Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Are you ready to hear about transfers??

I´M STILL IN TARIJA!!!!! haha But I changed wards. the funny thing is
that I am in the same chapel. It´s like if I was in Lincoln 1st ward
and changed to Lincoln 3rd ward. And I am training again. And I am
opening area (whitewashing). Oh, and to top it off I am a Sister
Training Leader. What? Seriously the mission is crazy and I realize
that God trusts a lot in the weak and imperfect. But I have definitely
seen miracles in this week that has passed. Hna Choque is training too
so I have a granddaughter in the mission.

First off Monday after I wrote you guys Hna Choque and I were eating
lunch and the AP calls us to tell us that we are both training and
that we have to be in the airport right now to go to Santa Cruz to
pick up our daughters. Yeah, they are so last minute here. So we
seriously rushed super fast to the airport and when we got to Santa
Cruz we just ended up just staying the night in a hotel and the next
day we had a meeting with Pres. Willard for the trainers and then we
met our companions. My companion is Hermana Contreras and she is from
El Salvador. I love her. She is 19 years old and is a convert of 4
years. She is super excited to be a missionary and works hard and is
really obedient so it´s perfect. President said that all of the
transfers were inspired and I truly believe that because I just feel
so good about this transfer.

We arrived to Tarija Tuesday night and ended up just moving into our
new house and what not. It is different being in a different area and
not knowing where anything is or not knowing the members very well and
still we have yet to see a map of our area. BUT we are finding people
to teach and were able to have 3 investigators in church yesterday! A
true miracle. It was great. One of them is someone that other Elders
were teaching before (and he bore his testimony. haha how great) and the 2
other were 2 girls that we were able to find and they told us they
wanted to go to church and they both seemed to enjoy church. I think
that they have a ton a potential. I was super nervous about transfers
so I was just praying that whatever would happen that I would be happy
and content. And prayers are answered because I feel really good about
transfers and I´m super excited to still be in Tarija but in another
area. It´s funny too cause I still see all the members from my other
area. I am basically in the Bolivia, Tarija mission, not Bolivia,
Santa Cruz. haha

But right now I am in Santa Cruz because for all the missionary leaders
we have a conference sort of thing tonight with Presidente and
tomorrow too. It is deathly hot here in Santa Cruz and I want to rip
all of my clothes off and punch the 8 million little kids here in the
internet cafe that are playing deathly gory video games. What is this
world coming to?

I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! So I am now officially Latina.

Hna Contreras and I are going to start running in the morning for
exercise so I hope I will be able to lose at least some of the weight
that I am gaining here.

I am super happy and loving the mission :) It´s so important that we
always rely on the Lord and trust in him because through him we can do
all things. That is something I have learned. As I have seen how
imperfect I am and how much he is always helping me out. Because there
are some things I just can´t give myself credit because this isn´t my
work, it´s the work of the Lord.

I don´t have much more to write and I´m not going to send pictures
today cause one of the elders told me that these computers probably
have viruses so I gotta keep it safe. I love you all and I hope you
are all doing great! Thanks for the love and support. The church is

Hermana Wursten

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