sunday morning about
20 minutes before church we went to contact a reference that we got
from our Bishop and invite her to church or set up an appt to visit
her. When we got there she was super excited to meet us and wanted to
go to church with us! So we waited for her to get ready and what not
and we went to church together, and she brought her 11 year old son.
At the end she told us that she really enjoyed it and wants to meet
with us. So we have an appt with her tonight. A birthday miracle
(yesterday was Hna Contreras bday)! So we were super grateful for

We also teach some pretty interesting lessons too. One of our
Investigators is Catholic and has a ton of questions. When we were
talking about Baptism she told us that the way they baptize in the
Catholic church isn´t correct but she is still going to raise her son
in the Catholic church. Sometimes I don´t understand the people. The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is obviously the true

We are getting to know our area a little better and also the members
so that is good. The ward I am in now is smaller than the ward I was
in before but I really enjoy it. Did I tell you there are 6
missionaries in my ward? Us with 2 other compa├▒erismos of Elders. So
the work is growing!

Thanks for all your support and love! Keep praying for me and the
people that we are teaching that they can accept this Gospel and that
we will be able to find the people that are prepared to receive this
gospel in their lives. Trust in the Lord always and know that he loves
every one of you and the way we can feel that fully in our lives is
through this Gospel. Love you all!

Hermana Wursten

In my old ward. The Bishop took us out to dinner one night.

First day with Hna Contreras!


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